The controversial question: is it possible for pregnant women to walk oncemetery? Is it harmful for pregnant women to go to the cemetery: myths andreality

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A hike to the cemetery and the very thought of this action for many
causes depression.

But what if this is not avoided?

Pregnant women experience particular difficulty in making decisions.

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery and how correctly

Можно ли беременным ходить на cemetery? How did our

The territory of the cemetery in selling times was not visited. If a
consider the Middle Ages, when throughout Europe
constantly passed the war, the soldiers, and the locals
buried in any suitable place for this. In the way that
relatives remembered their husband and father, who died in the war
cemetery, and to the church.

Nowadays, stationary cemeteries are open to access graves.
almost around the clock and anyone can come and remember
souls of deceased relatives. Previously, this tradition was not. Cemeteries
and the crypts were closed, the tradition of women, and even pregnant,
walking to the dead was not there either.

The official Church pointed out that there is no need once again.
to disturb the dead Let rest in peace. On memorial days and on
the anniversary of the death of the family gathered on the graves of relatives, in these
days the question of whether pregnant women can go to the cemetery was not asked,
because the whole family honored the dead.

In ancient times, a woman wandering around a cemetery, and even
pregnant, could pass for a witch, and witchcraft was punishable.
Hence all the superstitions and fears. People have always been afraid of the incomprehensible
and the unknown and fear to this day. But today burn at the stake
a woman just walking in the cemetery, and even pregnant, no one
will be.

Можно ли беременным ходить на cemetery? Truth and fiction

Without special need, pregnant women in the cemetery have nothing to do. it
fairly fair statement and there are a number of explanations. For
begin, consider the psychological causes of a possible ban
walk to the cemetery during pregnancy. Cemetery – not a place
enjoyable. Of course, there are women who energy death
close, and they feel good with her, even good, but
there are few of them. Basically a woman and without pregnancy in the cemetery
sad and scary.

Sadness, fear, apathy – these emotions should not accompany
pregnancy, but when going to the cemetery without them can not do.
Therefore, based on the judgment that the place is not from
positive, then without acute need
to be.

Consider another aspect of the issue. So, physicists have proven that
the soul of man is infested into an embryo on the fortieth day from conception.
Around this time, his heart is forming. Physicists
It is argued that under circumstances, an empty place can
take, another soul. For example, not in peace. it утверждение
It seems from science fiction, but there is documentary evidence
the presence of poltergeist.

So, for example, one cannot deny the possibility that a woman
whose pregnancy is less than forty days can get the wrong soul
in your child. Scientists do not officially confirm or deny this
hypothesis. Just women usually only on the fifth, sixth week from
Conception will know that they are pregnant, and this is the very forty
days Therefore, to objectively protect yourself from such a phenomenon and
track its presence is almost impossible.

Also, doctors do not recommend visiting pregnant women in a cemetery even
because it is a traumatic place. In old cemeteries for a long time
blurred paths and you have to get to the dead relatives
through the territory of other graves, and for pregnant women this
uncomfortable. You can fall and be injured. Then, can I walk
беременным на cemetery? – not if they are alone and if the road to
the grave is hard for them.

But what to do if necessary, but scary and there are contraindications for
health condition? Is it worth the risk? Reasons for need
go to the cemetery are different, but ten times better
be safe and do no harm to yourself or the child than once
go to the graves of relatives and get negative

Можно ли беременным ходить на cemetery? What to do if
need to?

If a образовалась острая необходимость беременной женщине пойти
in the cemetery and really have nowhere to go, then it’s easier to put up with
with the situation and take simple precautions.

You should not go there alone, it is better to take someone from relatives
or girlfriends. It is necessary to dress for the weather and take with you enough
the amount of food and drink. If a дорога к могиле длинна и сложна, нужно
get to her in stages, slowly. Once in place, you can not fall
disheartened and too upset – this is bad for the fetus.

Everything seems very simple in words, but in practice women
rarely can they control themselves and not cry. That is why
there should be a close person who can support
Hard time. Seeing the lonely pregnant woman in the cemetery
you should definitely ask if she needs help,
because that the motives of such trips can be very different.

Having decided to go to the cemetery, a pregnant woman stands in
this day to postpone all your affairs so that after visiting it you can
It was a good rest. You should not take responsibility for
cleaning the territory, let it be done by other family members.

The question of whether a pregnant woman can go to the cemetery, always caused
controversy. Before deciding to weigh the pros and cons and
only then decide something. Every pregnancy proceeds
individually and not all trips to this mournful place end
positive for women waiting for a child.

Therefore, without urgent need, it is better not to visit the cemetery, you can
to remember the relatives in the church and order them funeral services.
After all, the most important thing is the health of the future child, who is still
the light was not born and the mother should first think about him
and about herself, since the baby’s health is laid in her

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