The child sleeps badly at night or in the afternoon, wakes up withcry? What you need to do – instructions for young mothers.

Wed, 24 Jun 2015. Good sleep is the key to a child’s health and
calm young parents. Alas, in rare cases, baby every
the day falls asleep easily, without long laying down and lulling, sleeping without
unexpected awakenings and night wakefulness. With a problem
bad, restless sleep, difficult sleep and nighttime awakenings
collide in every second family.

Naturally, this becomes a cause of considerable concern for
young parents. Why does a child sleep badly and what to do to
normalize his daily routine?

First you need to figure out which situation as a whole can
considered abnormal. Do not forget that babies up to a year
sleep is not normalized immediately, only born children have
own daily rhythms that for several
months are not fully settled. So, in the first weeks
life, the child sleeps in 90-minute cycles that take turns
periods of wakefulness. Then this schedule comes to replace
sleep that lasts 4 hours.

And only from about 3 months can we talk about normalization
biological rhythms: from this age the baby begins to sleep on
throughout the night. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.
So what to do if your baby sleeps badly?

The child does not sleep well at night: the main causes of the problem and their ways

The child is not tired for the day

Compare your baby with you: you want to sleep much more
after a hard grueling day, right? If you spent a lot
hours on their feet, engaged in working or household chores, you are unlikely
whether it is necessary to count sheep for hours: the dream will come instantly as soon as
you lay your head on the pillow.

Children can just as get tired during the day and not
have time to spend all the energy. If visible reasons for problems
sleep is not, help the child to spend energy. Note!
It is best to do it right before bedtime.

The easiest way is to provide the child with physical

• If the baby is very small and has not yet learned how to sit down and
crawl, that is, his motor abilities are limited, you on
help will come bathing, gymnastics, massage.

• When the child is already more active, find a way for him
�”Exhausted” is easier – give a crumb a will, let him try to sit down,
crawls actively, etc.

With emotional stress worth being careful. The fact,
that not all children react to them the same way, some babies
educational games or “agukane” with you can only provoke. AT
In any case, you will not know how the child will react to such
�”Preparation” before bedtime, until you try several times
arrange his physical and emotional stress.

Uncomfortable sleeping environment

To sleep well throughout the night, the child must
get comfortable. He may be disturbed by improper temperature
stuffy in the room, too warm blanket, finally, loud noises and
the light breaking through the gap under the door from the next room.

Some children are very sensitive to these.
annoying factors, so for normal sleep they should
provide the most comfortable conditions:

• The optimum temperature in the room where the child sleeps,
makes 18-21 degrees.

• ATнимательно следите за тем, чтобы малыш не был чрезмерно
bundled up, do not wear a lot of warm clothes on him. If a child
hot, he can’t sleep properly, besides, a violation
temperature conditions are fraught with more serious problems with
health And if the baby will constantly sweat, it is very
quickly provoke prickly heat and add to the trouble of parents.

• You need to put the very young child in
comfortable posture for sleep. ATрачи рекомендуют выбирать сон на животе или
on the barrel (but in this case do not forget to alternate the sides on
which baby will sleep).

• Do not forget about a comfortable mattress that will provide the spine
child’s optimal position. Besides, on the right one
the mattress is much more comfortable to sleep, it will also save you from problems with
falling asleep.

What to do if hunger prevents sleep?

For children aged 3-4 months, and sometimes almost a year, night
feeding is a normal phenomenon, it is an essential attribute
proper diet.

As a rule, a child who still eats at night does not experience
trouble sleeping: having had enough, he quickly falls asleep again. Moreover,
parents who practice joint sleep sometimes manage
do not wake the baby at all during feeding: as soon as the baby
begins to smack in a half slumber, simply attach
nipple to his mouth.

Problems more often begin at the moment when mom decides that it is time
stop night feedings. As a rule, at a certain age
the baby starts to refuse to eat at night, but
sometimes this does not happen.

Experienced mothers who have raised more than one child, as well as
Doctors recommend weaning the baby from the night feeding
simple way: due to the increase in daily servings of milk or
nourishing feeding just before bedtime.

Baby wakes up crying

Sometimes a pussy can wake up in the middle of the night, stunning the apartment.
shrill crying. Most often this suggests that the child
something hurts or discomfort.

We will not consider situations when a child is sick and suffers.
from the heat – in this case, the parents themselves are fine
understand the reason for the night awakening and how to help
to kid.

Very often night crying is caused by two reasons –
colic and teething.

The kid does not sleep well because of colic.

Colic – severe pain in the abdomen, which suffers completely
Small children. This phenomenon is very unpleasant, but, according to many
professionals, natural. ATедь от colic страдают почти все детки.
Parents should understand that all advertised drugs for
struggle with them most often do not bring any result,
therefore, their use is impractical.

ATпрочем, существует несколько проверенных способов, которые
help alleviate the child’s condition:

• ATнимательно относитесь к срыгиванию после кормления, ребенок
should get rid of the air in the digestive tract as best as possible

• Regularly do a small massage of the abdomen, it will not only help
to get rid of pain, but it will also be a great way to strengthen
emotional bond between mom and baby

• AT целом старайтесь почаще носить ребенка в вертикальном
position, it will also become a kind of education prevention

The baby does not sleep well due to teething

Teething – goodbye quiet sleep! AT 6-9 месяцев родители
baby once again lose the peace: it was at this time in a child
the first teeth begin to be cut. He constantly experiences discomfort and
painful sensations.

Naturally, at night the pain does not subside, it is not surprising that at the same time
the child sleeps badly both at night and during the day, and almost always wakes up with
cry As a rule, sleep eruption is accompanied by eruption
each tooth and it becomes an ordeal for

It can cope with this problem only in part. Parents need
understand: completely rid the child from discomfort
all that can be done is to try to make things a little easier.
their. AT частности, если малыш просыпается ночью и плачет из-за
cutting teeth, you can do the following:

• Help the baby “free up” the teeth, give him special
ringlets, which he will gnaw. If a child takes a good deal
gum before bed, the probability that the night will pass quietly,
greatly increased.

• Do not forget about cooling gels and creams, they are safe for
baby and can relieve him from the painful sensations, noticeably
уменьшить their.

• Lubricate the child’s chin with a special cream. With
teething increases salivation, tender skin
irritated, and it may be the cause of concern
and irritation.

The child sleeps badly during the day – what to do about it?

Daytime sleep is as important for the full development of a child as
and night. The kid can’t stay awake all day long
the body needs rest. Also keep in mind that the smaller and worse
the child sleeps during the day, the more problems with falling asleep
at night.

• The main problem of the fact that the child sleeps poorly in the afternoon –
wrong rest time. Do not forget that the child must sleep
during the day, not when it is convenient for you, but when it is required by the body.
Somnologists call the optimal time for daytime sleep 8: 30-9: 00,
and also 12: 30-13: 00.

• ATторая причина проблем с дневным сном — чрезмерная или,
on the contrary, the lack of activity of the child. ATспомните правило, о
which was discussed at the beginning, and try to work out a daily
bedtime ritual, for example, massage the baby or
do gymnastics with him.

• The third reason – unsuitable for sleeping environment. Try
make sure that the child is not distracted or annoyed,
In this case, it will be much easier for him to fall asleep.

By the way, overdoing the “rolling in” of the child is also not
worth it. Indeed, the easiest way to lull the crumb, rolling on his hands.
But in this case, the children’s body will get used to this kind of
ritual, and very soon you will notice that the child cannot fall asleep
on his own, and his dream turns out to be shallow and short.
To wean the baby from this habit as delicately as possible,
gradually reduce the time of motion sickness.

Remember that deep sleep is the guarantee of your health

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