The child has bad breath: causes and consequences.Why does the child smell acetone from the mouth?

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The reasons why small children have an unpleasant smell
from the mouth, quite a lot. In order to avoid negative
consequences, you must as soon as possible show your crumbs
pediatrician or pediatric dentist.

The baby has bad breath causes

The reasons why the child has an unpleasant smell
out of mouth, a lot, the most common ones,

1. Eating certain foods (onions,
garlic, sweet). This is the most common factor affecting
smell from the mouth. However, the nature of this phenomenon is temporary.

2. Oral hygiene failure – sore gums or
Sick teeth can be a source of smell. This phenomenon is characteristic
for those kids who don’t want to brush their teeth.

3. The development of the fungus in the oral cavity. From food remain small
pieces, a tongue forms on the tongue, all this gradually
accumulates, after which the fungus is formed.

4. The development of the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx. Have small
children often become inflamed tonsils, small pieces of food get stuck
in the glands, as a result, they nag and tissues become inflamed.

5. Improper functioning of the digestive system. Few people know
but even increased flatulence can trigger
unpleasant smell from the mouth.

6. Stress. The experiences of the child always affect the state
his health, including the disruption of the normal environment in
oral cavity.

7. Diseases – if there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth.
the child may develop a disease, so at the first
the symptom of smell must be shown to the child as soon as possible.
to the doctor.

As you can see, the reasons for which the baby appears unpleasant
smell, a lot. These can be as harmless factors that
will pass after a while, and serious diseases that
need to be treated.

The child has the smell of acetone from the mouth of the cause

Many children have a scent from their mouths when they are young.
acetone, most often it says the internal
organs. The smell of acetone may appear as follows.

1. An infection develops in the body.

2. Diabetes.

3. Liver or kidneys do not work properly.

4. The thyroid gland works with minor disabilities.

5. Improper nutrition.

6. Experiences, severe stress.

If a child’s diet is high in fat or protein
products, the still fragile organism simply cannot decompose everything
these products are complex compounds that is why
unpleasant smell.

With such a serious disease as diabetes mellitus,
the body lacks glucose, if you do not produce the necessary treatment,
the body will independently begin to produce it. When splitting
the protein compound is produced by acetone, which is why it is from the mouth
it smells so much.

In most cases, the smell of acetone says so
called acetonemic syndrome, which occurs by the following

1. Frequent overwork.

2. Child nutrition is wrong.

3. An inflammatory process is observed in the body.

4. The development of intestinal infections.

Such an unpleasant phenomenon should disappear on its own, closer.
by age 12. However, if the smell of acetone occurs very
часто, необходимо показать ребенка to the doctor.

The child has bad breath: treatment

The appearance of unpleasant smell from the child’s mouth should alert
parents. In no case do not need to pull and try
cope with the problem yourself, just take the kid to
medical institution.

Первое, что нужно сделать, посетить ЛОР врача,
as bad breath can occur due to inflamed
tonsils. If the examination by a specialist has shown that
There are no problems, and with an ear, throat, nose, everything is fine, go to
to the dentist.

ATторая причина, по которой возникает запах, это
заболевания в oral cavity. Untreated teeth result in
to the occurrence of caries, the accumulation of bacteria, sediments on
gums, or tongue. If diseases really exist,
the dentist must cure them.

AT завершающем этапе посетите педиатра. If a
bad breath arose not because of bad teeth and
inflamed tonsils, it is necessary to identify the true cause.
The specialist should examine your child, take the necessary
tests and only then he will prescribe treatment.

Be sure to ask the attending physician to pick up
special food for the child.

Giving any drugs without
prior consultation with the doctor, it is impossible!

But what if the child has the smell of acetone from the mouth?
Try to give as often as possible to drink, it can be all that
any mineral water, compote or unsweetened tea. Fine
helps decoction of raisins: take one spoon of raisins and pour
a small amount of boiling water, set to infuse for 15 minutes.
After he pauses a bit, let’s drink the baby as
possible more often.

Any liquid needs to be watered fractionally, this will avoid
gag reflex. AT any pharmacy can buy a special test
strips, and independently at home check what level of acetone in
your baby’s blood. Based on the results will depend
next steps.

AT том случае, если с появлением запаха ацетона малыш чувствует
himself is very bad, he vomits, his body temperature is elevated, necessarily
call the attending physician. This condition can lead to

After the dangerous condition is left behind, review
baby food. Try to keep food between meals.
a long break, it is better to eat as often as possible, but small
in portions. In the summer it is recommended to drink plenty of water, at other times of the year.
you can do it a little less. Try to completely eliminate all
fat, and also products with the maintenance of dyes. As much as possible
spend time in the fresh air.

The child smells from the mouth: folk remedies

Treatment of bad breath in children can be made
folk remedies. Our grandparents never had
hand drugs, but somehow managed to save
their children from the problem. Many medicinal herbs are absolutely
safe, so they can be used for treatment even for children.

Oak bark

This method is still in demand. Many dentists
recommend their patients, small and large, to rinse your mouth
decoction. Under its influence, you can get rid of the inflamed
gum, cure many diseases of the teeth, for example, paradantoz.

Put a small amount of oak bark in boiling water and put on
fire, cook for 5-10 minutes. Wrap the container in something warm,
leave to insist for half an hour after the means has cooled,
Give it to your baby so that he rinses his mouth. But of course it is
The drug is suitable only for those children who are already
can independently collect some water in their mouth and rinse their mouth.


Some vegetables have good bactericidal properties and
способны удалить даже самый неприятный smell from the mouth. To such
vegetables can be safely attributed to carrots. If a взять небольшой кусочек
carrots and chew, then from the unpleasant smell will not remain a trace.
It is also believed that if you drink birch sap, then the child’s breath
will always be fresh, besides it is useful.

The child has bad breath: prevention

An event like brushing your teeth is not only good
a cure, but also a preventative measure. Parents should with
childhood teach the child to the fact that the teeth need to be cleaned twice in
day, and after each meal, you must rinse your mouth.

Dentists say that you need to brush your teeth right after
appearance. AT раннем возрасте необходимо покупать специальные щетки,
parents dress them on their fingers and easily clean their teeth

С раннего детства приучайте чистить зубы долго,
and most importantly, do not forget about the space between the teeth.
Up to 7 years old, the mother should be close to the child and
show him how to brush his teeth.

Eating many fruits and vegetables contributes to
mechanical mouth sensation from various bacteria.
after eating a sweet or chewing gum, oral cavity is formed
dryness and this is a favorable breeding ground for harmful
bacteria. AT момент занятий спортом, или стрессовых ситуациях,
be sure to let the child drink the water in order to avoid
dry mouth.

ATсей семьей посещайте стоматолога хотя бы один раз в год. If a к
this event, the child will be accustomed from childhood, then later it
will become a permanent event.

To the state of the child’s teeth, as well as the presence of breath,
must be taken seriously. Do not try at all
muffle it with sprays or toothpastes. Better once again
show the child to the doctor than to deal with serious

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