The child does not eat anything – in infancy,a year, two or three years. Why is this happening and whatdo?

Tue, Jun 23, 2015

Children are the most important thing in life, their health and well-being
Parents always care more than their own goods.

Every mother is faced with the problem of refusing a baby to eat, because
appetite is rather unpredictable.

Then the question arises, what methods can
use to return the child to a normal diet. AT
certain age causes of failure of food may be different. From
unconscious reflexes in infancy to fully conscious
“FU!” at a higher age. Let’s look at everything

Baby does not eat breast milk (refuses to breast)

Maternal milk is a storehouse of beneficial trace elements and
vitamins, and, in addition, and necessary for normal development
lactobacilli. Fromказ от груди может проявиться в нескольких

• Complete failure to feed.

• Feeding only in a dream.

• Intermittent meals (eating, throwing).

• Fromталкивает грудь или отворачивается от нее и пр.

AT некоторых случаях необходимо обратиться в женскую консультацию
to establish the exact reason for not eating. Sometimes only
The specialist will be able to correctly compare all factors and find
optimal solution to the problem. But most often the child refuses
There are quite banal and easily removable reasons.

The main causes of failure of the breast and how to solve them

1. Change the taste of milk. The main reason – used
products (spices, decoctions of herbs, garlic, onions, cauliflower and
etc.). Some medicines can also affect the taste.
milk AT случае с продуктами, достаточно просто изменить свой
diet, and on the abolition or replacement of drugs must
consult with a specialist.

2. Specific nipple shape. Fromказ из-за плоских, маленьких
or some inverted nipples. To solve this problem you can
try special nozzles for feeding or, in the process
feeding, pull out the nipple.

3. The child is wrongly captures the chest. It’s easy to notice
because during feeding mother feels discomfort, pain.
Proper capture must be taught from the first days:

• The mouth girth of the entire halo of the breast, not just the nipple

• Lips should not be wrapped inside. Baby’s lower lip
completely captures the nipple halo below.

4. Abuse of pacifiers and bottles. Baby fast
realizes that sucking from the breast is much harder, starts to do it
reluctantly. If the mother was engaged in pumping before, then the baby and
can go to bottle drinking at all.

5. Excessive breast tension due to which milk is bad
enters the child’s mouth. Because of this, the child may simply not
understand that he is being fed. Therefore, feeding should
produced in a relaxed state, convenient for the child
posture. You can not hurry, speed up the process or customize
baby Feeding can return to normal after:

• Easy breast massage.

• A warm shower.

• Changes in feeding posture.

• Stroking the breast while nursing.

But there are two reasons that may require
medical advice:

1. The most unpleasant thing is of course the indisposition of the baby, which
It is expressed not only in the fact that the child does not eat anything, but in others
symptoms are crying, general lethargy, fever, tense tummy and
etc. Therefore, you should carefully consider this issue and
consult a doctor. ATозможно его беспокоит совершенно
другое: боли в ушках при воспалении, вздутие в животе и etc.

2. Maternal breast disease. For example, the same
mastitis changes the taste of milk, makes feeding difficult for the baby
process. It is better to first take a course of treatment, and then try
back to breastfeeding.

If the child does not eat complementary foods

Before you give complementary foods, you need to think about
is it really necessary? There are general recommendations of domestic and
foreign health professionals, leading pediatricians,
professional experience of the district pediatrician, but even they cannot
come together in a single opinion. Now master new food offer
from 6 months, but sometimes even a one year old baby from him

AT первую очередь, необходимо обратиться к педиатру, который,
after studying the history and main indicators of development, exactly
will determine whether there is a reason for panic. ATполне возможно, что ребенок
gets enough essential substances and with mother’s milk. Is not
always convenient for the mother who can not miss or anything
replace even one feeding. With 6 months of introduction of complementary foods
is recommended, so it’s best to consult
a specialist, if the baby absolutely does not want to use even
a small part of it and loses / does not get in weight.

A child may refuse to eat new foods in different ways.

1. Fromсутствие интереса к взрослой еде.

2. Emotional shocks.

3. Fromсутствие прогресса в развитии внутренних систем (ЖКТ).

4. Teething.

5. Hot weather.

6. Fromсутствие потребности и пр.

If the reason for failure is non-medical in nature, then you can
Use the following tips:

1. Feed the food on an empty stomach.

2. Strictly observe the diet.

3. Add some puree milk to the puree or the usual
baby mix.

4. Determine taste preferences.

5. New products should be introduced gradually (first one, and
a week later another).

6. Put the kid at the table with the family, because children like it
repeat after adults.

7. You can teach a child to eat by dipping his beloved
nipples in prikorm.

ATозможно, причина кроется в чём-то другом. For example, when
bottle-feeding a baby may simply not be suitable
mixture. For many babies, this can manifest as vomiting
reflex during a meal. Then you should change the mixture
try alternately others.

Child year does not eat anything

If a baby up to this age did not eat anything from food, then it is worth
start to teach him gradually. To do this, you can use
tips presented above. But the opinion of the pediatrician in this case
It does not hurt, especially if there are comments about health.

And to understand whether there are these problems is quite simple. Get accustomed to
your baby and choose from two options: He does not eat anything, but
ведет себя как обычно (играет, смеется, ползает и etc.), или же от
does not eat anything and is sluggish (or restless), often cries,
sleeps longer than usual (or vice versa less than usual). At the second
Option, of course, you need to consult a pediatrician. With
the very first – you just need to establish the correct mode and diet
power supply. To do this, use the tips outlined below.

What to do if a healthy child does not eat anything

If the baby is developing well and has excellent health, then
There are several ways to solve the issue with food:

1. ATыделить четкий режим питания (питаться строго по часам).

2. Between main meals do not give snacks,

3. Try not to feed the child alone, even at the table
eat all family members.

4. Walk more in the fresh air.

5. Do not limit the child in activity.

If the listed tips did not produce results, then it is necessary
contact a pediatrician who will identify the exact reason for refusing

Child two (three) years – does not eat anything

Fromказ от пищи в таком возрасте может так же носить медицинский и
behavioral character. AT первую очередь, необходимо присмотреться
to the well-being of the baby, it is quite possible that he refuses
food due to illness, but can not explain what exactly hurts. AT
In this case, you must contact your pediatrician.

But most often the problem is that the child is
age is becoming more discriminating in food, and also in that
что он может более четко сформулировать свое “FU!” and moreover –
can already defend their point of view. Therefore, if a child is two
eats nothing (or rather just eats little), then reasons can
to be following:

1. ATкус еды (продукты которые не нравятся)

2. The physical characteristics of the food (come across lumps, strongly
hot or cold), etc.

3. The child is already full, and the parents continue to “cram” everything,
what’s left on the plate.

4. Fromсутствие четкого графика приема пищи (не успевает
get hungry)

5. Low physical activity and, as a result, reduced
need for food.

6. Bad mood (or stress) in a child. Yes Yes! Mood
may affect the child’s appetite in the same way as an adult.

What to do if a child does not eat anything in 2 or 3 years

As a rule, the stronger the parents insist, the more
stubbornness wakes up in a child. No need for force or threats
try to get the baby to eat everything that lies on the plate. it
only aggravate the situation and can cause mental refusal to eat,
therefore, it is necessary to find a more rational solution.

Withем пищи лучше организовывать в кругу семьи за приятными
conversations. Try to present any dish beautifully.
warm up the child’s appetite. You need to know products that are not
loves the baby and try to replace them with equivalent, and do not
large portions. Here you can do as with lure – enter

The more active the child, the faster he gets hungry, and
sedentary – eat much less. ATажно четко соблюдать режим
питания и разрешать есть сладости до приема food. Should remember
important rule: if the baby is not so much, but in weight
steadily gaining, it is not necessary to breed panic.
ATедь это означает, что вам только кажется что ребенок ничего не ест
and striving to cram more food into it
overfeed him.

Fromсутствие аппетита и отказ от еды актуален для детей любого
age and the reasons for this behavior can be different factors.
You must listen to your child and notice each
trifle, because he can not always tell that his

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