The child develops language skills as early aswomb

Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Children are able to recognize speech from the 28th week.
development. And they distinguish various sounds, female and male
vote. This conclusion was made by scientists who conducted
brain scan of twelve premature infants.
Researchers believe that these skills are acquired during
внутриутробного development. In other words, a child who
находится в womb, начинают формироваться языковые способности как
reaction to the voice of the parents.

It is known that the ears and the segment of the brain responsible for hearing,
образуются на 23-й неделе development. But scientists until recently
did not know exactly when exactly the ability to recycle
sound information. According to Dr. Fabrice Wallua, here
environmental factors are of great importance, but
language processing system is innate.

When the cortical network begins to develop, it is necessary for
perceptions of sounds, the human brain can already distinguish some
speech nuances. Naturally, this fact does not deny that for
The formation of language skills is necessary practice.

It used to be that the brain of a child begins to actively develop.
only after birth, since the brain scan was performed
immediately after delivery. Now this theory is in doubt.
и учёные отстаивают теорию внутриутробного development.

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