The cervix hurts – why and if it canaffect pregnancy? How to get rid of neck painuterus

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Female genital health is always dependent on many
factors, and it also affects reproductive function.

Если болит шейка uterus, это главный сигнал о том, что нужно идти
to the gynecologist.

The pain can occur sharply, and can only appear in the period

In order to establish the exact cause of this condition, you need
be examined by a doctor.

Болит шейка uterus – причины

Чаще всего болит шейка uterus из-за наличия эрозий, которые
arise under different circumstances. Can highlight the most
common diseases that are accompanied by severe pain
в шейке uterus:

1. Слизистая оболочка шейки uterus истончена, в медицине это
носит свое название – эритроплакия. Install
such a diagnosis is possible in the case of detection of red spots on the neck
uterus. Studies of this state are still ongoing, and call
exact cause is not yet possible.

2. Ectropion. So difficult term can
name the condition in which mucosal inversion occurs
cervical canal. Such damage may occur during abortion.
or diagnostic curettage that causes the uterus to
traumatic expansion. The diagnosis can be made by
complications after natural childbirth.

3. Leukoplakia. На эпителии шейки uterus
small, horny areas are formed that look like
normal skin. Usually the disease begins to develop after recently
previous infections or injuries. Unfortunately, this pathology
practically neither does not manifest itself, which is why the disease
diagnosed when it develops into malignant

4. Эрозия шейки uterus. On the vaginal area
шейки uterus происходит повреждение многослойного эпителия.
A small scratch or wound appears. If neither
there is no inflammatory process, then it will heal by itself later
some time. But if inflammation occurs in the vagina,
then the wound cannot heal favorably. In this case, the gynecologist
prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy that will get rid of
from the disease.

5. Псевдоэрозия, или эктопия шейки uterus.
Pathology lies primarily in the fact that the cylindrical
the epithelium is located not in the cervical canal, but outside of it.
No special complaints from patients are observed. but
иногда появляется незначительная боль в области шейки uterus, и
protrude blood discharge.

No matter what caused the pain,
it must be eliminated. Do not pull with
diseases, with the appearance of even minor discomfort,
need to see a doctor.

Болит шейка uterus – возможные последствия

As a result of the development of female diseases, cancer can develop
шейки uterus. Например, лейкоплакия, эрозия шейки uterus, полипы или
papillomas. That is why, if there is pain in the uterus, delay with
appeal to the doctor can not.

Эрозия uterus часто переходит в рак. The disease itself can
occur after difficult childbirth, abortion or promiscuous genital
contacts. Erosion is insidious enough and sometimes a woman is not even
guesses that she has it. but последствия могут быть
really horrible. Often women hear about the diagnosis and do not hasten
with treatment, believing that soon everything will go away by itself.

Another disease that causes cancer is
papilloma. Causes their virus of the same name. And papilloma can
образоваться не только на шейке uterus, но и на половых органах. From
The development of this disease today can be saved. Today is
special vaccine, it is suitable for women who are in
age up to 50 years.

Polyps are also dangerous and must be removed.
There is a benign proliferation of the mucous membrane of the cervical
channel. Their appearance – small growths resembling nipples.

Рак шейки uterus принадлежит к так называемым «визуальным»
tumors. That is, when viewed from a chair they are easy to see. It is better
just undergo an examination by a gynecologist, two weeks after
last menstruation (or rather, two weeks later, starting from the first
days). For a long time, cancer can hide and absolutely
nor how not to appear. This is the most dangerous, since
the greater the stage of its development, the more difficult it will eventually be to get rid of

If suddenly vaginal discharge became more abundant, their color
изменился, в шейке uterus возникла боль, то нужно как можно скорее
visit a gynecologist. Even harmless at first sight diseases,
the result can lead to quite serious consequences.

Болит шейка uterus – что делать

Лечение болей в шейке uterus будет напрямую зависеть от причины
its occurrence. After a full examination, anamnesis, obtaining
test results, the specialist will prescribe a course of treatment.


The disease is fairly easy to treat, but not
conservative, and surgical. There are several
treatment options, each of which is aimed at breaking down those
sites that were affected:

• cryodestruction. There is exposure to liquid nitrogen,
abnormal tissues are destroyed;

• diathermocoagulation – affected tissue is subjected to current with
high frequency;

• конизация шейк uterus. Конусообразная часть на шейке uterus

• laser exposure.

The method for treatment is chosen exclusively by the doctor. It all depends on
many factors – the patient’s age, the degree of tissue damage,
Are you planning a pregnancy?

Surgical effect is almost always combined with
antibacterial therapy.


Immediately after this diagnosis has been established, you need
start treatment immediately. First need
eliminate inflammatory processes and restore
анатомическую форму шейки uterus. As soon as it is restored
the cervical canal, all its functions will be restored.

The treatment is selected individually for each patient. When
the need for surgery, the patient must go to bed.
hospital The rehabilitation period is quite good and
almost always without complications.


There are many ways in which you can
cure the disease. It could be laser exposure,
drug therapy, cold therapy and much more.

Recently began to use chemical coagulation.
The method consists in the use of such a drug as solkovagin.
It is a completely painless therapy that allows you to destroy
all change fabric.

Experts say that to treat the disease folk
means in no case be impossible. After all, the disease can go
into a malignant tumor and if not promptly render
skilled help then the forecasts are not comforting.

During the period of treatment can not have sex. Also
it is undesirable to take any drugs if they are not
appointed by the attending physician.

Эрозия шейки uterus

Many believe that if the disease does not bother, then
no need to treat.

Most often, erosion is cauterized with the help of current, but this is sufficient.
unpleasant procedure. After cauterization, the scars remain;
шейке uterus может сузиться. For this reason, many women cannot
get pregnant

Therefore, in modern medicine there are other ways to treat
diseases – freezing, radio wave method.

As a result of freezing, a small amount may occur.
shortening the neck.

In some cases, the disease is treated surgically.
A surgical intervention is also required if a woman
recently suffered a difficult birth.

После развития эрозии шейки uterus, нужно обязательно
consult a doctor. In no case can not engage

Эктопия шейки uterus

Thanks to the correct treatment method, complications can be avoided.
and prevent relapses. It should be noted that each method
treatment is effective regardless of its cost and

The most popular treatment methods are as follows:

• freezing. Impact on the uterus low

• laser destruction. It is effective and sufficient
low-impact treatment;

• radio wave destruction. Used less frequently than
quality equipment is very small.

Болит шейка uterus: смогу ли я забеременеть и родить

Many girls ask if they can get pregnant and give birth
здорового ребенка, если часто болит шейка uterus и беспокоят

If the integrity of the epithelium is damaged by disease,
then the cervix will be more vulnerable and easily able to penetrate
infections. This, of course, can not affect health
future child. Those places that are damaged can simply
burst during childbirth.

That is why experts insist on planning
pregnancy is possible only after all diseases

If the disease was detected already at the moment when the woman
was in a position to begin the fight with them immediately not worth it.
After all, no harm will be done to either the mother or the baby. But
you need to know that, for example, during erosion,
premature birth. Many girls may have a miscarriage
so immediately after you find out about your beautiful
position, you need to go to the clinic and get registered.

You should take care of your health, in which case you should not let
all to chance Be sure to undergo examinations, even with the aim of
prophylaxis. If all diseases are resolved in a timely manner,
then a woman can live a full life, and most importantly she will be born
healthy kids.

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