The causes of psychologicalfood dependencies and ways to overcome it

Dependence on food, according to statistics, suffers
one third of the total population of the planet. With this phenomenon, a craving for certain
products due to processes occurring in the brain, similar in
mechanism with those that occur with drug addicts and
alcohol addicted people. Man absorbs food not because
hungry, but because it feels satisfaction and joy only
after her reception.

The causes of psychological food dependencies and ways to overcome it


  • Factors of “food” addiction
  • Food Dependency Signs
  • What products are addictive?
  • How to get rid of food addiction?

Factors of “food” addiction

Food addiction is found in women, men and children with
almost the same frequency. The causes of this
phenomena are due to both psychological and physiological
factors. These include:

  • Deep emotional experiences in which a person
    seeks to “seize” stress, at least temporarily get rid of
    experiences with food.
  • The desire to lose weight, which is expressed in strict limits.
    Such a method always leads to the opposite: the organism cannot
    strict diet, makes losing weight “break”. As a result
    a person eats everything and cannot stop despite
    the resulting discomfort, stomach pain and rapid set
  • Hormonal disorders. In this case, the person has
    insufficient production of a hormone that reduces appetite, therefore
    he is constantly drawn to food.
  • Irrational food. If the menu is dominated by simple
    carbohydrates and fats, and in large quantities, the person begins
    experience almost the same dependence on food as
    drug addict from toxic substances. As soon as blood decreases
    glucose level, he feels the need to re-eat something: this
    the signal is fed by the brain.
  • Wrong attitude to food, formed in a child still in
    childhood. Many adults with food addiction in childhood were encouraged
    because they ate all the food they put on their plate. Such
    behavior leads to the formation of a stereotype: eat a lot –
    OK. On this basis, a psychological dependence on
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves, their qualities, body,
    appearance. On the one hand, in food a person with complexes sees
    the only source of solace, on the other – believes that his
    nothing will harm the spread body, therefore continues
    absorb food in huge quantities.

Addiction to food is a real problem of modern society.
Overeating not only leads to obesity, but also to numerous
health problems, which significantly shortens the duration
of life.

Food Dependency Signs

The main manifestations of food addiction are:

  • Unwillingness to share a meal with anyone. Dependent often does
    secret stocks of goodies, to eat them unnoticed by others, in
    lonely place.
  • Озабоченность запасами food. If the refrigerator does not have any
    product, “food addict” is ready to run after him to the store, in which
    time of day it would not have taken.
  • Sleep disturbance at night. The person gets up specifically to
    snack, even at night.
  • The appearance of anxiety and panic, which is accompanied by a feeling
  • A person feels happy only after eating, while
    he does not care what he eats – the main thing is that the fact itself
    food intake.
  • Eating occurs very quickly. The patient eats, practically
    not chewing, wanting to bite off the next piece as quickly as possible.
  • Healthy food does not bring satisfaction: the addict is attracted
    only fat, flour and sweet.
  • Thoughts on food obsessively pursue a person throughout
    day, whatever he did.

Зависимость от еды

The problem is serious, because to get rid of addiction to man
it is not enough to recognize the fact that he suffers from food
�”Passion.” To cope with this condition, most
cases require the help of a psychoanalyst or psychotherapist.

What products are addictive?

Pathological overeating is provoked by unhealthy foods,
which cause obesity.

  • In the first place – fast food. French fries, hamburgers, pizza,
    pies and other varieties of the favorite “fast food” contain
    excessive amount of fat, so that provoke
    excessive attachment to them. In addition, in such food is added
    many flavors and flavors that make them taste
    brighter and more saturated.
  • Products containing sugar: sweets, pastries, cookies,
    carbonated drinks, white bread. They contribute to the fact that
    blood glucose levels rise rapidly. When it goes down, the brain
    requires the receipt of this substance in the body.
  • Chocolate, whose action is similar to the action of antidepressants.
    This property contributes to the formation of dependence on this
  • Ice cream. This product, which children love so much, contains a lot
    saturated fats, as well as sugar – components that contribute to
    addictive to food. Its regular consumption creates risk
    forming addiction to food.

Fighting excessive love of food is a complex process that requires
from the dependent radical revision of their attitude to food.

How to get rid of food addiction?

To break out of the vicious circle, which consists of
bouts of gluttony, feelings of guilt for this and re-jams
experiences, requires an integrated approach. Person wanting
to defeat food addiction, should not only adjust your
рацион, но и изменить образ of life.


An addict should remember: you can not sharply limit yourself to
food Stiff diets along with exhausting exercise.
will only lead to a new breakdown and uncontrolled eating of everything that
is in the fridge. Should take advantage of these

  • Keep a food diary. You need to do this honestly by entering into it.
    absolutely all the data on how much and what time was
    eaten This will allow you to recreate the real picture of nutrition and
    analyze what can and should be excluded from the diet.
    Of course, it should be all unhealthy products that worsen as
    health condition and appearance.
  • Systematize meals. It is necessary to adhere to such
    routine, in which a person will eat three times a day
    (main receptions), making snacks (no more than three) between breakfast,
    lunch and dinner.
  • Do not make stocks of food, especially – harmful. It is better
    get rid of those stocks that are already available, not sparing any
    products or funds spent on them, because health
    more important.

Зависимость от еды

  • To meals that, without “harm,” seem to be bland and
    unusual, more pleasant, should be added to dishes
    natural spices (not concentrates).
  • The diet should be varied, but most of it should
    to make products that contain a large amount of fiber. It –
    raw vegetables, legumes, greens. Fiber contributes more
    slow absorption of glucose into the blood, so that desire
    eat anything forbidden is reduced.

To “fool” the stomach, nutritionists recommend drinking more
water. Таким образом можно снизить чувство hunger.

Lifestyle revaluation

Often a sedentary lifestyle and lack of a hobby, work,
interest activities contribute to the formation of food addiction,
for man has nothing more to concentrate on.
That is why, to get rid of the psychological dependence on
food, be sure to revise your lifestyle so that food
ceased to occupy the main place in it.

First of all, you need to find a case that would allow
отвлечься от постоянных мыслей о food It could be a drawing,
dancing, playing sports, mastering any skill.

It is also worth motivating yourself. For example, if a person has
children, he should try to overcome addiction for their sake so that they
in conscious age did not go through similar

Anyone who suffers from food addiction should work on
коррекцией режима. Overeating all day
leads to sleep disorders, because the body is busy even at night
processing excess amounts of food. Some
the days during which a person will take a meal on a schedule,
will help to “join” in a normal rhythm. During the first few
days after the start of the power in the normal mode dependent
yourself tired and go to bed earlier.

Полноценный сон, который длится не менее 8 часов, снижает risk
overeating and obesity.

It is better не думать перед сном о еде, ведь в последний момент можно
yet find the strength and go to the refrigerator for a portion
вкусного product.

Should not succumb to the temptation of joint tea parties, because
a warm company wants to eat something harmful, in addition to
tea or coffee.

Зависимость от еды

Methods of dealing with psychological dependence on food

Sometimes a person is not able to cope with food addiction.
on his own, despite all the efforts he has made to this
applies In this case, he needs help.
psychoanalyst specialist, who, conducting conversations with addicts,
устанавливает причины такой горячей привязанности к food

The specialist provides all-round support to the patient by resorting to
such specific methods as the problematic discussion, training on
consciousness of emotions, role-playing games.

The psychotherapist also explains the dependent to his family and friends.
the need for support and participation – it makes hope of
ridding a person of unreasonable craving for food is more likely. If a
not supporting the addict, he will very quickly lose faith in himself, but
this is the main factor by which patients of any kind
addiction can not overcome pernicious cravings.

Food addiction is not an exaggeration, but a real problem.
It is necessary to fight it, because overeating is reflected not only on
appearance, but also on the state, the functioning of internal
organs. An integrated approach to the correction of the state will allow
return a person to his usual way of life and get joy not
from food, and from what is happening around.

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