The Bolshoi Theater opens the new season withintrigue

Mon 05 Sep 2016

Bolshoi Theater starts the new season, which starts with
performances of the legendary theater “La Scala”. His productions
repeatedly pleased the true connoisseurs of art. This time
participants brought with them a long-awaited performance called
�”Don Juan”.

Most recently, the first show of the premiere of the audience, which
held on “cheers.” Sept. 6 touring group ready
show yourself on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

The Russian public will be able to enjoy Mozart’s opera
R. Carsen’s production not only of the sixth, but also of the eighth and tenth
September The new version of the play, many critics perceived as
provocation, however, the spectators, as if spellbound, watched
presentation, in anticipation of waiting for the end.

The introduction itself begins with a man rushing into the scene.
and tears off the curtain. Below him is a large mirror in which
reflects a large audience. Thus, every viewer
becomes part of this intriguing story.

The most stormy applause, of course, went to the performer.
starring Don Juan Mattei – one of the most sought after
artists of his generation. Talented singer demonstrated
wonderful acting, entering the image of his stage
Hero – the freedom-loving Don Juan.

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