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Sweet pepper is used to prepare many dishes of the world.
cuisine and use fresh. Although initially this plant
cultivated only in Mexico, where it is very warm, modern varieties
withstand low temperatures and are suitable for growing in
temperate and cold climates. There are large-fruited hybrids,
fruits of which reach a mass of 300-400 g.

The best varieties of peppers for open ground in cold climates
are usually ultra early or early. Such
plants produce a bountiful harvest that has time to mature even before
manifestations of fungal diseases and the onset of night

Early ripening varieties of Bulgarian pepper bred specifically for
cultivation in Siberia and the Urals climate zone. Middle late
and later – designed for film covers or growing in
greenhouses. Their fruits are used to make lecho and other
homemade blanks.

Ideal for growing in the summer cottage in the south
regions – mid-season varieties of paprika. In a warm climate
they can be grown in open ground and used as fruit.
cooking salads, and for canning.

Bell Pepper Hybrids

The best varieties of peppers for open ground include
�”Blondie F1″. Fruit ripening time to biological ripeness
makes two months from the moment of landing of seedling in an open ground.
Average fruit weight – 200 g. Pepper four-chamber, cuboid
forms. Since the variety is hybrid, there are practically no seeds in the fruit.

At the stage of technical ripeness “Blondi F1” gets wax
color, so the grade and received such a name. When biological
when ripe, the color of the fruit becomes bright yellow. Pepper wall thickness
about 10 mm.

The variety tolerates low temperatures during flowering, which
eventually increases the amount of the ovary. Plants do not like
water stagnation. An excess of moisture adversely affects the taste
qualities, making the vegetable more watery. Feature grade –
adaptability to extreme hot temperatures,
drought tolerance. This variety has no sunburn.

The hybrid has good immunity, is not affected by tobacco and
cucumber mosaic, black bacterial spot. Its fruits
always have a very attractive presentation.

The best varieties of peppers for open ground: photos of varieties
�”Blondie F1″

Another variety of pepper, which is worthy of the attention of summer residents –
�”Atlant”. The plant forms strong shoots, the bush is not spreading. AT
open ground, its height reaches 0.8 m.

The fruits of this variety are of medium ripeness. Their form is
cuboid. Color at technical ripeness is green, and at full
ripening – bright red. Almost always a vegetable consists of four
shares, at least – out of three. The wall thickness of the fetus reaches 8-9 mm.
Size – 11×11 cm, and the average weight is 180 g.

Plants are not susceptible to tobacco mosaic. Thanks
high resistance to fungal diseases number of treatments
fungicides can be significantly reduced.

Productivity is stable. Fruits are formed the same size. Skin
pepper when fully ripe acquires a weak “wax coating”.
The purpose of the variety is universal, the taste of fresh fruit is sweet.
�Atlant is a commercial variety of paprika.

Photo of pepper “Atlant”

Hybrid “F1 Red Cube” is a high-yielding paprika variety. is he
distributed in central Russia. The plant is powerful and
tall, reaches a height of 80 cm. On one bush tied
at the same time up to ten fruits weighing 150-200 g

The vegetable form is cubic, it is divided into four segments. On
stages of technical ripeness, the color is light green, and at full
ripening – bright red.

There are also such subspecies as:

– “F1 F1 Yellow”;

– “F1 F1 green”;

– “F1 F1 Orange.”

is heи отличаются только цветом. Hybrids have excellent
flavoring qualities, are suitable for the use in salads and for

Hybrid “F1 Cube” forms a great harvest. With 1 landing area
You can collect up to 9.5 kg of pepper.

�F1 Cube photo

One of the best varieties of peppers for open ground – a hybrid
�”Denis F1″. Its distinguishing feature is large fruit. Most
large fruits can reach a weight of 400 g, and the average weight of peppers
makes 300 g

The shape of the vegetable is elongated, it consists of three lobes, the size is 18X10
see wall thickness about 9 mm.

ATысота растений достигает 70 см. Учитывая вес плодов, кусты
need to tie up. Variety – early ripe. Harvest begin
90-95 days after germination.

The advantage of the hybrid is its resistance to fungal and
viral diseases. Shrubs do not need to process fungicides that
allows you to grow organic crop.

The best varieties of peppers for open ground: photo
fruit giant “Denis F1”

Pepper “Aden F1” refers to large-fruited varieties. Average weight
плода составляет 200 г. Most крупные экземпляры могут достигать
веса 250 g AT стадии технической спелости цвет овоща светло-зеленый
or light green. When fully ripe – bright orange. Thickness
walls is 6-8 mm.

Tall plant with powerful leaves that protect the fruit
from the sun. Куст need to tie up.

�”Aden F1″

Varieties of bell pepper universal purpose

Перец «ATоловье ухо» — сорт с крупными плодами, масса которых
reaches 150 g. They ripen in 115-120 days after sowing
seeds. Pepper shape elongated, color at technical ripeness
green, and when fully matured – red. The length of the fetus is
from 14 to 16 cm, wall thickness – 8-10 mm.

Fruits have high transportability. Ripe peppers can
stay on the bush for up to five days without loss of taste. Sort
has an average yield. With 1 landing area можно собрать до
5 kg of pepper.

ATыращивают «ATоловье ухо» рассадным способом. AT феврале семена
sown in cassettes in order to transplant seedlings in May in the open
priming. The bush grows up to 70 cm, so the plants require support.

Vegetable is great for cooking homemade lecho and others
blanks. Use it fresh and stuffed.

Перец «ATоловье ухо»

One of the best varieties of peppers for open ground – “Dunyasha”.
The plant is tall, reaches a height of 1-1.5 m, and therefore requires

The advantage of Dunyasha pepper is large-fruited. Average
fruit weight is 200 g, and the mass of the largest peppers reaches
250 g

The shape of the vegetable is flattened, rounded. Pepper is divided into many
small shares. On стадии технической спелости его цвет
light green, and at the biological stage – varies from
creamy white to bright yellow.

Sort перца «Дуняша» фото

Onиболее популярный на территории России сорт «Калифорнийское
miracle”. is he среднеспелый, вегетация составляет 100-115 дней. Term
fruit ripening – 15-20 days after the appearance of the ovary.

Форма перца — кубическая, средний вес до 130 г. On одном
The plant ripens from ten to twelve fruits. Pepper good
grows in central Russia and in a climate zone
Ural. His dignity – unpretentiousness. The bush is well acclimatized
on any soil except acidic soil.

ATысота взрослого растения — 30-40 см. Перец не требует подвязки
and fungicide treatments. Sort устойчив к «Табачной мозаике» и
other diseases.

The color of the fruit at the stage of biological ripeness is bright red. Mature
pepper has a higher content of vitamin C compared to
other varieties. It is desirable to use it in salads, but pepper
отлично подходит и для homemade blanks. Due to small size
fruit, “California miracle” canned whole.

The best varieties of peppers for open ground: photos of varieties
�”California miracle”

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