The best varieties of pears: the differences and advantages. howto choose the best grade of pears

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Many novice gardeners want to plant a pear, but can not
to decide on a grade. There are many varieties of pears, each of
which has its own characteristics.

There are three main types of pears:

– Winter

– Autumn

– Early

how правило, ранние сорта выращиваются в черноземе и созревают к
end of august. Varieties that produce fruit from mid-September to
beginning of November, refer to autumn. Winter varieties are considered the most
persistent. They bear fruit before hard frost begins. Often such
the varieties are disrupted before they reach maturity so that they can be harvested during storage and
gained good taste.

Early pear varieties

Considered one of the best varieties of pears. Famous for their
early ripening and fruiting. Have juicy fruits
weighing about 120g with thin skin. The shape slightly resembles a bottle.
Fruits can hang on the tree for a long time, however, the shelf life
plucked fruit is small.

The best varieties of pears of the early group are:

1. July early

2. Moldavian early

3. Petrovskaya

July early pear

This grade of pears is considered summer. The size of the tree is average,
round crown.

The bark of the tree has a brown color with a green tinge. Leaves
preferably oval and green. A little bit
pointed at the end of the leaf and very smooth.

Fruit weight about 150g. The fruit is yellow-green, small
size. It tastes sweet and juicy. Ripens by mid-July. how
The rule is pear fruit in the seventh year.

Moldavian early

Summer pear variety. Created by crossing two

A tall tree has a pyramidal crown.

Fruit weight does not reach 150g. Pear color yellow green with
brownish tint. The fruit is famous for its aromas and sweet and sour
by taste. Ripen by mid-August. The fruit is strong, resistant to
light frost.


A pear was obtained by crossing a hybrid and a separate variety.
Ripens in the summer, in the middle and end of August. Good fruit in
the normal amount of wood begins to give after the third year.
Sufficient resistance to scab.

The tree is medium in size, the bark is brown.
The foliage on the tree is not much, it is smooth. The shape of the leaves is sharp, and
color is dark green.

Fruits are oblong, resembling modern small
light bulbs. The color of pears is green, sometimes green-yellow with blush on
side. May be covered with small brown dots.

It tastes pleasant, sweet with a bit of sourness. Creamy flesh
shade. Stored about 10-15 days.

Taste spoils when ripe in a rainy year – and this
the only drawback of this variety.

Autumn pear varieties

The best varieties of pears in the autumn group are:

1. Moscow

2. Kokinskaya

3. November


Autumn variety, the authors of which are Potapov and Chizhov. The tree is average
crown spherical, not a lot of foliage. Oval small lentils
forms, pressed buds.

Asymmetric fruits, one side can be much larger than the other.
Fruit weight – 100g. Inside the pear is white, the taste is sweet, not
completely oily.

If in summer a small amount of moisture, the fruits become tart,
dry. The fetus becomes mature in September. This will be seen in his
light yellow color, which comes with time.

On a tree pears are kept very badly. Can be stored in
a refrigerator up to one and a half months. To make pears much tastier,
You can tear them a few days before they turn yellow.

The tree begins to bear fruit in the fourth year from planting.
Resistant to frost and diseases.


Сорт «Kokinskaya» принято считать осенним. The tree is characterized
slender trunk, crown with dense foliage and medium size.
Foliage wavy, oblong, green.

Fruits can reach large sizes weighing 150-200g. Data
fruits are small in length, but very wide. They ripen to
September In the refrigerator can lie up to one month. Pears
зеленого цвета, может присутствовать румянец сside.

The tree is quite fruitful, with age brings more and
more fruits. For an adult tree, 100kg of fruit is not the limit.

The tree is absolutely not adapted to a lot of moisture.
It is not recommended to plant a tree in sandy soil, because they can
crack due to very rapid growth.


There are several types of “November” pear varieties. Normal accepted
considered autumn.

The pear tree is rather high, the branches are skeletal and move away under
right angle Begins to bear fruit from three years after planting.
Maximum fruits can be seen in the fifth or sixth year.

It is recommended to plant seedlings before frost in the autumn or
spring season.

Fruit maturity comes in September. Can lie in
about two months in the fridge. You can also freeze them, in such
as they can lie until the end of winter. When defrosting flavoring
qualities remain the same.

Resistant to both fungal diseases and scab. Frost
endures with dignity. Occurs in almost all CIS countries and
Of Europe. Considered one of the best varieties of autumn pears

Winter pear varieties

Best grades pears of the late (winter) group taken

1. Nick

2. Parisian

3. Josephine Mechel


This pear is a fairly high tree with
dark bark and oblong foliage of dark green tone.

Fruits are large, up to 250g. Color mixes shades.
yellow, green and red. Smooth and thin skin of the fetus.

The taste is sweet-sour, the pulp is watery and tender.

Of the advantages should be noted a good shelf life of the fruit. Not
fall off too quickly, even at maturity. And frost resistance –
This is the main feature of this class. The tree is able to withstand frost
up to 40 degrees. Resistant to diseases and bacteria, very
hard affected.

The variety is very tenacious, adapts well. Not требует каких-то
special conditions. Excellent fruit from the fifth year after

Fruits are perfect for normal use fresh.
form, and for canning.


By crossing two varieties, the French selector Fursin,
got this one. Such pears can often be found in Ukraine, because
their climate is just great for growing them.

This variety is a tall tree that has
thick foliage. The branches of a tree are looking up.

Leaves дерева длинные, темно-зеленого оттенка, с явными изгибами

The variety is very demanding on the kidney and poorly perceives cold,
although it is a winter variety. Notредко из-за заморозков снижается
fruitfulness of pear.

Josephine Mechel

Pear begins to bear fruit in the second year. Medium tree
size. Foliage oblong and straight.

At full maturity, the color of the fruit resembles a straw shade.
The whole pear is covered with brownish dots.

In cool places, such as a storeroom or cellar, stored
fine. About the fridge out of the question. When defrosting flavoring
qualities do not lose.

The fruit is fragrant, there is a share of sourness, but in
the juicy sweet taste is mainly felt. If you cut a pear
in half, you can see the pink flesh.

Keep the fruit well, do not crumble even with strong wind.
Resistance to frost is also good.

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