The best products for floors: how to choose the right onewashing in the market? An overview of the best means to date forfloors

Пт, 06 июл 2018 Автор: Элла Ионова

When it becomes necessary to clean the house or
apartment, the question arises, what means to choose to and cleanliness
bring and not worry about the safety of wet cleaning. Those who
worries, it is worth not only the name and price to pay attention,
but also on the composition of detergents. Versatile and environmentally friendly
An option is to remember the good old people


Это одно из лучших средств для floors. Most housewives
note its versatility. They can wash not only the floors, but also
tile, plumbing and even kitchen set. Huge plus
Synergetic is its environmental and biodegradable
specifications. It contains vegetable components,
such as natural oils of bergamot, lemon, santal and mint.
Thanks to them, it has a wonderful smell. 5 liters of water
only 30 ml should be diluted. Recommended for lovers
daily cleaning.

Dolphin Basic

This tool has a lot of positive feedback.
thanks to its excellent qualities. They can wash the floors daily, so
as for security, it occupies a leading position. Perfectly
suitable for washing in public places such as cafes
or cinema. Кроме floors подходит для протирания поверхностей из
metal or rubber. The volume of tare in which Dolphin Basic enters
sale – 9 liters.

Mr. Proper

Одним из лучших моющих средств для floors является Mr.Proper. Him
popularity is growing not only thanks to active advertising, but also
thanks to the universal qualities. Many mistresses prefer this.
means, because it is very easy to wash with its help
floor. Mr.Proper is indispensable when it comes to grease stains. Wherein
the product does not leave stains and is suitable for almost all
surfaces, including parquet and laminate. No need it
wash off. This is a concentrate that requires dilution. Behind
economy and love his housewives. After use remains
nice smell.

Method, Squirt + Mop

Perfectlyе средство для floors из твердых пород дерева и
laminate flooring. The product is completely non-toxic and is produced on
vegetable based. The product is safe for surfaces and
certified. В его составе нет воска, поэтому floorsое покрытие
it will not be slippery, but it will shine with purity. Will delight
buyers and almond smell of this product. From now on cleaning
will be fun using Method, Squirt +


If linoleum is put in the apartment, then the best means to fight
with any pollution than Mellerud is not found. This floor will be
shine after wet cleaning. Him можно часто использовать. Mellerud
will serve not only for cleansing, but also for protection from pollution
linoleum. In order to wash the floor, it is necessary to dilute 1
chemical cap on a bucket of water.

Sun wedge

Detergent is great for wood, tile or
tiled floor. It consists of natural ingredients, so it
safe for hands. Sun wedge содержит силикон, который придаст
semi gloss and will create a protective layer on the surface. After cleaning
there is a pleasant smell of freshness. Available in containers with a capacity of 5
liters. The lid of the bottle serves as a dispenser. One cap is enough
10 liters of water. Packaging design is very modest, respectively
the cost is not high. But hostesses appreciate him for decent quality,
not what it looks like.


The usual vinegar that every housewife in the kitchen has will do
для мытья floors. This cheap tool was successfully used even by ours.
grandmothers. Vinegar справится даже с несвежим налетом и водяным камнем,
therefore, they can clean the floor tiles. This means is the only one
the disadvantage is a strong smell that can be eliminated by adding
diluted vinegar a couple drops of essential oil. Great for
lavender oil.


Behindмечательное народное средство от пятен на линолеуме. Means
so safe that it is suitable for use even on floors
which crawls baby. You can buy it at any pharmacy for
very democratic price. To get rid of stains, you need
sprinkle them with talcum powder, let stand for a few minutes and well
Wipe the floor in this place. It has a neutral smell. It is better
just copes with fresh spots.

Raw potatoes

This wonderful tool since ancient times enjoys great
popular especially with those housewives who prefer
natural cheap means and avoid any chemistry. Using
raw potatoes are great for cleaning tile floors or
tile The tuber must be peeled and wiped at the tile,
paying attention to the joints of the tiles. Wipe out in a minute
dry clean rag. The surface of the floor will look like new.
Means доступное, ведь у любой хозяйки есть картошка на
the kitchen.


Lemon leftovers should not be thrown away; they can be used.
while cleaning the bathroom and toilet room. A slice of lemon can
clean the stains on tiled floor. Lemonу под силу даже удалить
mold at the joints between the tiles, which for a long time does not appear
after such a cleaning. It is an excellent disinfectant and
natural flavoring. Grease and dirt can be easily removed with
lemon water. To do this, add 3 tablespoons per
пол-литра воды и протереть ею floor. Lemon juice solution removes
limescale from any surface, leaving purity, radiance and
good flavor.

Regular treatment with floor cleaning products
is the key to cleanliness and freshness in the house, prevents active
the spread of pathogens. One side,
кажется, что выбрать подходящее средство для мытья floors очень
simply given the wide range of products. But when it comes
before the cleaning process, it turns out that choosing is not so easy.
It is necessary to take into account various factors: surface composition, degree
pollution, safety means and its quality.

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