The best grades of sweet cherry for various climaticareas. Features of varieties: their advantages and disadvantages(a photo)

The best grades of sweet cherry for various climaticareas. Features of varieties: their advantages and disadvantages(a photo) Пт, 08 июл 2016 Автор: Елена Козырева

Sweet cherry is one of the popular garden crops.

The inhabitants of our country, it is known for about 200 years.

Once a southern culture, thanks to the work of breeders, now
it is not only residents of the southern regions who are pleased with their harvest.

Its cultivation has become possible in colder areas.

Cherry has been universally recognized for its extraordinary
tasty and healthy berries.

The best grades of sweet cherry for an average strip

Culture is famous for its high varietal diversity. But far from
each of its variety may be cultivated in this region of Russia. For
This region bred special varieties that are well tolerated
climatic features. All cultivated varieties of this
the latitudes of the vegetative period are divided into 3

Early ripe varieties. Collecting their fruits
starts from the second half of June. They are juicy and fragrant, have
good taste. The best early cherries for this region
are: “Iput”, “Yellow Homestead”, “Ovstuzhenka”,
�Orlovskaya, Krasnaya Gorka, Raditsa.

�”Go”. Medium sweet cherry, with
wide crown. Flowering begins in mid-May.
The berries are dark red, easily separated from the stalk, large.
The flesh is dense, it tastes juicy and sweet. High-yielding variety
cherries, you can collect up to 35kg of berries from one tree. Among
the merits of the variety also stand out its resistance to frost,
fungal diseases and pests. Fruiting begins only through
5 years. When there is an excess of moisture, the fruits begin to crack,
their taste deteriorates.

�”Ovstuzhenka.” The tree is low, with a thick
spherical crown. The flowering period of cherry falls on the beginning
May The variety has large and very tasty berries, but
полакомиться ими можно будет только через 5 years. They are rounded
dark red color (closer to black). The flesh is juicy, but not
dense, fibrous. The stone is small and separated from the pulp without
labor. Sweet cherry has high frost resistance, stable
yield and not susceptible to pests and diseases.

(variety “Ovtuzhenka”)

Mid-season varieties. Fruit ripening
starts from the middle of summer. The best mid-season varieties are considered
�“Middle-ripe jealous one”, “Adeline”, “Beauty”, “Fatezh”,
�”Leningradskaya pink”, “Victory”.

�”Adeline.” Medium-thick tree up to 3-4m
with a sprawling pyramidal crown. The first berries appear with
mid-July, are heart-shaped. They are large (the weight of each
reaches 6gr), dark red with pulp of the same color. She doesn’t
dense, with red juice. The bone is small and separates easily from
pulp. This variety has good winter hardiness. First fruiting
starts after 4 years. Minor flaw is
average pest resistance and average yield.

�”Victory”. The tree is tall with sprawling but
rare crown. Already in early July large ripen on it (up to 7gr)
dark purple fruits. They are very juicy, tasty (sweet with
a little sourness). The flesh is soft and dense, fine, fine
removable bone. �”Victory” is famous for its high frost resistance.
The variety does not belong to high-yielding species, and the first fruits can be
get only on the 5th year. The variety is not self pollinating and easy
exposed to fungal diseases.

(grade “Victory”)

�”Beauty”. Tall cherry tree forms
pyramidal spreading sparse crowns. Blooms like
все среднеспелые сорта, в первых числах May In early July you can
enjoy her first golden with red blush fruits. They
large, the weight of each berry is about 8g. The pulp of the fruit has
creamy shade. The bones are small and well separated from
pulp. You can evaluate the taste of the first berries in 4 years. Adult
a cherry tree can produce up to 20kg of berries in a season.

Late-ripening varieties. Maturation late
varieties of sweet cherry accounted for the end of August. To the best late-ripening
varieties include: “Veda”, “Late mature”, “Michurinka”,
�Tyutchevka, Bryanochka.

�”Bryanochka”. Medium sweet cherry variety, height
tree does not exceed 3.5m. Период цветения приходится на конец May
It has large, heart-shaped, dark red fruits with dense flesh.
They легко отрываются от цветоножки. In the fruit is small
bone. Она хорошо удаляется из pulp. Active ripening variety
starts from the end of July. The period of fruiting begins in the 5th year.
It has a high winter hardiness (can withstand a temperature drop to
-30C) yield. The variety is resistant to coccomycosis, but resistant to
moniliosis is small.

�Michurinka. According to gardeners, this variety is
one of the best late cherries of this strip. Tree height
reaches up to 3.5m. His crown is slightly raised, rounded, medium
density. Like all late varieties, blooms late. The fruits are round,
medium in size, dark red. The berries taste sweet-sour with
juicy, dense pulp. The high-yielding and winter hardy variety has
average susceptibility to diseases.

(grade “Michurinka”)

This is only a small part of the best varieties of cherries, which are good
bear fruit middle lane. Each of these varieties is tested and
appreciated by gardeners. With proper care, sweet cherry will thank
good harvest and tasty berries.

The best varieties of sweet cherry for the southern regions

Cherries come from the southern regions. She easily endures
typical climatic conditions, well fructifying. amount
farmed varieties are striking in their diversity.

In terms of ripening, sweet cherry is divided into

• very early;

• early.

The best varieties of sweet cherry from a very early ripening period

«Рубиновая ранняя» отличается регулярной
high yields. Resistant to winter temperatures.
It has small fruits with an average weight of about 3.5 grams. They бывают двух
Forms: round or oval-round. Red flesh possesses
delicate, sweet-sour taste. Maturation early, first
ягодами можно лакомится с середины May

«Розовинка ранняя» выведен давно специально для
growing in this region. Well adapted and easy to carry.
all climatic anomalies. Fruits can be medium sized
or larger. Their weight reaches 7gr. They кремовато-желтого
colors with a pale pink blush, round or flat rounded
by form. The white flesh is juicy, tender, with a pleasant sourness. Sort
resistant to diseases and pests.

�”Early Krasnodar”. Tolerates
local winters with fluctuating temperatures. Shows good
yield even in hot and arid summer. The fruits are small,
rounded, weighing up to 5g. Their pulp with a pleasant delicate aroma,
sweet, not dense. Fruiting begins in the first numbers

(variety “Early Krasnodar”)

Early ripening varieties of the southern region

�”Valery Chkalov”. Despite the fact that the grade
Cherry bred in the early XX century, it remains popular to this day.
since then The tree is hardy, has resistance to direct
sun rays. Fruits are heart-shaped, red, rather large
(reach weight up to 9gr). Their dense, red flesh is sweet and sour
with noble aroma. The taste of berries depends on weather conditions. If a
fruit ripening coincides with hot and dry weather, they are juicy
and sweet. But when the weather is cool and rainy, the berries are lost.
sweetness, acidity appears. Fruiting begins at the beginning.

(Sort «Валерий Чкалов»)

�Lesya. This grade is consistently high
yield Even from a young tree with adverse
climatic conditions, gardeners manage to get high yields.
Fruits are large (weight reaches 8gr). They имеют сердцевидную форму,
color close to black. The flesh is sweet, with a small
sour, dark red, dense. Active ripening berries
начинается в первые дни June. They have no effect on their taste.
weather. Berries do not crack from excessive moisture.
Sort имеет среднюю устойчивость к влиянию вредителей и

(Lesa variety)

�”May black.” Differs in early flowering and
fruiting. After 3 years you can get the first harvest. Sort
high-yielding. From an adult tree, growers can get in
Season up to 80kg of berries. Fruits are not large, well separable.
bone. The berries are flat-rounded, tasty and juicy. Sort не
боится вредителей и diseases. Disadvantage is bad

Breeders derived and adapted for this region
a lot of varieties.
The best varieties of cherries designed
for cultivation in the southern regions are: “The Beauty of Kuban”,
�”Dyber black”, “velvet”, “Goryanka”, “Yaroslavka”, Duck “.
There are about 30 varieties of sweet cherries in this list. Their resistance to
weather conditions, taste characteristics tested over the years.

The best varieties of sweet cherries for the northern regions

Thanks to the work of breeders, it became possible to grow
sweet cherry in the northern regions. Diversity of its varieties
not as big as in other regions. The best varieties of sweet cherry
are: “Kid”, “Denis Yellow”, “Early Mark”, “Poetry”,
�“Diana”, “Chermashnaya”. These varieties are not afraid of frost and well
adapted to the local climate.

�”Denis Yellow”. Sort хорошо адаптирован к
local climate. It withstands spring frosts well, and the fruits
have time to mature in a short summer. Sweet cherry has a good
yield, resistant to pests and diseases. Only fructifies
for 5-6 year. Fruits are medium in size, have good taste,
have juicy flesh. Berries are well stored and tolerated.
transportation, suitable for technical processing.

(Denis Yellow variety)

�”Early Mark”. Sort достаточно урожайный и
winter hardy Trees are low, fruiting from 6 years. Fruit
dark red, below average size, with good taste
characteristics. Stone is small, easily separated from
pulp. The berries are not suitable for processing and are used only
fresh. Sort имеет среднюю устойчивость к болезням и

Almost all cultivated varieties of cherries are self-productive.
To get a harvest, gardeners need to plant some of it.
trees with approximately the same flowering time. All varieties
light-requiring, do not like waterlogging and demanding of the soil.

According to American psychologists, sweet cherry affects
person’s character. Lovers This culture is distinguished by kind and
gentle nature, responsiveness.

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