Technology reduces, and nature increasesbrain creativity

Tue, 13 Dec 2016

Leaving the laptop at home, turning off the mobile phone, and going out
take a walk in the fresh air, you can improve performance
your brain by as much as 50%. Researchers have found that adults
people are much better and faster perform creative tests after
long stay in nature without various kinds of gadgets.

American psychologists from the University of Utah who made these
conclusions, say: “Our work is the first confirmation that
that modern technology is extremely negative for
human creativity, but nature allows him
recover to the previous level. “They also add:
“Our results show that people regularly
appealing to electronic devices such as tablet
computers, televisions, gaming consoles or laptops, just
are obliged to at least occasionally rest their brains, for example, when traveling
from home for a picnic, or going camping. “

56 specialists were selected for participation in the study.
a person with an average age of 28, most
time devoting to work with various modern technologies.
24 participants were examined by scientists before others, by
passing a specially designed creative test, where out of 10
asked them questions, they managed to answer correctly on average
4.14 questions.

The remaining 32 participants, before proceeding with the implementation
assignments, together with the experts went to a four-day hike
on nature, while not taking with him absolutely no gadgets,
including mobile phones. Upon returning to the city, all 32
people passed the test is identical to that performed previous
Group. Average number of questions they were able to answer
unmistakably, made up 6.08 questions. The biggest difference between
the maximum result in the second group and the minimum in the first
accounted for almost 50%.

�”In our study, we successfully demonstrated
how much harm is caused to man by products of modern
technologies. Now we can say with accuracy that people
or otherwise in contact with creativity, it does not matter whether
work or hobby, you just need to get out of your house on
fresh air in order to increase the productivity of your own
brain “- commented on the results of the research professor
Psychology Dr. David Streier.

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