Swelling of the legs during pregnancy – is it dangerous? If necessaryrelieve swelling of the feet during pregnancy and how to do it

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Immediately after the onset of pregnancy in the body of a woman
big changes begin to occur, the load on the body
becomes several times more.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy always indicate that
Some kind of malfunction has occurred or is developing

The doctor should not leave such a symptom without attention.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy – causes

Many pregnant women are faced with the fact that they suddenly
legs are swollen, the reasons for this state are actually enough

Increase bcc

With the onset of pregnancy, the volume of circulating fluid
rises. This mechanism is necessary so that the baby could
eat well, especially with early deadlines.

In the abdominal cavity pressure rises

This process is easy to explain, with increasing gestational age,
the uterus increases, while it gradually squeezes the internal
organs. There is an increase in pressure, the blood can not fully
overcome the path from the feet to the heart. A woman can hardly make
full sigh, legs swell.

Vein squeeze syndrome

This syndrome is characteristic of pregnant women in late
deadlines. Squeezing of the lower genital vein occurs, which
located between the spine and the enlarged uterus. It happens
at the moment when the woman begins to lie on the right side or
on the back. If the vein is squeezed at night during sleep, while
when the blood circulation of the brain is at the right level, and the blood from the legs is not
flowing well enough, in the morning a woman wakes up with edematous

The development of preeclampsia

Complication falls on late pregnancy. Still
experts can not figure out the exact cause of the development of pathology, but
it is known that the key is allergy or
inflammation in the microvascular bed. Gestosis symptom is not
only swelling of the legs, but also an increase in blood pressure. Feet always
swell in different ways and it depends on the severity of the flow

Kidney pathology

If a woman has previously faced the fact that her
the urinary system malfunctioned then after
conception will occur, everything is only complicated. The legs will swell by
because the kidneys are not functioning enough. Not all
the amount of accumulated water leaves the body, it begins
accumulate in tissues. And there are swelling not only on the legs,
but also around the eyes.

Pathology of the cardiovascular system

After the woman’s heart begins to live and develop
child, the load on the organ will increase. Healthy heart
will be able to safely transfer the entire load, and there will be no
complications. But in case the heart disease was revealed
before conception, then with the onset of pregnancy it is only
more will manifest itself. In addition to swelling of the legs, can develop
internal swelling, which is quite dangerous.

Quincke’s edema

Many pregnant women are at risk before such
disease like angioedema. Especially if
pregnancy was noticed any allergies. With Quincke’s reaction
legs, hands, lips, eyes, cheeks, and
mucous membranes.


Such a disease as hypothyroidism, must be treated before
of pregnancy. But, unfortunately, pregnant women may face
disruption of the thyroid gland.

Venous insufficiency

Unlike the onset of edema from other causes, venous edema
may be accompanied by severe pain. At the same time legs swell
asymmetrically, or only one leg swells. The pain will be constant
intensify, as the insufficiency of the veins can progress.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy – types and consequences

Rarely, puffiness occurs in the first trimester.
Closer in the second, the mother begins to notice that her legs have become
swollen. There are several types of leg swelling:

1. Physiological. The body has a tendency to retain water and
sodium. This predisposition is due to the fact that the expectant mother
eats a lot of salty food. Also, swelling can appear in strongly
hot weather An increase in body weight can cause swelling,
accordingly, the load on the legs increases. But it is quite
a natural process and does not require any treatment.

2. Pathological. The first is the symptoms of the disease.
For example, pregnant women’s edema – a woman’s weight gains more than
20 kg, limbs, face, much swelling. This is the initial
stage of preeclampsia. It is necessary to treat dropsy, as it
able to go into a more severe form in which it suffers and
baby and mother

Surely many women are concerned about the consequences
be from swelling of the feet. It is also disturbing that doctors are constantly talking about
that you need to keep track of your weight, and when you first appear
edemas send them to the pathology department.

Many European doctors believe that swelling of the legs
pregnancy is the norm. So why do our doctors make So
treat this carefully and treat?

The thing is that at different stages of pregnancy can
heart disease or kidney disease, and after 20 weeks gestosis.
If proper treatment is not provided, there’s nothing good for mom,
nor for the baby, can not be.

Every day, the load on the internal organs of the mother increases,
dysfunction of any of them, can lead to subsequent disability
women. Even if it doesn’t happen at the time of pregnancy, it’s not
means that does not happen and then. That is why, to treat swelling
caused by any systemic disease
as soon as possible.

Gestosis is perhaps the most dangerous disease. First
all pathology is reflected in the vessels. If not picked up
necessary therapy, preeclampsia can lead to seizures, and in
in some cases, even death of the fetus. And to reveal this pathology on
first months of pregnancy can be precisely the occurrence

But how to get rid of the edema, so that both the baby and
Expectant mother, remained safe?

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy – what to do

To identify the edema of the legs and to treat only
doctor. Many experts believe that a slight swelling of the feet and
lower legs, it is quite common in pregnant women, and neither
what treatment is not required at all. All you need to do is
соблюдать диету, больше отдыхать, а Soже почаще держать свои ноги
in a slightly elevated state.

Other gynecologists believe that even a minor manifestation
edema in any case can not be left without attention. therefore
a pregnant woman needs to listen to her gynecologist and
try to do whatever he advises and says.

In order to get rid of leg edema during pregnancy, doctors
May recommend the following:

1. Wear underwear from compression hosiery. It’s really
important, especially if there are problems with blood vessels.
Thanks to special tights or stockings, you can remove swelling from
feet. Also, a specialist will tell you which gel or ointment you need.
used to combat varicose veins.

2. The course of vitamins of group B. Under their influence of the vascular wall
strengthen, water will not be able to penetrate from the blood into the surrounding

3. Medicines – Tsiston, Kanefron. Drugs will improve function
почек, а Soже окажут противовоспалительное и спазмолитическое
act. Do not take medication.
самостоятельно, So как некоторые из них могут негативно сказаться
on your baby’s condition.

4. Essentiale or riboxin.

5. Diuretic drugs. Assign for a short term, but only
if the swelling is strong.

It is not enough to have information about which drugs to remove the swelling.
с feet. Важно подобрать их Soим образом, чтобы кровоток в плаценте
improved, and thus did not occur fetal hypoxia. What means
нужно принимать будущей роженице, а So же в каких количествах,
может решить только doctor.

Eat right

It is necessary to adhere to a balanced diet in order to
so that the situation could not get worse. Independently develop
for yourself proper nutrition, of course, is not worth it, ask about
This is your own doctor.

1. At each meal, you need to eat at least a small
amounts of lean protein, such as eggs, poultry, meat.

2. Every day, eat at least 5 servings of fruit or

3. If the swelling of the legs is strong, try to drink less.
liquid, which contains sugar or salt.

4. From pickled or canned foods best on
time to give up.

5. By eating some foods, you can support
the work of the kidneys, in particular it refers to the natural diuretic
means – parsley, celery apples, garlic.

6. Drink about 2.5 liters of water a day. Nutritionists argue
что Soим образом можно избавиться от токсинов.

7. Be sure to give up bad habits if you have them.
there is.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy: prognosis for childbirth

Every pregnant woman has edema, but in a different
degree. That is why there is no particular reason for concern. But, with
On the other hand, edema can cause a late
toxicosis, and this will become a danger to the child. That is why no
In no case should this disease be left unattended.
Be sure to consult a gynecologist and if necessary.
undergo appropriate treatment.

At birth, swelling of the feet is practically not reflected. Danger
can only occur if this condition
critical and previously there was not any treatment.

In the event of a threat, specialists may conduct
emergency caesarean section.

According to statistics, there was not a single case
when due to swelling of the legs, labor was difficult, or eventually
led to the death of the baby.

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