Sweet cherry variety Valery Chkalov: characteristics,growing features. The best sweet cherry for the southern regions -Valery Chkalov

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Sweet cherry, known to people for a long time, its sweet and
Juicy berries like adults and especially children. Among the varieties of sweet cherries
предназначенных для южных регионов нашей страны, Valery Chkalov —
a prominent representative of these delicious fruits.

Описание сорта черешни Valery Chkalov

This is an early variety of sweet cherry, named after the pilot-hero Valery
Chkalov. It is designed for the conditions of the southern and middle regions of our
countries, in the northern regions, this sweet cherry grows poorly. Fruiting
comes at the age of 5, at this time the tree has already formed
developed crown, which will gradually acquire sprawling
form, which will lead to an increase in yield over time.

A tree at the age of 10 can be easily recognized.

• Thick foliage covering last year and new shoots;

• Brown, smooth bark on the branches of the crown;

• Strong skeletal branches growing at an angle of 45-60

• Powerful shtambu, covered with thick gray-brown bark.

This variety grows large leaves, with good care, they
reach 10 cm wide and 19 cm long, leaf blades on
older branches are smaller. The upper part of the lamina is brighter than
bottom and with a little shine. Maroon, large fruits, grow into
heart-shaped, juicy and sweet pulp of berries, dark pink color,
with a large bone. Their weight reaches 7-9 grams, the fruits hang on
short stalk. Dessert variety, can be used for
conservation, the first berries appear at the age of five.

Mass ripening of the crop – until mid-June, which gives
возможность считать этот сорт черешни Valery Chkalov одним из самых
early. Fruit weight about 6-8 grams, in the south in a good year tree
brings even larger berries. It is difficult to separate the bone from
pulp without damaging the berries themselves. Average tree yield in
the middle lane of 20-30 kg, in the conditions of the Crimea mature tree brings to
60 kg of ripe berries. But gardeners appreciate this variety for a stable harvest.
and endurance.

Плюсы и минусы сорта Valery Chkalov

The main positive quality of this sweet cherry is great taste.
juicy and sweet fruits that ripen noticeably before the other
sweet cherries At the age of fruiting, it ripens on strong trees
a lot of berries that really just strewed shoots. Important
the fact that this sweet cherry stands winter well in the southern regions and in
middle lane. When planting strong seedlings and appropriate care
can withstand frost up to 25 degrees without serious consequences.
If low temperatures damage the kidneys, it is only partially
allowing the tree to quickly repair damage.

To protect the bottom of the crown and shtamb from damage, you need to first
autumn frosts cover them with sacking, straw or spruce branches. Of
you need to remove the fallen leaves and cover it
mulch Как большинство черешен, Valery Chkalov стерилен, это
means that to form the ovary it is necessary to plant nearby
other varieties that bloom simultaneously with him.

The disadvantages of the variety include low resistance to gray rot and
the rest of the disease stone fruits. For this reason you need
regularly clean the crown of the tree, destroy pests and carry out
preventive fight against fungal diseases.

The advantages of this variety are:

• Ягоды сорта черешни Valery Chkalov очень рано созревают;

• Berries are large;

• Tasty and juicy pulp;

• Yield;

• Suitable for winter harvesting;

• The variety is partially resistant to low temperatures.

К минусам относится — недостаточная стойкость к
fungal diseases.

Посадка черешни сорта Valery Chkalov

For planting in the garden you need to choose high-quality seedlings, you can
purchase in specialized farms in your area.
Cherry should be planted in the first half of April, before
buds will begin to swell. The sapling will be able to take root in a short time and
grow during the season, in the autumn period can not be planted,
young plants do not have time to settle down and die in winter.

Growing buds in the crown can not be removed, they will grow new
shoots. The plot where the sweet cherry is planted should be protected from
drafts. The place you need to choose sunny, great if it is
elevation, you can create it artificially. Pollinators for this
varieties are planted at a short distance (no more than 4 meters), for
good fertilization inflorescences. Groundwater should be
no more than 3 meters from the ground to prevent
decay of the root system.

For a sapling the landing hole is prepared in the autumn, 2 buckets are brought into it
a mixture of garden soil and good humus. This composition in the future
will provide the young plant with the necessary nutrition for development. For
sweet cherries are suitable soil – sandy loam and loam, they are well missed
moisture, and contain enough air.

Уход за саженцем сорта Valery Chkalov

In the first 3 years, it is necessary to regularly loosen the soil and water
young plant. Consider that water is needed so that water
Soaked the soil to a depth of 40cm, well moistening the area in which
have roots.

It is necessary to water the tree according to the schedule:

• Before flowers bloom;

• During fruit set;

• 20 days before harvesting berries;

• In October.

It is not advisable to water, at maturity of the fruit, otherwise
berries can burst.

Формирование кроны черешни Valery Chkalov

Annual plants prune in spring

• Saplings are cut at a height of 0.5 meters, leaving 4-5 normal
the kidneys;

• Side shoots are cut to 1/3 length;

• The central shoot should be 20 cm higher than the others.

With a significant pruning of one-year growth to a length of less than 40
cm, the growth of shoots will sharply increase, many tops will appear and strongly
the harvest will decrease.

In trees over 5 years old, growths are strong
снижаются и нужно обрезать черешню So:

• It is necessary to maintain the height of the tree about 3.5 m;

• The trunk and skeletal branches must be cut so that they are
20 cm higher than the horizontal branches;

• It is necessary to cut strong-growing shoots growing inside

• shorten by 1/3 all vertical shoots (tops);

• Trim the side branches.

Proper pruning protects against many pests and directs
further development of the crown of the tree.

Every year, it is necessary to expand the near-stem circle of cherries by 1-2 cm.
This whole area needs to be covered with mulch and periodically updated.
In the near-stem circle, all weed plants are removed and the soil is loosened.
in the spring and early summer, the trees are fed with fertilizers containing
nitrogen, it accelerates the growth of leaves and young shoots. Potash and
phosphate dressings are carried out in the fall. The following is required

When preparing trees for winter they are whitewashed, it will protect against diseases
and pests.

For этого готовят специальный состава для побелки, есть
2 main recipes:

1. • Dilute 2 liters of water – 2 tbsp. PVA glue and 300 g of lime;

2. • In 2 liters of water diluted – 100 g of milk, 1 tbsp. l dust and copper

For the winter you need to protect the trees with fir branches, skeletal branches
and the trunk can be tied with sacking.

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