Swedish authorities are calling a school chef notcook tastier than normal

Sun, Oct 09, 2016

In the city of Flaun, which is located in the central part of Sweden,
special attention of the municipality attracted Annika Erikson –
chef school cafeteria. She diversified the school menu
so much so that officials had great doubts about
correctness of her approach. On the one hand, enter into everyday
homemade bread and children’s ration
fifteen kinds of vegetables for lunch – the idea is pretty good, but
local authorities considered it unfair to students
other schools that do not have this capability.

In addition, the abundance of delicious food does not fit into the program.
about healthy eating in schools, which was adopted by state
authorities in 2011. The Local reported that local authorities
despite the protests, it was necessary to prohibit Ericsson from offering children
large selection of food. They strongly recommended the chef
return to the usual school meals for, which, in their opinion,
Meet all the criteria and requirements of a healthy program.
nutrition in schools.

Katerina Lindberg – responsible person for the healthy program
Power explained that the menu offered by the authorities was being developed
just to improve the quality of food several times
schoolchildren, therefore all school
dining rooms.

This decision of the municipality outraged many parents and children
because the Eriksson dishes were to the liking of all the children who
great pleasure to attend school canteen. According to The
Local, fourth grade students even wrote a petition asking
so that the school has left the menu introduced by their chef.

Annika herself was unhappy with this unfair decision.
Erickson. She noted that the menu offered by her did not require
additional expenses from the city budget, and was developed in
according to the taste preferences of children. According to
chefs, the school canteen should offer lunch to the taste of anyone
student, and the standard menu that fits the program
A healthy diet will not give the opportunity to do so.

Despite their beliefs, Annika Ericson will still have to
return to the previous menu and refuse children homemade bread,
replacing it with a purchase.


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