Strongly plump di Caprio dreams of a figureDavid Beckham

Thu, Sep 04, 2014

di Caprio is gradually losing the position of one of the most attractive
Hollywood actors. The 39-year-old artist has become very fat
the slim figure of his last sweetheart, seen especially

Recently, journalists were able to photograph Leo resting on
Ibiza A flabby, rounded belly catches the eye in the photo.

However, DiCaprio decided to restore the lost beauty and
on the eve of his 40-year-old went to the gym, where, under the sensitive
the leadership of his coach is trying to find the old forms. Also
the actor “sat” on a rigid diet and is going everywhere to go on
bike ride.

DiCaprio admitted that his main goal is
приобретение такой же фигуры, как у футболиста David Beckham,
with almost perfect appearance.

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