Striped diet: principle, menu, results

  • 1 The essence of the diet
    • 1.1 Power Features
    • 1.2 Contraindications
  • 2 Sample menu for the week
    • 2.1 Exit from the diet
  • 3 What could be the results?

Despite this very unusual name, it will be quite
not about zebras or cats, as many might have mistakenly supposed. AT
this material, we consider a diet, the essence of which is
weight loss on kefir.

Strips in the name appeared not by chance, because the diet
implies alternation of monodiets based on kefir and
normal healthy diet. ATпрочем, об особенностях питания мы
talk further. And also we will acquaint you with an exemplary menu for the week.
striped diet, the right way out of it and the final


Essence of the diet

Striped diet for losing weight on kefir, as already mentioned
above implies the alternation of normal nutrition
with kefir monodiet.

The duration of the striped diet can last from one week
up to three, depending on your degree of obesity and desire
lose weight

Fasting kefir days in the period of striped mono-diet
allowed to “supplement” unsweetened green tea and clean
still water. Also, as small snacks
allowed fruit and vegetables.

AT дни здорового «полосатого» питания разрешается любая привычная
you food, of course low in calories and cooked in
home conditions.

Power Features

The results of fast effective slimming using striped
techniques amaze and surprise. But are you ready to subject yourself
this kind of “torment” for the sake of the perfect figure?

Before testing your body with this kind of diet, it is important
familiarize yourself with the basic rules of nutrition. Итак, принципы
питания полосатой диеты

  • on the first day of the diet are allowed to use any
  • The menu of the next day should consist of only low-fat
  • the maximum norm of kefir per day is one and a half liters;
  • on fasting days, it is recommended to add kefir
  • diet is recommended to be combined with moderate physical
    loads, but on kefir days any physical activity should
  • The maximum daily caloric intake is 1500.

And now let’s consider directly what is possible and what is not
eat when the diet is striped. Итак, к списку разрешенных
Products include:

  • kefir;
  • cereals;
  • vegetables: zucchini, sweet Bulgarian pepper, cabbage, broccoli,
    carrots and eggplants;
  • all kinds of fruit, besides grapes and bananas;
  • Chicken and lean fish (perch, cod, trout,
    crucian carp)

Категорически воспрещено употреблять при
�”Striped” restriction in the diet for weight loss following

  • fried food;
  • smoked meat;
  • confectionery;
  • fast food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • White bread;
  • pastry;
  • alcohol products and drinks.


Alas, the striped diet for weight loss is not allowed to all. This
food restriction has the following

  • idiosyncrasy of products, especially
  • gastritis;
  • renal failure;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • underage and elderly people;
  • increased acidity of the stomach;
  • the presence of chronic diseases.

Also the basis for contraindication of striatal limitation in
nutrition can be any disease of internal organs, in
features of the violation of the digestive system.

Sample menu for the week

If you do not consider yourself to any of the above items
contraindications, then you can safely begin to draw up
approximate menu for the next week. For comfort,
предоставляем вам свой вариант «полосатого» меню для


  • пол-литра kefir;
  • liter of nonfatted fermented milk product;
  • 500 ml of fermented milk drink with low fat content.


  • boiled egg and green tea;
  • boiled chicken meat – 200 g;
  • vegetable salad with low fat sour cream.


  • 500 ml fermented milk product with low percentage
    fat content;
  • один литр обезжиренного kefir;
  • half a liter sour milk drink with a low percentage
    fat content.


  • oatmeal and apple;
  • chicken stew – 150 g and black tea without sugar;
  • baked trout with greens – 200 g


  • 500 ml of skimmed milk product;
  • литр kefir;
  • half a liter sour milk drink.


  • 200 g of cottage cheese and boiled egg;
  • steamed omelet with sweet pepper and
  • Baked fish – 300 g and green tea.


  • 200 ml of sour milk drink;
  • литр обезжиренного kefir;
  • fermented milk product.

Strictly adhering to the above striped diet menu for
losing weight, the final result will surely please you.

ATыход из диеты

The correct way out of the striped diet for weight loss
should not include a lot of high-calorie
products that you had to give up earlier.
Gradually add to the diet familiar dishes, while not forgetting
about physical exertion.

Frequent walks in the fresh air, healthy eight-hour sleep and
proper nutrition – the key to successful effective losing weight

Try to keep healthy healthy foods back in
within a week after getting out of the “streaky” dietary restrictions and
then you will necessarily achieve the desired result and
save it for long. The results, by the way, will be discussed in
the following paragraph.

What could be the results?

The result of the striped diet for weight loss may be the loss
weight from 4 to 8 kg per week, with perfect observance of the rules,
naturally. Many were satisfied with the results, some
This monodiet was not to their liking. Before doing any
conclusions, try it for yourself.

Let’s look at the photos of women “before” and after “losing weight with
Striped diet:

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