Strawberry diet for girls

Strawberry is one of the most favorite fruits. Is not
only tasty and healthy sweet fruit that finds its
identifying with passion, however, it is very effective in
losing weight The strawberry diet harbors a lot of miracles, so we
Devote our today’s publication.

Strawberry diet for girls


  • Strawberry Benefits
  • Contraindications
  • Diet diet
  • results

In the article we will consider:

Certainly, our dear readers have not heard about this
wonderful strawberry based diet. Thanks to the taste
the qualities of this fruit and its enormous benefits, losing weight
really is effective. However, you need
follow certain rules so that the process of losing weight

Strawberry Benefits

Any fruit in the diet is taken for a reason. First, he
should promote weight loss. Secondly, the product must be
useful and maintain the body deprived of adequate nutrition.
All these necessary ingredients are endowed with strawberries.

The effectiveness of losing weight is that strawberries contain
in itself the components that improve the metabolism and intestinal work, and
also contribute to the cleansing of blood vessels. Along with this strawberry
has a laxative and diuretic effect that helps to clean
the body naturally. Strawberry is a low-calorie fruit that
also very important for losing weight.

Сочная клубничка

Strawberry contains antioxidants that keep youth
organism. It is also rich in vitamin C, which supports
the body and the immune system in good shape. Along with this strawberry
endowed with folic acid, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium,
copper and vitamins: B5, B6 and K.

Despite the fact that we perceive strawberries as a treat,
However, this is quite a nourishing berry, which is actually very
necessary for diet. When dieting, strawberries replace high-calorie ones.
products, and this makes it easy to carry this

But in general, isn’t it wonderful to enjoy the taste
favorite fruit, which is only a limited period of time
(not counting imported strawberries) !?


Like any other diet, strawberry has its own
contraindications. Of course, this diet is prohibited for those who
There is an allergic reaction to this product. If the composition
diets include foods that you are allergic to – just
replace them with similar ones.

Along with this, strawberry diet is contraindicated for pregnant women,
breastfeeding moms, as well as those who have problems with the digestive tract. If you
If you are ill or have a malaise, then the diet is better

Клубника и клубничный морс

Diet diet

The strawberry diet has several menu options, the most
we will consider popular ones in our article.

4 kilograms in 4 days

This is the most common and effective form of strawberry diet.
The diet is designed for 4 days, each of the days has its own specific
diet to be followed.

1st day

First meal: 300g strawberries, ½ apples, ½ bananas, 50g
natural yoghurt, 1 tsp honey (can be both prepared as
salad and eat separately);

Second meal: 100g of strawberries, 100ml of skimmed milk, 1 tsp.
honey – all this is mixed and taken in the form of a cocktail;

The third meal: a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with a small
the amount of olive oil, with the addition of 100g of strawberries;

The fourth meal: natural yogurt and strawberries – 100g each,
the form of a cocktail;

Fifth meal: steamed vegetables, 100g of strawberries and
a glass of orange juice.

2nd day

First meal: black bread sandwich with cheese and

The second meal: a strawberry cocktail of 100 g of strawberries, 100 ml
nonfat milk, from 1 h. honey, all this is mixed and
cools down;

The third meal: 300g grilled fish, potatoes
in uniforms, 100 g of strawberries;

The fourth meal: a cocktail of natural yogurt 100g and
strawberries 100g – mix in a blender;

Fifth meal: vegetable salad, strawberry 100g and a glass
grapefruit fresh.

3rd day

The first meal: 100g of strawberries, 100g of oatmeal, 50ml
Milk and 1 tsp. honey

Second meal: 150g strawberry juice;

The third meal: 250g chicken baked in the oven,
100g of strawberries;

Fourth meal: natural yogurt and strawberries – 100g
каждого, принимать в the form of a cocktail;

Fifth meal: 200g of strawberry puree, 150ml orange
fresh and 1 hl honey

4th day

First meal: 2 small sizes of toast and cheese, a glass

Second meal: 250g strawberries, 200g melons, ½ banana;

The third meal: 2 strawberries without pancakes

The fourth meal: a cocktail of natural yogurt 100g and
strawberries 100g – mix in a blender (read about other cocktails

Fifth meal: grilled fish fillet, 70 grams
potatoes, ½ cup strawberry juice.

Клубника в тарелочке

Diet on one strawberry

There is also an effective, but very strict diet that allows
there is only one strawberry. Used for three days
strawberries in unlimited quantities. With this use
strawberries should not be reduced to fanaticism. Normal state in
This period is a lack of hunger.

If you почувствовали сильное чувство голода, тогда можно выпить
a glass of low-fat yogurt, or eat a glass of nuts. If
the feeling of hunger does not pass, and you will feel weakness – refuse
from further use of the diet.

In addition, on this principle, you can use a diet on
strawberries and kefir, as well as strawberries and milk. Most popular
is a diet based on cottage cheese and strawberries. The essence of diets
is that during the day you need to eat
This combination of products in an amount that will allow
satisfy hunger.

In addition to the strawberry diet, there are also one-day, so
called fasting days.

Features of the diet

Mention also some of the nuances of the diet.

The diet requires only fresh strawberries, which are grown
at our place: either at dachas or in special greenhouses. Purchased
foreign strawberry – not suitable, because it does not carry
no beneficial properties due to the presence of various stimulants
growth and chemical components.

Very important and the use of water. During the diet period
allowed to use at least 2 liters of water per day. Into strong
heat and diet on the basis of one strawberry water restrictions –
not. It is recommended to use non-carbonated as a drink.
water, you can even mineral.

Клубника с дачи


And finally, a few words should be said about the results.
this diet. According to the girls who used it for 4 days
Dietary period, you can lose up to 4 pounds overweight.
That is, for 1 day of the diet you will lose approximately 1
pounds. results, конечно же, не фееричные, но зато вполне
effectively achievable.

However, it is not necessary to take these results for granted.
The fact is that the result depends on many factors. First
the queue of your initial weight, and not just because we are at the top
mentioned precisely “extra weight”. The fact is that every person
there is a normal weight, it depends on a number of factors: physique,
different predispositions, etc. In any case, dump
weight below the usual indicator and norm – difficult. This is exactly what is needed
take account of.

To achieve maximum results will be very difficult if
start a diet with a congested stomach. Therefore, we recommend you
before starting a diet, somewhere in 2 days, go to a light diet
nutrition, so that the diet contributes to weight loss, and not

To save the results – you need to smoothly exit from
dietary period, and not to mark the end of its festive
table, followed by overeating. How to keep your dog
after losing weight – our article will tell.

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