Storage of garlic: recommendations, terms of cleaning.How to store garlic at home (in the apartment, cellar,the fridge)

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Perhaps everyone knows about the beneficial properties of garlic. But
how to keep it – not everyone knows. If wrong
pick up time for harvesting and storage, you can lose a lot of harvest.
In this article we will try to figure out how to properly store
garlic at home.

Garlic storage: timing and time of harvest

Scientists have long since established the excellent properties of this
vegetable. Besides his culinary qualities, he also contributes
strengthen immunity, improve the body’s defense against acute respiratory infections and other
catarrhal diseases. But чтобы чеснок не утратил своих уникальных
properties and remained fresh and tasty, it needs to be properly

Correctly and timely harvested vegetables – already half
of success. Garlic is subdivided into 2 types: spring and winter. On each
of them should stay in more detail.

1. Spring garlic should be removed, as a rule, before starting
Autumn, in the last decade of August. To determine more accurate
harvest time for spring garlic – take a look at the tops. If she fell and
turned yellow – it’s time to harvest. This type of garlic is better
only adapted for long-term storage, so if its
put in a dry, cool room, then he can lie down
until the next harvest.

2. As for winter garlic, then with all
рекомендации его хранения, долежать он сможет лишь до Butвого Года.
To remove this type of garlic should be in the middle of July, when the bottom tops
will begin to dry and turn yellow, and the upper scales will become more thin and
durable. It should also be remembered that the winter variety is quite capricious and
is completely unsuitable for long term storage. If a
you have gathered too much harvest, then it is better to cook from it
paste or store in oil, otherwise you can just
to lose.

After the garlic has been harvested, it will take several days.
to dry. If a на улице сухо и тепло, сушить можно прямо на
garden, if not – in any well-ventilated area, to
For example, in the basement or attic. As an option, during the day you can make
it on the street, and at night to bring in a fairly insulated room.
When the garlic is completely dry, it will need to be cut from
stalks and clean from the ground.

Long-term storage readiness will be direct
depend on the timing of cleaning, taking into account
the growing season of garlic.

It is necessary to clean this culture in time and quickly. If a вы
be late with this process, it can lead to deterioration
product quality, namely:

  • covering scales begin to crack;

  • the bulbs will fall apart;

  • on the bottom, new roots will begin to appear, and the bulbs will become

If a это случится, такие луковицы долго храниться не будут и быстро
spoil it.

Garlic Storage: Drying

For those who are personally involved in the cultivation of vegetables,
it is important to know not only about the proper storage of garlic, but also about
the process of drying it. First you need to start with the fact that
dig up the bulbs, do it carefully, trying to do without
cuts. After that, they need to clean off all the land and leave
dry with the top sheets.

If a на улице тепло и солнечно, сушить можно прямо на мешковине
under direct sunlight, but still for the culture itself will be
better if you leave it under a canopy or in a ventilated
indoors. In addition, you will not need to hide it all the time on
a night so he won’t get wet.

The whole drying process should be 4-5 days. Thereafter
it should cut the terry root and stem, while leaving
палочку, длиной 10 см. If a просушка прошла хорошо, донце головки
can be broken by hand.

Also often used for storage:

  • old nylon stockings;

  • baskets with rare weaving;

  • linen bags;

  • box;

  • compacted carton boxes.

Garlic can be stored in each of these containers, the only thing you
you will need to remember to do – periodically sort through the contents
and make sure that the bottom of the tank does not get wet.

How to store garlic at home

Garlic can be stored in different rooms, as long as they
were dry, cool and well ventilated.


For people living in city apartments, the best place
to store this culture is a refrigerator, namely,
special vegetable department. Most housewives think it’s better
just put the garlic heads in a bag of polyethylene, but it is not
quite right. The fact is that in polyethylene the culture will start faster
bloom, that is to spoil. To preserve garlic as much as possible
longer, it should be placed in a paper bag and left in
the fridge.

There is another recommendation to keep garlic in
apartment until spring. To do this, take a box of plywood and
sprinkle some dry sawdust on the bottom. Thereafter
a layer of garlic is laid and powdered on top with sawdust. So
uncomplicated way you need to lay all the garlic. As an option, instead
sawdust you can also use salt, but you need to understand that its
consumption will be large enough.

To preserve the garlic better, you can also set it on fire
(candle, lighter) the remaining dry roots of the culture, after which
put it in the fridge or pantry room in drawers of

As an option, можно укладывать головки в стеклянные банки и
close the lids. However, this method has significant
disadvantage: the bulbs can mold and start to rot.
For greater reliability, some people sleep with flour, but the risk is still
preserved. A more reliable option in this case would be
pour the garlic heads with salt and leave them open.

To extend the shelf life, you can use paraffin from
melted candles, dipping into it all the heads. This will allow
create a kind of conservation effect that will help preserve the culture
much longer: it will not dry out and will not appear on it


Every family is always kept for everyday use.
небольшое количество чеснока в the fridge. Keeping this culture
the fridge also has some special features.

To prevent a culture from beginning to germinate ahead of time
preferably stored in a plastic container, the best option would be
jar (0.5 or 1 l), in which you need to make pasteurization,
Place the garlic in it and cover with polyethylene.

You can also store garlic in a cloth bag, but for
this will need to be done in it pretreatment solution
salt. This will create a film that overlaps
moisture access.


For storage in the cellar the most proven and effective method
is storing the culture in salt in wooden boxes with
holes on the sides. They should be stored on the same principle as in
стеклянных банках: 2 слоя (сверху и снизу) по 2—3 см. If a в
the cellar is rather dry and it is well ventilated;
weave garlic braids and hang them on the walls. Instead of braid you can
use also stockings or nylon pantyhose.

Помните!Хранение чеснока — ключевой момент,
and not to be left without this most valuable culture in the winter during the ORZ,
follow all the above recommendations.

Be healthy!

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