Stomach ache during pregnancy: how to help yourselfand do no harm to the baby. The basics of treating stomach pain withof pregnancy

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Every second pregnant woman faces pain in
the stomach.

There can be so many unpleasant feelings at any time.
of pregnancy.

Gynecologists explain this condition by the fact that the uterus grows and
gradually squeezes the internal organs.

But we must not forget that provoke painful
sensations can chronic diseases.

Болит желудок при of pregnancy: причины и симптомы

Various reasons can provoke painful sensations.
The most common factor of pain in the stomach is
future moms, is an ever-growing womb that puts pressure on
internal organs, including the gastrointestinal tract.
In addition, there are other causes of pain:

1. Experiences, depression and stress.

2. Overeating, unfortunately, almost all are prone to this.
pregnant women.

3. Between meals passes a long period of time.

4. Heartburn.

5. There are problems with the stool, often constipation.

6. Toxicosis, even slight stress in the abdominal

In addition to all that has been listed above, the body can
exacerbate many chronic diseases, such as gastritis, ulcers
stomach problems with the liver or pancreas.

Нельзя забывать о том, что во время of pregnancy может
allergic to many foods, even those that used to
perceived normally.

If the cause of pain in the stomach has become bacterial or
viral infection, then the woman will feel nauseous, cramping,
diarrhea will occur. Similar symptoms may persist for
three days.

Poisoning with substandard products can manifest pain in
stomach as well as diarrhea.

В редких случаях, боль в желудке во время of pregnancy, может
accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. Similar symptoms may be
associated with exacerbation of appendicitis, it is therefore important to seek for
consultation to the specialist.

The source of stomach pain in pregnant women can be a violation in
the work of many internal organs, such as the gallbladder,
the liver. Pain subsides only after gastric disease or
the infection will pass.


Most often, the pain brings discomfort and discomfort, but fortunately
It does not cause much torment: it arises suddenly and also
suddenly passes. Pain of this nature is standard and
not dangerous, neither for women nor for children.

Many stomach pains are confused with pain in the intestines. Gastric
pain is usually felt just above the navel, but for the intestines
characterized by discomfort below the navel.

If pain occurs abruptly, is strong and cutting, then
ли она как то связана с проявлением of pregnancy. Worth
alert if along with discomfort you observe
following symptoms:

• blood in the feces;

• severe vomiting;

• the general condition becomes much worse, constant fatigue,
depression condition;

• feeling of strong spasms.

Болит желудок при of pregnancy: лекарства

A feeling of discomfort for a long time,
makes mom think about what kind of medicine she should drink to
get rid of him. Some medications may
relieve such symptoms, but you can only take them
after the permission of the attending physician:

• the simplest, most affordable, and most importantly, effective remedy is
mint or chamomile tea. Drink it in the amount of 150 grams
day, no more than two times. First you need to eat well.
It is possible to use broth as required, or a course, in
for one week. With increased uterus tone, not recommended
drink neither mint nor chamomile;

• The most popular drug today is No-shpa.
It removes the feeling of heaviness, distension, and also has
antispasmodic action. Contraindications at No-shpy compared with
other drugs are very few, so it is her gynecologists
prescribed and recommended to their patients;

• safe for pregnant women are drugs with
bifidobacteria. But only a doctor can choose them, based on
individual characteristics of a pregnant woman.

When treating stomach pains, the expectant mother needs bed rest.
mode, rest, proper nutrition. Subject to all recommendations
doctor, you can quickly get rid of unpleasant

Болит желудок при of pregnancy: народные средства

Всем наверняка известно, что во время of pregnancy не
It is recommended to drink medicines, even if they are not contraindicated.
That is why the question arises, what to do if during
carrying a baby, suddenly got a stomachache if you drink regular
drugs can not? In this case, you need to refer to the means
traditional medicine, namely, herbal medicine:

1. A decoction of such herbs as: flax, chamomile, mint,
Yarrow, can soothe the pain. Just take a few
leaflets of the plant and pour boiling water after the means
infuse, strain it and drink.

2. With increased acidity it is recommended to drink tincture
licorice. Take one hundred grams of the plant root and fill it with one
a glass of boiling water. After the tincture has cooled, add to it
as much cold boiled water. Drink three times a day
medicine, three spoons.

3. Pregnant women with low acidity, it is recommended
drink infusion of Chaga mushroom. Take a dry mushroom and dip it in
water, let it brew for five hours. After this softened mushroom need
immerse in warm water in a ratio of 1: 5. Leave again
medication insist for two days, then strain and drink
100 grams, three times a day.

4. Melissa and Valerian. Thanks to the decoction of these medicinal
herbs, you can not only relieve pain, but also improve overall

5. To restore the body, it is recommended
use dairy products, but they are useful only to those who
low acidity.

6. If you have diarrhea along with stomach pain, it will help
Kissel or rice porridge.

Боль в желудке при of pregnancy: как определить

Before using folk remedies to treat pain in
желудке, нужно узнать, какая именно acidity желудка у вас. With
of pregnancy знать это крайне важно, для того чтобы правильно
take medicines and do not harm the baby.

You can define it as follows:

1. If there is a feeling of heaviness along with the pain, then
acidity низкая.

2. The feeling of constant burning – increased secrecy.

3. In the area of ​​the stomach there are aching, deaf sensations – your
secret function is normal.

4. The pain is sharp, intense – maybe you

Если самостоятельно определить acidity не получается, нужно
Be sure to undergo a diagnosis. As a rule, experts prescribe
endoscopic procedure by which the gastric
the juice. В период of pregnancy эта процедура является допустимой и
completely safe.

Боль в желудке при of pregnancy: рекомендации

In order for stomach pains not to bother the expectant mother often,
need to follow the diet. Since the portability of products
each person is an individual, it will be right to start
a special diary in which to mark which products were
eaten and how the body reacted to them. If you completely exclude
from your menu all inappropriate foods, then indigestion
won’t bother so often. You can also a little
adjust your former lifestyle:

1. The main rule for all pregnant women is to eat
often, but by little. Fruits need to be peeled, as
even it can irritate the lining of the stomach. In order not to
there were hunger cramps, in no case should not miss
one meal.

2. Once eaten, you can not go to bed, because
heartburn may occur. Within an hour you need to walk,
or sit, so the stomach will be much easier to digest food.

3. Before bedtime it is useful to walk in the fresh air.

4. Peristalsis is favorably affected by moderate physical

5. Try to exclude products that have a property.
stagnate in the stomach and also cause fermentation. For example, not
It is recommended to drink carbonated drinks. Provoke irritation
stomach, can too salty and spicy food.

Расстройство желудка при of pregnancy, конечно, не может
lead to disastrous results, but it is still necessary in these
wonderful months to look after your health!

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