Step-by-step workshop on sewing a bunny costumefor a boy with his own hands. Recommendations: how to make a costumea hare

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From Soviet times on every matinee boys were dressed up in
Bunny costume. This fabulous character is involved in modern
productions. The process of making the costume “Hare” for a boy
with your own hands simple. For his tailoring you will need a suitable
fabric, pattern and a few simple instructions.

What to sew a bunny costume

For tailoring, it is better to choose a soft fabric: fleece, velvet,
plush or velor. Fabric colors can range from white to blue.
In addition, you will need a piece of satin fabric and fur to
decorate bunny ears and make a tail.

You can speed up the process a bit and take white as a basis.
thermal underwear or terry pajamas. This will not only save time, but
and money, because decorating the finished costume is much easier. Everything
Necessary can be found in any store.

The process of tailoring the costume “Bunny” for a boy

First, draw a sketch of your suit from the cap to the tail.
For younger boys it is better to make a jumpsuit and a hat, and
But older children can sew bunny ears on the rim.

Как сделать ушки a hare на ободке

Materials for work:

• fabric for the ears: plush, velor or fur;

• satin or satin pink;

• hair band;

• thin wire;

• thread, glue and scissors.

Working process

1. Harvesting the pattern of the ears. To do this, draw on the cardboard eyelet
about 30 cm long and up to 10 cm wide. We narrow the pattern to
5-7 cm, and in the upper part we make rounding. Cut out parts from
paper and transfer to fabric.

2. From the soft dense fabric cut four parts for the base
ears. Cut out two smaller details from satin fabric. They will
to decorate the inside of the ears for our bunny.

3. We sew or glue the inside of the pink satin
to the base of the lugs, iron the seams.

4. We connect details of ears from the main fabric by the front sides
inside and sew on a typewriter.

5. Turn and iron the workpiece.

6. Отмеряем проволоку нужного размера и вставляем по краю ears.
Due to this, they can be bent to the desired position.

7. Stepping back from the edge of 1 cm, lay the line, securing
проволоку внутри ears.

8. The lower cut of the ears tucks on the wrong side to 1

9. Through the holes obtained is passed through the bezel, and ears
fixed with hand-made hidden stitches.

Tip! The bezel can be decorated with the same fabric from which it was sewn
ears. A strip of fabric wrapped around the rim, fixing glue.

Cap for a bunny with ears


• fabric for hats and ears;

• satin or satin fabric for the inside of the ears;

• wire;

• elastic gum.

Working process

1. To sew a hat, you first need to make a pattern
the right size.

2. We take a measure of the girth of the child’s head.

3. The cap will consist of four wedges. Wedge bottom
calculated by the formula: measure of exhaust gas + 1cm: 4 = AB.

4. Draw cuts AB, find its middle. Up from the middle
lay the perpendicular equal to the length of AB.

5. We connect the top and bottom of the wedge with a smooth curve.

For this pattern, we prepare four parts, not forgetting about
припуски на швы около 1,5 cm. Далее, по вышеописанной технике
we make ears for a hare without rim. We collect a hat:

• fold the wedges with the front sides inward, cleave

• we put ears into opposite seams, we sweep away details;

• stitch wedges on the machine, turn out and remove

We sew a strip from the main fabric to the bottom of the product.
Длина полоски равна ОГ ребенка, а ширина — 3-5 cm. Полоску
fold in half and sew to the bottom cut of the cap. Ready product
turn on the front side, sew on the sides elastic
gum to cap remained in place during

Tailoring of overalls for a suit “Hare” on the boy the
by hands

For small artists the costume in the form of overalls is much
more convenient and practical. Sew it quite simple, just need to remove
necessary measurements

1. The length of the finished product from shoulder to floor.

2. Waist circumference of the child.

3. Length of arms and legs.

4. The width of the backrest.

Tip! To suit sat freely and not holding down the movement, you need
сделать прибавку на свободу облегания около 10 cm.

Working process

1. From the main fabric cut out two parts in front, detail
backs, sleeves.

2. Everything заготовки разгладить и обработать швы на оверлоке или
zigzag stitch.

3. We fold the parts in front and back with the front sides inside,

4. Stitching shoulder, step and side seams.

5. We turn the overalls on the face, sew the zipper in the front
the seam.

6. Sew the sleeves, iron out the seams.

7. We turn the overalls inside out, and the details of the sleeves on the front
the side.

8. Insert the sleeves in the armhole face to the front side.
overalls. We fasten the product with pins and stitch

9. Tuck the bottom of the sleeves and stitch on the machine.

10. Bottom of the legs turn and stitch, insert

11. Turn over the neck with an oblique bake.

Turn the finished costume onto the front side and decorate.

Как сшить хвостик зайчика своими by hands

Materials for work:

• fabric to match the suit or fur;

• wool or padding polyester;

• thread, scissors.

On thick cardboard draw a circle of the desired length, transfer
Pattern on the fabric. Cut one part from the main fabric.

On the edge of the workpiece lay the point, we shrink the item.
We fill a tail with cotton wool or a synthetic winterizer. Secret stitches sew
tail to the hare costume.

Карнавальный костюм зайчика для мальчика своими by hands

How to make a bunny costume out of white pajamas

Beginners skilled workers can take the basis of the New Year’s costume
ready-made clothes:

• shorts, t-shirt and vest;

• white thermal underwear;

• plush pajamas.

Decorate ready-made clothes easier and faster. Bunny Ears
we prepare according to the above scheme in the form of a cap or on the rim.

How to make a tummy and legs for a bunny

Materials for work:

• a piece of pink felt;

• white fabric for the tail and legs;

• glue, scissors, thread to match.

Working process

1. Choose a plate according to the size of the baby tummy, we outline it on
thick paper. Pattern is ready!

2. From pink felt cut the blank of the future “tum”.

3. Glue or sew the billet on clothes with machine seam

4. We prepare and sew a white tail to the shorts.

5. For sewing gloves-paws need white fabric and pink
felt. On paper, we draw a pattern of mittens and transfer them to fabric.

6. Cut out four pieces of white fabric, of pink felt.
we make blanks for pads.

7. Scale gloves and stitch on a typewriter. Wrenched
the details.

8. Glue pink parts on the inside of the legs.

9. Верхний срез перчаток подворачиваем и вставляем gum.

Необычный и простой костюм зайчика для мальчика своими by hands

Think over all the details of the suit in advance so that during the work
distracted by trifles. You can supplement the image of the bunny with
makeup, plush carrot. The strict suit of a hare for the boy,
пошитый своими by hands на основе готовой одежды, можно украсить
black butterfly and Czech.

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