Stains from blueberries to bring very difficult. howget rid of blueberry stains using folk and chemicalfunds

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When a blueberry stain appears on clothes, most housewives
mistakenly believe that fixing it yourself is no longer
work out, and only dry cleaning will save him.

However, in fact this kind of pollution can be eliminated and
самостоятельно, при помощи подручных funds. Let’s
let’s figure out how to get rid of blueberry spots at home

Berry properties

Perhaps every person who has ever tried this
a delicious berry, knows that after it is always on the fingers and lips
there is a black mark left over from its juice. And if with skin
after some time such stains disappear, then how to be
with clothes?

Bilberry has bright coloring properties, it is from this
It is often used as a natural dye.
For example, silk dyes bright purple, flax – blue,
and white wool gets a light purple hue. Color
приобретается поfundsом антоцианов — пигментных веществ, который
present in the composition of this berry.

Naturally, clothes are not always painted, he often is
happens by chance. Blueberry juice most often dyed fabric
unintentionally, forcing the wearer to immediately think about
how to wash it now? TOонечно же, это не повод перестать
eat blueberries, because it is a very useful berry, containing
fiber, a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and many
essential for the human body microelements. Therefore different
exit, except to learn how to get rid of blueberry stains, we
simply no.

TOаждый из нас знает, что пятна от черники очень сложно вывести,
because they almost do not wash off, and when such
pollution, we often either give it to dry cleaning, or in general
throw away the thing. But if you really value this thing, you can
do without dry cleaning, and solve this problem with the help of assistants
funds, о чем и пойдет речь в данном материале.

Blueberry stains: how to remove from clothes with boiling water

It’s no secret that to eliminate any blemishes
the easiest thing while they are still fresh, and the longer we pull with
this, the less chance of getting a positive

When this kind of contamination appears on clothes, until it
успело засохнуть, избавиться от него можно поfundsом кипятка.

To do this, take a dirty cloth, pull it over
capacity and plenty of boiling water. TOогда пятно начнет исчезать или
tarnish, the thing should immediately be washed with powder.

Important! If such a nuisance happened on
colored fabric, then it is better to refuse this method, since
because of boiling water, clothing may begin to lose its color and start shedding.
Therefore, we must act very carefully, or else
abandon this method.

how избавиться от пятен черники с помощью уксуса и лимонного

TOислоту можно использоваться в качестве растворителя для juice
blueberries. To do this, you can take vinegar or lemon juice, moisten in
it sponge and wipe the stain that appeared. Can moisten the stain
vinegar and wait 20 minutes, then wash the fabric and
rinse. You can also take half a lemon and rub them
soiled place, so the juice is more likely to be absorbed and faster
will act.

To remove this kind of stain, you can use vinegar in

To do this, take:

  • washing powder – 1 bol. l .;

  • vinegar – 1 bol. l .;

  • cold water – 1 l.

All components need to be thoroughly mixed and soaked in solution.
blueberry juice thing. Then you need to leave her to get wet
на час, после чего оттереть пятно с порошком и rinse.

Blueberry stains: how to get out of clothes with the help of milk and

how оказалось, поfundsом кисломолочной продукции также можно
quickly get rid of this kind of stains. To do this, dunk
thing with a stain in kefir or milk and keep it there as long
until it finally dissolves. After this thing is good
rinsed under running water and washed.

Vinegar and powder

First you need to prepare a cleaning solution. For this, 1 tbsp.
a spoonful of laundry detergent is mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar,
add 1 l cold water. In the resulting fluid thing is necessary
soak for an hour after which it is good to rinse and

how избавиться от пятен черники при помощи нашатырного
alcohol and salt

If for some reason it was not possible to remove the fresh stain, or
you did not immediately notice him, get rid of the old traces of berries
можно поfundsом смеси раствора аммиака и соли. Mix need lightly
rub into the fabric and leave for 25-30 minutes.

Это fundsо можно применять абсолютно для каждого вида ткани,
as these components in no way affect the fibers and do not
wash off the drawing, eliminates only dirt from the berries. After
eliminate stains do not forget to wash the thing.


To remove the blueberry stain, you can use alcohol.
To do this, they need to process the trace of the berries and leave them on for 15-20
minutes after which Wash with laundry soap.


This method is done like this: take borax and water and mix them in
1 to 1 ratio. Then dunk a cotton swab into this solution and
wipe the dirt until it becomes dull. By
the completion of the process you need to wash the clothes in warm water.

Attention! This method is prohibited to work with
delicate fabrics!

Устраняем загрязнения поfundsом
stain remover

If a же вы не желаете пользоваться народными fundsами, тогда
it is necessary to purchase a stain remover, the benefit of our time is their choice
is huge. It makes no sense to cite the entire list, as they are very
a lot, and they all have differences in cost and effectiveness. If a
you need to clean the white cotton cloth, you can use
ordinary whiteness or any bleach containing chlorine. For
other types of fabric can be purchased from one of the popular and
effective stain removers, for example, Vanish, Amway, Sano and

When choosing it is important to pay attention to which types of fabric it
intended and what types of spots are directed. If a вы сразу
Decided to use a purchase stain remover, then it is applying
народных funds лучше воздержаться, так как вещества может
neutralize each other’s action. how правило, даже
little effort is enough to get rid of stains

It often happens that after cleaning the stains on the fabric
to stay its outline, which is incredibly difficult to eliminate. In
To avoid this, before starting the removal of clothing should be cleaned from
пыли и загрязнений, после чего хорошенько rinse.

Basic recommendations for eliminating blueberry stains

1) do not let the spots dry out;

2) for small contaminants use a cotton pad;

3) to avoid dark rims after removing the stain,
pre-clean the cloth from dust;

4) in order to avoid divorce, put the thing around the stain crushed

5) do not use household or other types of soap! Substances,
contained in it, can deepen the stain, and then eliminate
it will be even more difficult;

6) предварительно проверьте используемое вами fundsо на
unnecessary tissue and look for a reaction. If a все хорошо, можно
boldly use it for a polluted area;

7) most often remove the stain from blueberries immediately fail,
so get ready to repeat the procedure several times.

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