What does protein products mean? All the food we eat consists
from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. «Белковой пищей»  называют
products in which the protein content is high. Having eaten
порцию куриной grудки или творога, вы получите много
squirrel. А съев такой же по весу кусок хлеба или риса —  мало.

  • Foods with the highest protein content
  • Carbohydrate content in food
  • An example of a protein lunch for weight loss
Product The amount of protein per 100 g
сырмясо животныхмясо птицырыбаCheese, low-fat cottage cheese, animal and poultry meat, most
fish, soybeans, peas, beans, nuts
The most protein products – contain more than 15 g of protein per 100
яйцатворогколбасаpastaFat cottage cheese, pork, cooked sausages, sausages,
яйца, крупа манная, grечневая, овсяная, пшено, мука пшеничная,
To protein can be attributed, and these products, they contain from 10 to
15 gr белка на 100 gr.Кстати, белок яйца прекрасно усваивается, и
perfect in composition.
хлебрисгорошекRye and wheat bread, pearl barley, rice, green
peas, milk, kefir, sour cream, potatoes
В хлебе, рисе, картошке белка гораздо меньше — от 5 до 9,9 gr
на 100 gr.
бананыягодыgrибыВсе остальные овощи, фрукты, ягоды и grибы Vegetables, fruits and berries will not be able to meet the need for protein,
если питаться только ими — они содержат от 0,4 до 1,9 gr на 100

Самый простой способ начать худеть — есть меньше углеводов,
and more protein foods. Even if you do not analyze the composition
пищи, а просто считаете калории,  белки вам необходимы.
Without sufficient protein intake, splitting is not possible.
fat Поэтому вегетарианцы, которым не хватает белка, часто
не могут справиться с лишним весом, хотя и не едят жирное

Белковая пища – это мясо, птица, рыба и
milk Plant foods also contain proteins,
they are especially rich in legumes and nuts.

By the way, sausage and sausages. although considered meat, much in
less relevant to protein products. In fruits and vegetables
the protein content is quite scanty. В grибах белков мало, и те
digested badly. Поэтому, верить рассказам, о том, что grибы
can replace meat is not worth it.

Do not forget to eat these foods in sufficient quantities. Average
The protein norm in the adult’s daily diet is
100-120 g

Overabundance of protein foods, especially of animal origin is not
is useful. For example, the old Soviet habit of taking on a train
a whole chicken and eating it for the night is just bad. The organism is not in
able to digest the amount of protein that is contained in
whole chicken. Only that which is necessary is assimilated, but the undigested
remains to rot in the intestines.

Правильное питание  – сочетание и животных и растительных
proteins. If you do not tolerate meat well and cannot sufficiently
there are legumes and nuts, protein can be introduced into the diet with
using sports protein cocktails or trendy now in the West
vegetable protein powders. They are obtained from the same legumes and
other plants, only in a concentrated form. Such powder
can be diluted with water and drink as a cocktail, you can sprinkle them
salads, and you can, as in Western restaurants, healthy food
add it in smoothies. You get not only rich in living enzymes
густой напиток, но и дозу растительного squirrel.

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