Spontaneous abortion: how to avoid miscarriage?Causes, features of the course and prevention of spontaneousabortion

Пт, 23 мар 2018 Автор: Маргарита Жанесова

Spontaneous abortion is called interruption.
pregnancy without any human intervention. It can
occur once or repeat many times. In the second case
we are talking about the usual miscarriage.

Spontaneous abortion often occurs in the first months.
pregnancy and may occur for various reasons. Among
predisposing factors – various diseases, action
poisonous substances on the embryo and the female body, dysfunction
internal organs.


Причины самопроизвольного abortion

К непосредственным причинам самопроизвольного abortion

1. Инфантилизм. This term is understood
anatomical underdevelopment and physiological inferiority
ovary and uterus. When infantilism first and subsequent
pregnancies are interrupted.

2. Искусственный аборт в прошлом. This is special
concerns the termination of the first pregnancy in young girls, that
caused by disturbances in the still imperfect endocrine and nervous
systems. In addition, when instrumental removal of the fetus from
the cavity of the little uterus may damage her neck and body, which
often leads to their functional and anatomical

3. Хромосомные и генные аномалии. At 20%
зародышей, исследованных после самопроизвольного abortion, обнаружены
chromosomal abnormalities incompatible with the development of the fetus. They and
caused the death.

4. Аномалии яйцеклеток и сперматозоидов.
Pathologies can be inherited or acquired under
the influence of harmful factors. In this list, toxic substances,
alcohol, microbial toxins, etc.

5. Острые инфекционные заболевания. To this
categories include rubella, influenza, viral hepatitis, rheumatism.
Carry the threat of high fever to the disease – pneumonia,
angina, inflammation of the kidneys, etc.

6. Хронические инфекционные заболевания.
Tuberculosis, brucellosis,
toxoplasmosis and others

7. Заболевания и пороки развития женских половых
Increase the risk of miscarriage, uterine bends, adhesions and
scars that are formed after induced abortions and other
surgical interventions. Tumors and malformations are also dangerous.

8. Интоксикация организма ядовитыми веществами.
This list includes lead, mercury, aniline derivatives, ethyl
alcohol, nicotine, gasoline.

9. Нарушения функций желез внутренней секреции.
These are the ovaries, pituitary, pancreas and thyroid glands.
The hormones they produce ensure the course of pregnancy and
fetal development.

10. Ионизирующие излучения. Human embryo
very sensitive to the effects of radiation. His death can happen
from doses that do not cause any changes in the body of adults
people. For this reason, pregnant women are not allowed to work with
sources of ionizing radiation, they only as a last resort
appoint x-ray and fluorographic examinations.

One of the main causes of miscarriage is considered
incompatibility of fetal and maternal blood by Rh factor and group.

Physical injuries can also provoke miscarriages: bruises,
falling, jumping, shaking body, lifting and carrying weights,
bone fractures. Pregnant women should also avoid stress and
strong experiences. Mental injury can cause
самопроизвольного abortion, особенно если они возникли внезапно.

Miscarriage can occur due to malnutrition when the fetus
not getting enough protein and especially vitamins E,
A, C and B.

Признаки самопроизвольного abortion

To avoid miscarriage, every woman should know causing
its causes and identify signs. During the spontaneous
abortion выделяют следующие стадии:

1. Угрожающий аборт. Woman complains
heaviness and slight pain in the lower abdomen. Communication of the ovum with the uterus
it is not broken or slightly broken. Bloody
vaginal discharge scarce or absent.

2. Начавшийся аборт. In this case, the pain is
colicky character, the ovum peeled off on a significant
plot, bleeding from the vagina is pronounced.

3. Аборт в ходу. At this stage the fertilized egg
отделяется полностью и выталкивается из полости uterus.
Hard cramps are common and frequent. Bleeding can be

4. Неполный аборт. In this case, part of the fetal
the eggs remain in the uterus, it is not completely reduced, which
is the cause of prolonged and dangerous bleeding.
The biological material remaining in the uterus is good.
nutrient medium for microbes. Infectious may develop
inflammation that in case of delayed treatment for
using fraught with death.

5. Полный аборт. The uterus contracts, the fetal
the egg comes out completely. The cervical canal closes, and
bleeding stops.

At the first sign of indisposition, a woman should immediately
consult an obstetrician-gynecologist. With a threatened and begun abortion
the correct regimen and treatment will help keep the pregnancy. On 3 and 4
Stages of losing a child is inevitable, and arising from this
bleeding poses a greater threat to health and life
women. She is urgently hospitalized.

Меры профилактики самопроизвольного abortion

To avoid miscarriage, should be in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
refrain from sex because the fetus is still weak
прикреплен к стенке uterus. In the subsequent period of pregnancy you need
limit sex life as much as possible and conduct it extremely carefully and
gently, avoiding physical stress and pronounced orgasm.
2 months before birth, sex life is terminated.

After самопроизвольного abortion организму нужно дать время на
recovery. It will take from 1.5 to 2 years. When offensive
pregnancy is important to avoid all causes of miscarriage.
You can not take hot baths and showers, ride on shaking transport
(including – in the back seat of a bus or trolley bus), drink
laxatives and put cleansing enemas. Need to
avoid constipation, normalizing the work of the intestine using kefir,
ryazhenka, yogurt, food with a high content of fiber.

Before you decide to have a child, both spouses must
undergo a full medical examination. It is important to eat right
observe the regime of the day and eliminate bad habits. After
single miscarriage chances of re-pregnancy
remain high.

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