Son of Vasily Livanova released from prison

W, 02 Sep 2014

The son of actor Vasily Livanov Boris, convicted of murder on 9
years of imprisonment, after five years of his release was released.
For excellent behavior, and also, thanks to the petitions in public
his beloved father, the man was given a substantial time limit. Yesterday Boris
arrived in Moscow, where at the station he was met by his father, his wife Elena and
daughter Eve, born of the previous wife Catherine. It is her that
Blame relatives of Boris for the fact that she had a negative
the influence that eventually led to such tragic consequences.

Recall that according to official figures in the New Year’s Eve 2009
drunk Boris Livanov cut down his friend Igor Khromov with an ax.
Vasily Livanov transparently hinted that indirect responsibility
lay on the then daughter-in-law, who, after the conviction of her husband,
forbade grandparents to communicate with her granddaughter. Livanov with his wife
ensured that Catherine was sent for treatment from
alcoholism, and the girl was taken under his care.

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