Slimming up to 28 kg according to Professor Osama’s dietHamdy

  • 1 Основные принципы питания по диете Усама Hamdy
    • 1.1 Egg diet – menu for four weeks
    • 1.2 Features of the curd diet menu
  • 2 Benefit and harm
  • 3 Effectiveness and weight loss results

Усам Hamdy — это американский диетолог, разработавший строгую,
but effective egg diet for weight loss that has passed
clinical studies since it was aimed at combating
obese in diabetics.

However, the egg diet came up and healthy people who want to throw
extra pounds without a strong feeling of hunger. four weeks out
up to 28 kg, so the egg diet is indicated for people who are overweight
for effective weight loss.

Преимущество яичной диеты Усама Hamdy в том, что питание
rich in vitamins and nutrients. However, it should
consult a doctor and during the whole course of losing weight
to observe a professional. People with diseases
пищеварительной системы тип питания по Усаму Hamdy противопоказан.
But the Maggi diet for four weeks with a more benign diet may be appropriate.
(read the menu).


Основные принципы питания по диете Усама Hamdy

Яичная диета Усама Hamdy направлена на сбалансирование
natural chemical reactions of the body. Competently composed
diet for weight loss does not imply additional
vitamins or supplements.

Основные принципы яичной диеты Усама Hamdy для

  • for effective weight loss it is important to drink plenty of water as much as possible
    without gases and herbal teas. Let the bottle of water always be with you.
    Strong tea and coffee is not recommended;
  • яичную диету Усама Hamdy нужно соблюдать строго, согласно
    prescribed course. Product and portion changes replace all
  • with hunger you can eat a cucumber, carrot or a couple
    lettuce leaves, but only 2 hours after the main meal;
  • vegetables should be cooked only on water, it is allowed to add
    a little salt, pepper, garlic, onion;
  • any oil should be excluded from the diet;
  • if the quantity of the product is not specified, the portion may be
    any size;
  • начинать яичную диету Усама Hamdy для эффективного
    losing weight is needed from the very beginning, from day one, as stated in
  • among fruits are allowed: oranges, apples, pineapples, peaches,
    pears, apricots, melons, watermelons, kiwi, grapefruits, plums, pomelo,
  • you can not eat: grapes, bananas, mangoes, dates and figs;
  • only one type of boiled vegetables can be consumed at a time.
    Among them: zucchini, eggplants, legumes or green beans,
    carrots, green peas;
  • cheese and cottage cheese, only fat-free, maximum-16-17%.

При системе питания Усама Hamdy для похудения мясо и рыбу
buy not fat, and before cooking, remove the skin. Also,
have to eat a lot of eggs.

Remember that between meals should pass at least 2
hours Last meal is allowed 2 hours before bedtime.

Egg diet – menu for four weeks

Яичная диета Усама Hamdy также носит название — Химическая
diet, due to changes in chemical processes in the body, but
no use of chemicals.

Weight loss comes from the fact that the amount consumed
carbohydrate decreases, and protein, on the contrary, increases. So
images, the body stops getting enough energy and calories
begin to spend more.

Меню на four недели яичной диеты Усама Hamdy для

Week 1

Завтрак каждого дня: 1-2 отварных яйца, 0,5
grapefruit or orange;


1 день – any permitted fruit;
2 — филе курицы на гриле, свежие томаты,
grapefruit or orange; 3 — нежирный
white cheese, rye toast, fresh tomatoes; four
– any permitted fruit; 5 — 2 отварных
eggs, steamed vegetables; 6 — любые допущенные
fruits; 7 — филе курицы на гриле, свежие
tomatoes or steamed vegetables, grapefruit or orange.


1 день — любое нежирное мясо на гриле
(except for lamb); 2 — 2 вареных яйца,
ржаной тост, grapefruit or orange; 3
Monday menu; four — меню понедельника
and environment + green salad leaves; 5
boiled or grilled fish, lettuce leaves,
orange or grapefruit; 6 — меню
Mondays and Wednesdays; 7 — овощи на
a couple.

2 week

Завтрак каждого дня: 1-2 отварных яйца, 0,5
grapefruit or orange;


1 день — 2 отварных яйца, листья
green lettuce; 2 и 3 — нежирное мясо
или рыба на гриле, листья green lettuce;
four — 2 отварных яйца, брынза и овощи на
a couple; 5 — рыба или морепродукты на гриле
or boiled; 6 — нежирное мясо на гриле,
листья зеленого салата, orange or grapefruit;
7 — отварное филе курицы, свежие томаты,
orange or grapefruit.


1, 2, 3 день — 2 отварных яйца,
orange or grapefruit; four, 5, 6
допущенные fruits; 7 — филе курицы на
гриле или отварное, свежие томаты, orange or grapefruit.

3 week

All day in any quantity:

1 день — допущенные fruits;
2 — овощи на пару, листья зеленого
salad dressing; 3 — допущенные фрукты или овощи
на a couple; four — рыба, листья зеленого
salad dressing; 5 — филе курицы; 6 and
— один вид фруктов из допущенных.

four неделя

На четвертой неделе курса для похудения Усама Hamdy Вы сами
should make a diet depending on what foods
allowed to use during the day.

1 день — 200 гр филе курицы, 200 гр
boiled fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit;
2 — 2 тоста из цельнозернового хлеба,
салат из томатов и огурцов, four любых фрукта;
3 — 2 тоста из цельнозернового хлеба, 100
g cottage cheese 0% fat, 2 oranges, 2 grapefruit, 200 g cooked
vegetables, 2 fresh tomatoes; four — отварное
chicken meat (0.5 whole chicken), a salad of 2 cucumbers and 2 tomatoes, 1
orange and 1 grapefruit; 5 — 2 вареных
eggs, fresh vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, green leaves
lettuce), 1 grapefruit; 6 — 1 тост из
whole grain bread, 1 cucumber, 100 g of cottage cheese 0% fat or
sheep cheese, 200 g boiled chicken fillet; 7
1 whole grain toast, 2 fresh tomatoes, 150 g boiled
fish, 200 g of vegetables, 1 orange and 1 grapefruit.

Peculiarities of the curd diet menu

Творожная диета Усама Hamdy для похудения подойдет людям с
egg white intolerance or just to those who prefer
curd eggs. At the same time, the diet is more strict and less

Week 1

Завтрак — 200 гр творога низкой жирности, любой
permitted fruit; Обед — допущенные диетой фрукты
either whole grain bread with cheese; Ужин — кусок
lean meat or grilled fish, salad with lemon juice.

2 week

Завтрак — повторяет завтрак 1й недели;
Обед — понедельник- суббота: мясо/рыба на гриле,
salad with lemon juice; Sunday: 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese,
любой permitted fruit; Ужин — повторяет завтрак
1st week.

3 week

1 день — разрешенные фрукты в любых
quantities; 2 — овощи в любых
quantities; 3 — разрешенные овощи и
фрукты в любых quantities; four — рыба,
салат из свежих овощей в любых quantities;
5 — отварное нежирное мясо, салат из
свежих овощей в любых quantities; 6 and 7
– permitted fruit in any quantities.

four неделя

Повторяет рацион fourй недели яичной диеты Усама Hamdy.

Benefit and harm

Белковая (яичная и творожная) диета Усама Hamdy для похудения
easily tolerated, the body does not suffer from a lack
vitamins and trace elements.

At the same time, the result of losing weight is really obvious and
persists for a long time.

Яичная диета Усама Hamdy позволяет побороть тягу к сладкому и
reduce hunger.

Contraindications to nutrition on the Osama system

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • kidney disease;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with allergic reactions to egg white and citrus.

Effectiveness and weight loss results

Depending on the initial weight of the person, protein (egg and
творожная) диета Усама Hamdy позволяет сбросить от 10 до 28

To save the result, exit gradually from
диеты Усама Hamdy:

  • eat only low-calorie foods at first;
  • drink plenty of pure water without gases or any other liquid
  • drink a glass of kefir at bedtime;
  • основную часть рациона should занимать овощи и fruits;
  • limit purchased sweets and flour products;
  • organize split meals;
  • once in 1-1,5 weeks arrange fasting days to save
    weight loss results – kefir, fruit, buckwheat;
  • start exercising at least

To evaluate the results of those who have lost weight by this method, we propose
сравнить фото до и после:

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