Slimming Garlic: Debriefing

chesnok-dlya-pohudeniyaGarlic has long been known for its
numerous health benefits, including
helps prevent blood clots, reduces high
blood pressure strengthens the immune system by encouraging your body
to fight not only with a cold, but even cancer

These days there is an active study of the potential of garlic as
effective helper for weight loss.

Scientists suggest that, due to the content of allicin, which
suppresses appetite, eating garlic can help
prevent weight gain.

However, studies of the properties of garlic for weight loss have not yet
very convincing and evidence of its successful struggle with fat
preliminary and require additional experimental

Garlic Main Ingredients

Allicin and diallyl sulphide substances are sulfur compounds,
giving garlic a specific taste and aroma – are the main ones
components found in garlic that have potential
benefits for losing weight and promote good health
possessing antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal

Allicin is easily destroyed during the heat treatment of the dish,
but at the same time such useful things are preserved in garlic
antioxidant vitamins like A, C and E, as well as mineral


Garlic and weight loss

Researchers from the Institute. Weizmann in Israel held
experiment on rats to make sure that garlic is really
helps to reduce arterial hypertension, preventing
heart attacks and diabetes.

After the rats were fed for three weeks with food
high in sugar, one of the groups of rats began to add to
the dietary substance is allicin. As a result, this group had
marked lower blood pressure as well as an increase in
blood sugar metabolism.

The researchers also found that the rats that received the compound
allicin, did not gain weight, unlike other groups of rats.

How does garlic for slimming work?

Garlic – one of the ingredients of the famous autumn diet –
most effective for suppressing appetite, sending signals about
saturation in the brain. These signals help a person slow down
the rate of absorption of food and stop eating on time, not allowing

Also garlic helps increase metabolism, which allows
The body burns calories faster and leads to weight loss.

Other health benefits of garlic

In the same study at the Institute. Weizmann was discovered
that garlic destroys the accumulation of atheromatous “plaques” in
coronary arteries, thereby regulating blood pressure.

Garlic also effectively reduces the level of LDL “bad”
cholesterol and raises levels of HDL – “good” cholesterol in
blood helps to regulate sugar levels and eliminates
gastrointestinal parasitic flora.

How to use garlic for weight loss

Garlic is affordable and easy to use. Add
garlic in soups, salads, sauces and pickles is an easy way
reap its many benefits. Garlic is strong
flavor, so you can use a special garlic supplement
in powder form. Side effects

If you decide to use garlic for weight loss, you should
also be aware of its possible side effects. Most
specific is the specific “flavor” of breathing, but also
possible manifestation of gastrointestinal symptoms, such as pain in
stomachache, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, and flatulence.

Garlic can also cause allergic reactions. Most
serious proven side effect is an increased risk
development of bleeding or hemorrhage. This risk is higher if
garlic is used in combination with blood thinners,
such as warfarin or aspirin.

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