Slimming dates

finiki-dlya-pohudeniyaDates are among the most ancient
fruits, the first mention of which is dated in the literature,
starting from about 6000 years BC.

In structure, they resemble brown, elongated berries.
grapes with excellent sweet taste.

Dates grow in arid hot climate in the Middle
East on certain types of date palms for 6 – 7
months before its maturation.

The composition of dates is a wide range of different
nutrients are very important for normal life
human body, making them the perfect snack for
satisfy hunger and healthy weight loss.

Despite the fact that the calorie dates are much higher than
most other fruits, they can be a great substitute
familiar sweets (sweets, cakes, cakes, etc.) to
help you stick to your weight loss strategy.

So, how to use dates for weight loss?

Useful properties of dates

  • Do not increase blood sugar levels. One of the main reasons
    why people refuse to eat dates, is persistent
    the belief that it is capable of raising blood sugar levels but
    A recent study has proven its absurdity. At the end of 2011
    of the year, the effect of dates on people suffering from
    diabetes, which showed that a large number of natural
    sugars in their composition have a low glycemic index and
    do not significantly increase blood glucose levels.
  • Have a high fiber content. One date fruit contains
    1.6 gr. fiber or 6% of the recommended daily intake. Fiber
    known for its ability to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol,
    prevent the development of cancer and cardiovascular
    diseases and act as a prophylactic
    against diarrhea and constipation. In terms of slimming, fiber in
    the composition of the food quickly fills the stomach, causing a feeling of fullness
    food, which reduces overall calorie intake and
    promotes confident weight loss.
  • Reduce triglyceride levels. Although the fibers in the composition of dates
    have a good effect on cholesterol, but Israeli scientists are
    Studies also noted surprising results in reducing
    triglyceride levels (another type of fat in the blood). Report,
    published in September 2009, states that consumption
    dates helps reduce the presence of triglycerides by 12–15%,
    which in turn makes it possible to keep the risk under control
    hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals. Add dates to daytime
    the diet provides the body with a reliable supply of beneficial
    nutrients needed to maintain optimal
    health The basis of their composition is vitamin B-6, which is capable
    affect the acceleration of metabolism and the formation of new blood cells, and
    also A and K. In addition, dates are especially rich in minerals: potassium
    (an electrolyte that regulates the balance of water in the body, and
    blood acidity; crucial for proper heart function), copper
    (a trace element that is one of the materials of the red blood
    cells, as well as affecting the health of blood vessels, bones and
    immune system) manganese (contributes to brain function and
    nerves plus helps in the production of sex hormones and affects
    blood coagulation and fertility), magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron
    and zinc.

Rules for the selection and storage of dates for weight loss

In most supermarkets you can buy dates, as in
fresh and in the form of dried fruit. For both options
choose fruits with intact, smooth, wrinkled skin.
Avoid shopping for dates that have a non-characteristic odor or
crystallized granules of sugar on the surface.

Dried fruits can be kept in the refrigerator for one year.
Fresh dates should be stored in the refrigerator compartment tightly.
closed containers; In this case, they will save their
positive properties up to eight months. When kept in the kitchen
closet they will stay fresh for only one
of the month.

If the dates are dry, you can “fill” them by soaking in
a little warm water, fruit juice, or a loved one
liquor. Do not store them near strongly flavored items.
for example, garlic, because dates are able to absorb well
foreign odors.

Preparation and use of dates for weight loss

Dates are large enough, so try stuffing them.
whole almond or chopped walnuts or
pecan nuts. Spice the fruit for extra flavor.
ginger root.

Add dates to recipes for homemade bread, cakes,
cupcakes, cookies, as well as fruit compotes, salads and
desserts. Rubbed and sliced ​​dates can act in
as a supplement to rice garnish or vegetables (for this purpose they
must be pre-cooled).

For those who are determined to fight the extra pounds, but
can not refuse the temptation to feast on something
sweetie best solution for Weight loss will dates. Besides,
scientists have already calculated – in order to achieve tangible progress
in this matter and provide your body with the daily norm of all
essential nutrients
only 10 dates.

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