Slimming beans: benefits, rules,contraindications

fasol-dlya-pohudeniya-fasolevaya-dietaFa – salt! How do
this word sounds musically. But this product is known to man
for over a thousand years.

There are about 200 species of this culture, but we
learned to use no more than 20. Thanks to their versatility,
beans used as a medicinal plant are still ancient
Greeks and Romans.

It contains almost all the main components that
necessary for the human body to complete

Today we will talk about beans, as an excellent product for
losing weight! Indeed, despite the fact that some types of diets exclude
from its menu, considering it is too rich in carbohydrates, but recent
studies have concluded that the beans are inherently the opposite
is their particular blocker, and, once in the body,
significantly reduces caloric intake.

This discovery influenced the opinion of many nutritionists,
who revised their attitude to this product and looked at
the beans are completely different. And the reasons why today
it is advised to use as a product for weight loss,
really argued.

Useful properties of beans under the microscope

So, the beans – it is quite nutritious and hearty product,
who during the period of losing weight will not make you experience an obsessive
hunger. This is due to the fact that complex carbohydrates in its
composition, swelling in the intestine, very slowly digested,
for a long time creating a feeling of saturation. Also composed of beans
contains lean protein, which is an important component
healthy weight correction.

Among other important qualities of this product it is worth highlighting
high content of such useful for the body substances as
organic acids and amino acids, vitamins of group A, B, C, E,
PP, micro and macronutrients (calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, chromium and
others). This allows using beans to successfully solve problems.
lowering blood cholesterol, stabilizing glucose and
control body weight accordingly. Insoluble Fiber in
The composition of the beans is an excellent stimulant for sufficient
intestinal motility, normalizes gastrointestinal
tract, and also protects against constipation. Saponins contained in this
product, perfectly suppress the reproduction of cancer cells and
successfully fighting bad cholesterol.

Recent studies done by single scientists
University of California, revealed that in white beans there is
a substance that is capable of blocking an enzyme called
�”Alpha-amelase”, splitting starch. This means that the resulting
together with food starch will pass through the intestines not
assimilating, that is, such a person will receive calories
significantly less which is an excellent condition for
losing weight

But Americans love beans for its antioxidant properties.
It is believed that, entering the body, it is double the amount
stimulates the production of digestive hormone “cholecystokinin”,
which is responsible for the work of metabolism, speeding up cellular
metabolism and contributing to the suppression of appetite.


Which beans for weight loss is better to choose?

Red beans

In addition to all of the above, a number of useful substances that
are in the beans, in the red are also available: thiamine, tryptophan,
lysine, arginine, tyrosine, histidine, vitamin C, a lot of iron and
various useful for the human body acids. Thanks to this
its content is recommended to be used by people suffering from different
forms of anemia. And also it is considered to be a full-fledged source.
youth, thanks to the huge amount of antioxidants in it.

By calorie content: 100 gr. dry red beans are not contained
more than 290 kcal, fiber – 25 gr. At first glance, this is not so
It’s not enough, however, in slimming therapy, it still took its
place of honor, moreover, fiber in its composition protects against
tumors, stabilizes blood glucose and removes toxins
from the body.

The constant use of such a product as part of its own
diet will allow you to confidently achieve weight loss, strengthen
your immune system, improve the functioning of the nervous system, improve
skin condition and more.

White beans

According to the content of such trace elements as copper and zinc,
white beans probably occupy the leading championship among many
other foods, and protein in its composition is easily digested.
Moreover, it also contains tyrosine, methionine, tryptophan, lysine
etc. Therefore, very often this type of beans is used in sugar
diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, gastritis, rheumatism, eczema, and
also as a natural diuretic.

Due to the high content of potassium in it, it is very often
prescribed to people suffering from atherosclerosis and disease
of cardio-vascular system. Also contained in white beans
calcium and magnesium, which are known to “take care” of the condition
teeth and bones. However, older people should abide by
caution, because it contains a component such as purine,
which the very negatively affects the state of the body when
gout and jade.


Green beans

According to experts, this type of bean is the most
an acceptable option among all the rest. In the green string
beans contain the minimum number of calories and maximum
number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Another huge
plus this product lies in its long-term capability

At the moment there are two types of green beans: yellow and
green Both types contain vitamins A, E,
B, C, protein, fiber, folic acid and a number of necessary
for human health trace elements.

It should be noted that the protein in the green beans is slightly less
rather than in its other forms, but on the contrary, fiber is quite
enough to remove all toxins from the body. To that
however, only it has the unique property of not absorbing into
the time of growth and maturation of toxic substances from the soil.
However, before use it is still necessary to expose and
green beans thermally processed.

Calorie: 100 gr. dry product no more than 25 kcal. But
not only is it a great way to lose weight,
green beans are also capable of adjusting hormones,
improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys, respiratory organs, improve health
skin and hair condition. To use it is very useful for menopause,
pregnant women and adolescents.

Contraindications to the use of beans:

  • Do not use beans for people with diseases of the digestive tract.
  • If you have problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • And also with individual intolerance to this product.

Important! We have previously talked about what beans are called
music product, and for this there is indeed a reason.
Its main drawback is the increased gas formation in

But выход есть – если фасоль замочить в холодной водичке на ночь,
and in the morning to drain it, then the problem of this side effect can be
significantly limit.

Also can not stand to eat canned beans, as in
it contains a large amount of salt, which, as you understand, is not
very favorable fact in the fight against excess weight.

Bean-based weight loss diets

To date, there are many different bean diets. AND
one of the most elementary we are ready to share right now!

ANDтак, на ужин в течение трех недель вам необходимо будет
drink a glass of broth beans and eat one fruit of your choice. ANDли
its other variant – a half of glass of such broth before each
meal, which should contain at least 200 grams.
high-grade protein (meat, fish, cottage cheese, vegetable salad), for dinner 1
– 2 fruits and all.

Weekly diet for beans:

Monday: breakfast – 200 gr. kefir sandwich from
whole grain bread with a piece of low-fat cheese; lunch
– one fruit or some berries; lunch and dinner – boiled beans with
vegetable salad.

Вторник: завтрак и lunch – то же самое, что и в
Monday; lunch – 100 gr. beans and cabbage salad; dinner – 100
gr. beans and the same amount of boiled fish.

Среда: завтрак и lunch – то же, что и в Monday;
lunch is the same as on Tuesday; dinner – beans with fresh salad

Thursday: the morning you start as well as on other days, at lunch
You can pamper yourself with fruit salad, replace for dinner
привычную фасоль 70 gr. brown rice and a piece of baked in
oven chicken meat.

Friday: breakfast is the same; lunch – like on Tuesday; dinner –
like on Monday, but now you can add to it a couple of boiled

Saturday: breakfast today in the form of a sandwich and a cup of unsweetened
tea; lunch – это стакан кефира; lunch – 100 gr.
low-fat cottage cheese and fresh vegetable salad; dinner – 150 gr.
boiled beans and some berries.

Sunday: breakfast – a glass of kefir; lunch – немного
berries; lunch – 100 gr. boiled beans and vegetable salad; на dinner –
bean soup.

Do not forget that during any diet you need daily
drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of clean water, which will help move
your body food restrictions.

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