Slimming apples: come round roundyear!

yabloki-dlya-pohudeniya-mnenie-redaktsiiMany girls
dream of beautiful and ideal body shapes is not in vain, because
slim figure not only looks amazing, but also is
pledge of good health.

And one of the most important conditions in achieving this goal
is the study and strict adherence to the basics of proper nutrition on
natural products to which, of course,
an apple we know from childhood!

It is one of the most useful products worldwide in content.
nutrients important for the human body. Besides,
A significant advantage of apples is the effective influence on
weight loss processes.

Moreover, the weight loss itself occurs so naturally and
gently for the body that the use of apple diets will become
real pleasure for any girl. But besides his
Apple’s dietary features are famous for a number of other
positive properties.

Useful properties of apples: losing weight

Regular consumption of apples can normalize blood
pressure, have a positive effect on lymphatic
system, reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular
diseases. It also removes harmful substances from the body and
toxins, strengthen and dilate blood vessels, improve vision and, finally,
just protect from cold.

Just one apple a day can significantly reduce the risk.
development in your body of such serious diseases as
bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and ischemic
heart disease. This is due to the fact that the pectin contained in it and
fiber allows you to well reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Besides, что пектины, что к�”етчатка практически не
digested in the gastrointestinal tract. However, soaking up
moisture, create additional volume, allowing the person a long
time not to feel the acute feeling of hunger, which certainly is
significant advantage at the stage of losing weight.

Also, apples are rich in trace elements such as
iron, iodine, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, fluorine, in them
organic acids, valuable carotene, folic acid
acid, vitamins A, B2, B1, B6, E, C, G, P, PP and others. Peel
contains flavonoids.

Adding to your daily diet this wonderful
after a short period of time will allow to see
result: skin condition will improve significantly,
tremendous cheerfulness and lightness, and clean breathing and a healthy smile
you will be simply provided.

Today there are a lot of different apple diets and
apple-based fasting day programs. But in order to
get a stable result, principles of healthy eating now
need to stick constantly!


What color apples are better to choose?

Based on a number of studies, Japanese scientists concluded
polyphenol contained in both green and red apples
has equally beneficial effects on the body

This substance helps to increase muscle strength, does not
debug fat accumulations in the field of internal organs, and
also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from
premature aging. This means that you can eat apples
absolutely any colors and shades, the main thing is that you

Green apples for weight loss: whether to wait for the result !?

They contain a lot of nutrients, among which
worth noting the presence of: insoluble fiber (for a long time
retains a feeling of satiety), pectin (soluble fiber),
vitamins plus many others to help relieve symptoms
allergies and asthma.

As for the insoluble fiber (very useful
component when losing weight), then in apples it is enough, especially
in the peel.

And remember! If you are on an apple diet (i.e., actively
eat apples), then eating other fruits is completely undesirable,
otherwise you risk seriously overloading your stomach and achieving it.
long incorrect work.

And baked apples contribute to weight loss !?

As we said above, the apple diet is one of the most
great ways to safely lose weight, however
far from everyone can afford using, based on
medical indications. For example, this applies to people with chronic
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract …

But there is a solution! Nutritionists recommend replacing fresh apples
baked. The fact is that when cooked in fruit
Significantly decreases the amount of acids that
in this case, the walls of the stomach can be affected as
irritant. Also, the baked product decreases overall
calorie content.

On the other hand, baked apples retain all their healthy
substances, minerals and vitamins. For example, the same potassium, which
able to strengthen the heart muscle, and is also an antagonist
sodium (table salt), which is very favorable when
losing weight

Also saved a lot of pectin compounds that
do an excellent job of eliminating toxic substances from
organism. Eating baked apples fasting has a diuretic and
even slightly laxative.

The diet on baked apples lasts on average from 2 to 6 days. AT
this period you will need to consume 1 kg of fresh and 0.5 daily
kg of baked apples. The recipe for their preparation is quite simple – before
How to put the apples in the oven, wash them thoroughly, and then
carefully cut out the core and instead fill it with honey and
cinnamon. Cooking time 5 – 7 minutes.


Apple and cinnamon for weight loss: a creative duo

Cinnamon is the brightest and most famous spice possessing
the best dietary properties among all representatives
of the fragrant world. It can not only help you get rid of
fatty deposits, but also treats gastritis, ulcers, restores
immunity, has antioxidant properties, reduces appetite and
activates metabolic processes.

It is often added to tea drinks, sometimes together with
ginger Such a “duet” has a slight laxative property, with
which increases the secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract,
and food entering the body is absorbed much faster, not
while leaving fat reserves. Also nutritionists recommend
add cinnamon to cottage cheese and milk.

But the most classic combination is the symbiosis of an apple and
cinnamon It is often used in many menus for
losing weight

And this approach is fully justified, since they are not only
saturate the body with all the necessary nutrients, but also
increase metabolism, plus remove all slags and toxins.

What apple varieties are better for losing weight !?

1. Autumn green apples are twice as rich in vitamin C
more than other varieties, so it’s best suited for

2. For best results, use several different varieties.

3. When a stomach ulcer sour apples are contraindicated, but when
gastritis of the stomach with low acidity is better to give your
preference for medium acid variants, for example, variety

4. Apples are better to eat after eating, so you can protect your
tooth enamel from a variety of bacteria.

Is it possible to lose weight on apples: reviews from the web

Zarema: “… I just adore the apple-kefir diet, just a couple
months ago she helped me lose 4 extra pounds.
The only advice is not to gain weight again after such a diet.
Try not to eat various hazards in the form of snacks, and then
everything will be OK! … “

Elena: “… The diet on apples for me is 100% suitable – and not
�”Hungry”, and at the same time effective (2 in 1). But only for dinner
I eat only one apple instead of several, otherwise it appears
heaviness in the stomach. AT оста�”ьном же все четко по п�”ану! Sit down on
such a diet, when I urgently need to lose a couple of kilo.
ATсего 5 дней – и порядок, организм очисти�”ся, вес уше�”… “

Ilona: “… I sat for a couple of days on an apple diet and no longer
I could, I was fed up to the horror … I can still eat green ones, but
red and yellow at all. But for these couple of days, the belly has gone and
slept a little side. Too bad she couldn’t hold out longer … Maybe
I will try again after some time, it will work out all of a sudden!
By the way, in addition to unloading you can still make wraps,
for example, with clay. For skin it will be very, very useful !!! …

А�”ина: « … Люб�”ю яб�”оки просто жуть, наверное, мог�”а бы есть их
круг�”ые сутки. Поэтому, когда мне нужно скинуть �”ишняк, к этой
I resort to a diet constantly. С�”ожно придерживаться ее то�”ько тем,
кто не �”юбит яб�”оки, в оста�”ьных с�”учаях без проб�”ем – ешь да
lose weight … “

О�”я: « … Пос�”е рождения сына попробова�”а такую диету, и мне она
очень даже помог�”а. ATес �”ишний сброси�”а, п�”юс ко всему организм
немного подтяну�”а, ногти, например, ста�”и крепче, кожа бо�”ее
fresher. Но кроме диеты я еще и занима�”ась в за�”е… “

Интересно узнать: «Поме�”о д�”я похудения: по�”ьза, диета,
рецепты б�”юд�” и «Как похудеть с помощью пищевой соды?�”.

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