Singer Vera Brezhnev called the “old”

Thu, Sep 04, 2014

Another project of producer Konstantin Meladze starts the other day
�“I want to Meladze”, the result of which will create a new

Leading the show will be Vera Brezhnev, who has long deserved
considered one of the most charming domestic stars.
Of course, Vera is accustomed to any compliments, however, one of
the latter has become quite unusual. One of the contestants
TV project called Brezhnev old. A certain 28-year-old Alexander
Stupak said he loves the “old” and Vera is suitable for him. Stupak
calling himself an “old-man”, said that his wife for 12 years his
older and he considers it quite natural.

How did Brezhnev respond to such a statement?
unknown Perhaps this is reserved for the show itself.


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