Shrimp diet

Shrimp diet

Tender shrimp meat is a real delicacy
containing about 93 kcal in the form of baked or boiled.
Almost 0 fat with carbohydrates and a high level of easily digestible
protein, allows you to use them in the diet for weight loss, while
which is just overweight, not muscular

In addition, these crustaceans are useful in weight normalization,
as follows:

  • улучшается состояние кожи, причем, это
    concerns and preventing the formation of stretch marks with a sharp decrease
  • также, ретинол (витамин А) и токоферол (витамин Е)
    влияют на состояние волос
    , предотвращая их выпадение (еще
    one frequent side effect with unbalanced diets);
  • saturation with B vitamins helps to improve
    состояния нервной системы,
    что уменьшает риск срыва диеты
    and reduces stress levels in general;
  • Scientists have proved that shrimp practically do not absorb harmful
    substances that pollute the world’s oceans. Но способны
    remove toxins and wastes from the human body.


Rules and Results

Even if you go on a shrimp diet every 3-4 months,
does not “strike” on the cardiovascular system, the liver,
gastrointestinal tract. But usually, if there is no pronounced
propensity to gain weight, her result is enough for 8-12

And the result can be quite impressive – from 4.5 to 8
kg per week.

Exact numbers depend on individual process speed.
metabolism, as well as from the initial overweight, that is, than
it is more compared to normal body weight, the more it
you can lose.

The main thing is to stick to eight strict

  1. Drink per day at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated
    water. Moreover, one liter of liquid can be replaced by green or
    herbal tea. In the latter case, it is recommended to choose gifts
    slimming flora – rosehip, oregano, thyme,
    hibiscus, chamomile, fireweed.
  2. If your health only allows, give daily
    physical exertion. It can be jogging in the park, swimming in
    pool, home fitness.
  3. In addition to the three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
    to use as a first breakfast and an afternoon snack for half
    grapefruit or 2 oranges.
  4. Dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime, ideally at 6-7
    o’clock in the evening.
  5. All meals should be at about the same time.
  6. The volume of shrimp consumed per day should be approximately equal
    300 grams.
  7. Shrimps can be boiled, baked and even fried,
    but never – canned.
  8. A serving of each dish, except that
    the share of shrimp should fit on a saucer (as an option –
    fit in the palm with a slide). For first courses an alternative measure
    is a glass.

Contraindications and prohibitions

Также важно отметить, что данная белковая диета
совершенно не подходит при

  • hormonal disorders;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Plus, being seafood, shrimp can cause
allergic reaction, so before dieting with them you need to make sure
good reaction to them in the menu in principle.

Выходят из креветочной диеты быстро — всего за
5-6 days and everything is very simple:

  1. Shrimp from the first day can be replaced with poultry meat or
    a rabbit.
  2. Fried food, smoked meats and sweets like cookies are excluded.
    for all this time, but are allowed in quantities of no more than 100 g per
    day – dark chocolate, the most natural marshmallows and marmalade.
  3. Also, as long as possible do not return to the diet white bread,
    potatoes and pasta.
  4. Drinking regimen is reduced to the usual, subtracting 200 ml
    fluid per day.

The first 2 months after the diet, once a week you need to unload
day on citrus.

Permitted products appetizing delight:

  • toast (without butter) from rye / whole grain bread;
  • all fresh edible fruits (special preference
    It is recommended to give pears, plums, peaches, cherries, pineapple,
    papaya, kiwi and grapes);
  • vegetables (including zucchini, sweet peppers, Chinese cabbage,
    spinach, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes);
  • rice of all varieties (except white);
  • soy tofu;
  • low-fat cottage cheese, 1% kefir, cheese.

Prohibited salt can be tasty replaced by spices and
, но сахару, помимо фруктов и еще иногда — ложечки
honey, there is no alternative (artificial sweeteners, according to
the most recent scientific data, for the most part, adversely affect
lipid metabolism).

You can pour a little olive oil – in a salad, for baking,
but, naturally, in order to avoid the loss of weight loss,
they should not be abused.

And naturally, at the time of losing weight, you need to completely forget about such

  • cakes and buns;
  • chocolates and candy;
  • sweet soda;
  • alcohol;
  • canned food;
  • pasta;
  • shop sauces.

Menu for the week


  1. Breakfast – steamed shrimps, fruit salad, kefir.
  2. Lunch – pumpkin soup with shrimps, cucumber salad with
    tomatoes, toast.
  3. Dinner – Baked apples, stuffed with cottage cheese and cinnamon.


  1. Breakfast – protein omelet, cucumber salad with tomatoes.
  2. Lunch – tom yum with shrimp, tofu, fruit salad.
  3. Dinner – grilled vegetables with yogurt sauce, jelly


  1. Breakfast – mango, celery and boiled shrimp salad with
  2. Lunch – плов с фруктами, toast.
  3. Supper – shrimp kebab with vegetables, cottage cheese casserole with
    вишней и yogurt


  1. Breakfast – scrambled eggs with fried prawns and tomato sauce,
  2. Lunch – овощной суп с креветками, салат из капусты, моркови и
  3. Dinner – cauliflower soufflé, cottage cheese with berries.


  1. Breakfast – shrimps baked with apples and cheese.
  2. Lunch – томатный суп, салат с тофу и морской капустой.
  3. Ужин — рагу в горшочке из креветок с тыквой в меду, toast.


  1. Завтрак — яйцо-пашот со шпинатом, toast.
  2. Lunch – перцы фаршированные рисом с креветками в томатном
    the sauce.
  3. Dinner – cucumber and leaf lettuce salad with boiled
    shrimps in yoghurt sauce.


  1. Breakfast – cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit.
  2. Lunch – луковый суп с креветками, toast.
  3. Supper – shrimp kebab with vegetables, cottage cheese casserole with
    грушами и yogurt

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