Shout can not speak calmly

Tue, 06 May 2014

A child sticks his fingers into an electrical outlet, climbs onto a chair,
who is about to fall right on him, picks up, or drags in
mouth something dirty? And to all persuasion: “Throw, do not touch, do not go”
does not react? In this case, the help of the parent comes to him.
Majesty Creek.

And so, mom just spoke in a calm, soft voice
breaks on op, her eyes burn with anger, she doesn’t completely
controls itself. The child is frightened. Scared not only that
mom shouts at him like that, but also the feeling of being at him
raise your voice, then it’s bad. And if such “breakdowns” of the mother is not
rare, the baby can get a psychological trauma that
come with him and into adulthood.

What to do? How to wean yourself screaming at children?

First you need to understand the reasons for the cry.

  • �”He does not hear me, does not understand me” – this is how people justify themselves.
    mothers, often screaming at their son or daughter. And, they say, shout – and all at once
    it becomes clear. Clear is clear, but … But after the session
    �“Cryotherapy” a child may do forbidden things
    secretly, become secretive, incredulous. In some cases, sudden
    Shouts can cause urinary incontinence and stuttering.

Решение проблемы: убирайте подальше от шаловливых детских
little hands all those things that you think can
hurt If you did not follow, and the kid knocked something over, broke it,
poured out – remove with him, without blaming the child for an error. Even
You can arrange the game “who will quickly remove.”

  • Banal mother’s fatigue. Sit with baby in the decree for those
    Moms who love vigorous activity are no easy task. But after all
    also a variety of household chores. Many women accumulate
    irritation due to the ordinariness of life and the fact that “everything is on it”. Here in
    In such situations, a child’s wrong action becomes
    �”The last straw,” and mom breaks down to cry. Most often in such
    situation the baby just does not understand the reasons for my mother’s scream and in the shower
    only dreams about how to hide, hide from the “sound
    waves. “

Решение проблемы: если хочется закричать, взорваться,
just for a while you can leave the room, stand by the window,
breathe deeply. Or go to the shower, stand under the pouring
water, which perfectly washes away all the negative. If all the same nerves
passed, then you should calmly go to the child and apologize to
him, because they broke down to cry, could not resist. And to home
work, it is desirable to involve relatives or friends who may
to help. It will save strength and nerves.

  • Show your power – that’s why parents shout at their
    kiddies. Shout they demonstrate their strength, the ability to “bend”
    for themselves child, impose on him their stereotypes of behavior.

Надо запомнить простую истину: крик только пугает и
degrades the dignity of a small child. To attract him
attention, better, on the contrary, lower the tone of voice. Then he
He will listen and understand what they want from him. Treat any
�“Bad” situations are philosophical, with a bit of humor. This will allow, by
at least communicate with children without hysteria and screams.


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