Seven-day English diet for weight loss

  • 1 English diet for 7 days
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 What can and can not eat?
    • 1.3 Menu for every day
    • 1.4 Recipes

Perhaps one of the most effective methods of losing weight is
English diet. It is suitable if there are any extra
kilograms, because it can be calculated as seven days, so
and for three weeks.

In this case, consider the first, more gentle option
developed by nutritionists for just a week. What is the essence
English diet and what are its basic principles, consider in
the following material. And also find out what products English
diet recommends for the most effective results of losing weight and
which ones there are recipes.


English diet for 7 days

The English method of losing weight has gained popularity due to
balanced alternation of vegetable and protein days. I.e,
thanks to this diet, most of your favorite foods will remain
on the menu. Of course, only those who are not
high-calorie and have nothing to do with
semi-finished products, neither to fast food.

If you have not yet decided, this food suits you
recipes for this method of losing weight or not, we suggest to familiarize
with the basic principles of diet in the paragraph below.

Principles of nutrition

Питание по английской диете на 7 дней даст
the desired result is subject to perfect compliance.
всех правил:

  • you must drink at least two liters of purified water without
    gas per day;
  • salt should be consumed in moderation or in general
    eliminate from the diet;
  • products preferably steamed;
  • The first day of the diet must be mandatory
  • three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • the last meal – no later than 18:00;
  • distribute most of the calories in the second half
  • before each meal, especially on an empty stomach, should
    drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice;
  • 100-150 g of dried fruits are allowed as a snack;
  • in order to avoid vitamin deficiency, add to the diet complex
    drug vitamins;
  • repeat the above power supply system is recommended not earlier
    than a year after the completion of the current;
  • in any case, do not resort to this method with existing
    disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Subject to all the above rules of the English method
losing weight, you can lose up to ten extra pounds. Of course
It all depends on your initial weight.

What can and can not eat?

The list of products of the English diet for weight loss is rich
minerals and beneficial vitamins. Consider those that
nutritionists strongly recommend consuming and
use in recipes:

  • cereals: buckwheat, millet;
  • oatmeal;
  • pepper, eggplant, pumpkin, onion, garlic, carrots and asparagus;
  • kiwi, citrus, apples;
  • celery, parsley, dill, basil, cilantro;
  • cardamom, cinnamon;
  • walnuts and pine nuts.

With the observance of the English method for losing weight,
категорически запрещены к употреблению:

  • soda, alcoholic beverages;
  • grapes, bananas;
  • sweets;
  • potato;
  • bread.

Menu for every day

The seven-day diet of the English diet for weight loss
differs from all other methods in that by observing its menu, you do not
you will miss the monotony and necessarily want
bring it to the end.

Let’s look at how your diet will look like
next week. Итак, английская диета — меню на каждый


  • Breakfast: green apple;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of boiled rice and a cup of green tea;
  • Dinner: 200 g of sweet pepper and cucumber salad.


  • green tea and apple;
  • buckwheat and nonfat kefir;
  • 150 g stewed cabbage.


  • grapefruit and unsweetened hot drink;
  • rice porridge on water with prunes;
  • baked peppers.


  • a glass of nonfat kefir;
  • 250 g of cottage cheese with sour cream;
  • grapefruit.


  • rye-bread toast with melted cheese and a glass of warm
  • salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with fat-free
    sour cream;
  • вареное яйцо и grapefruit.


  • milk and cheese sandwich;
  • cottage cheese with raisins – 250 g and unsweetened green tea;
  • two boiled eggs.


  • tea with lemon and honey;
  • 300 g of boiled chicken and a glass of kefir;
  • stewed eggplants with peppers and tomatoes.


After reviewing the main products that have a positive effect on
body and promoting weight loss, let’s consider the most
полезные рецепты для английской diets на 7

Recipe for Baked Vegetables for English

Запеченные овощи

Необходимые продукты: три столовые ложки оливкового масла, две
small onions, a pinch of salt and pepper, a pound of potatoes, 4-5
garlic cloves, 400 g zucchini, 300 g eggplants, three large
tomatoes, lemon, three peppers, a handful of greens.

  • heat up the oven to 160 degrees;
  • grease the pan and put the onion, cut
    in half;
  • then peel and wash the potatoes;
  • cut it large and also put on a baking sheet;
  • then sprinkle with spices;
  • top squeeze garlic;
  • cook for 10 minutes;
  • peppers peeled and cut into strips;
  • then wash the eggplants with Zucchini cut large
  • разрезать помидоры in half;
  • put chopped vegetables on a baking sheet;
  • cook for half an hour.

Citrus Salad Recipe for English

Салат из цитрусовых

Необходимые продукты: по половине грейпфрута и апельсина, 150 г
walnuts, 50 ml of sugar syrup.

  • wash and clean the grapefruit;
  • rid them of the skin;
  • chop the flesh;
  • peel the orange;
  • rid it of pits;
  • chop nuts;
  • mix all the ingredients and fill with syrup.

Recipe for millet porridge with raisins for English

Пшенная каша с изюмом

Ингредиенты: 200 г изюма, 250 г пшена, 400 мл воды.

  • rinse the raisins thoroughly;
  • pour water and cook for five minutes;
  • to sort and wash the millet;
  • add to raisins;
  • cook for 25 minutes.

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