September 9: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday September 9th.

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Holidays September 9

International Beauty Day

Thousands of doctors around the world are included in the beauty therapy association,
since 1946, 33 branches have been formed in different countries.
The revolutionary technologies in the field of cosmetology have made aesthetic
and attractive appearance possible with any deviations. Exactly
On this day, everywhere they try to hold beauty contests.
The first such competition was held in Belgium in 1888, and the first
Miss World was chosen in April 1951 in London. Especially popular
girls with special features, the jury distinguishes precisely the beautiful
originality, beauty and natural parameters.

Tester’s Day

Once when testing an electric car, experts found
the moth, located between the contacts in the electromechanical
relay. To remove the insect conducted a special procedure, and with
since then it has been called debugging, literally: getting rid of an insect.
So today it is called identifying and eliminating various
deviations and bugs in the systems. Testers celebrate today
your highly specialized holiday. Test means checking
the test, therefore the tester is the person conducting the test. For
performing the job of a tester requires special knowledge in
areas of software, the structure of software products and
practical experience, the ability to analyze in the verification process. The first
The bug was transferred to the software museum.

Designer’s Day – graphics

Another professional holiday technology IT celebrate
today graphic designers. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous designer
Vladimir Chaika, colleagues decided to celebrate the general
professional holiday. The Seagull has been awarded many awards and
awards, received a silver medal at the Biennale in Brno, where
a graphic design competition was held. Mass media
information and information technologies are just developing
therefore, the profession of the designer becomes more popular.
The creativity of graphic designers is beyond doubt
confirmation of this is the design of those sites to which
A celebration of the designer’s day.

Independence Day of Tajikistan

Since 1999, Tajik citizens have celebrated their independence
country. The day begins with the raising of the national holiday
Republic of Tajikistan, in the capital of the republic there are meetings of heads
neighboring countries – Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Two
Persian speaking states congratulate Tajikistan on national
holiday. In cities and towns held public and
holiday events.

Folk calendar September 9

Two Пимена

Pimen the Great lived in Egypt in the 4th century AD, and Pimen Palestine
lived 200 years later. Pimen the Great and his brothers enjoyed
great respect from the surrounding peasants, and his instructions are recorded
in this ancient book of aphorisms. He lived 110 years. Rev.
Pimen Palestine spent a lot of time in prayers, praying
his sin of youth – his dogs torn to pieces a man, and Pimen did not help
his. He had a vision that at the end of his life he would suffer the same
fate The prophecy came true. Folk tradition – in this
day should bow to the mountain ash, and collect berries on it. First
always feast on ripening bird berries. If there are a lot of trees
berries to birds winter will be gracious. But the good harvest of mountain ash is also
may portend a harsh winter. Rowan jam and jam
prepare it for the winter for a drink, in on Pimen hang out at the top
huts ripe clusters.

Historical events of September 9

9 сентября 1801 года — в состав Российской империи
entered the largest city of the Caucasus, Baku and Baku region. For this
For a long time, the region had fierce battles, local leaders did not
They wanted to surrender and fall under the power of the Russians, but the resistance
было сломлено.9 сентября 1913 года — знаменитый
Russian pilot Peter Nesterov for the first time made a unique figure
military aerobatics – “dead loop”, which later became known as
his name. The aerobatic figure was a closed
vertical loop perfect in the air. Before Nesterov such
the wonders of aviation were not subject to anyone, during the Great
World War II such a maneuver helped in the fight against
врагом.9 сентября 1970 года — на Волжском
the first Zhiguli model was produced at the car factory, thus
the story began a legendary Soviet car,
get dreamed all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union. In 1972
for the release of the model “VAZ-2101” the company was awarded the International
Golden Mercury Award. The car was manufactured from 1970 to 1988
year, during this period 4 million 850 thousand were produced
cars. Zhiguli recognized as the best domestic cars in XX
веке.9 сентября 1989 года — впервые на центральном
Intellectual TV has been broadcast on Russian television
�”Lucky case”. The main goal of the game is to beat rivals,
correctly answering questions in the field of sports, history, culture and
etc. Analogues of a similar game were in different countries of the world – Italy,
Great Britain. The program was very popular among
viewers, but despite the high ratings, her shooting and
трансляция были прекращены в 2000-м году.9 сентября 1999
— совершен террористический акт в московском жилом
the house on Guryanova Street, in which 100 people died, 690 were injured.
The criminals laid explosives, the charge of which was enough for
to completely destroy the two entrances. The explosion occurred in two
seconds before midnight, most of the tenants rested, many
died without even having time to wake up. Today at the site of the destroyed
There is a memorial sign at home.

Born September 9

Аврелиан (род. В 214 году) — знаменитый римский
Emperor Son of a simple peasant from the province of Aurelian could become
Emperor of the Roman Empire. It was a real hero, practiced
in throwing a spear archery, perfectly proved himself in battle.
The career of a commoner was very successful, after the death of Claudius II,
it was he who was proclaimed emperor by the troops. Rebel empire
was captured by a wave of rebellion, at first the brother was considered the emperor
deceased Claudius, but Quintill, realizing that he could not cope with
Aurelianus, committed suicide. The field of acceptance of power Aurelius took
a series of attempts to restore order in the country in order to strengthen the empire.
He succeeded quite well – he subsequently conquered Palmyra and
Египет.Фредрик Хенрик Чапман (1721 — 180) —
famous shipbuilder Chaprmen began to study shipbuilding with
15 years. Refusing military service, he returned to Gotteborg and
founded the shipyard. But the shipbuilder does not finish his
education, and continues to study, examines the ship case
France, England, Holland. From 1757 he becomes a master
the fleet of Sweden, is building several ships for Finland. Chapman not
only engaged in construction, but also described the basics of his business in
several works (“Treatise on shipbuilding” and others).
Луиджи Гальвани (1737 — 1798 годы) — французский
physicist Galvani became famous for his muscle contraction experiments. initially
he dissected a frog, applying a galvanic current to it.
Electric induction was not a new phenomenon in physics, but Galvani
investigated the contraction of the muscles of the dead body. He explained it
the phenomenon of the existence of animal electricity, charging the muscles.
Его открытие стало настоящей сенсацией.Надежда
(1930 — 2008 годы) — русская советская
actress Nadezhda Vasilyevna began her artistic career
from travesty roles, since I was short, snub. She is
worked a lot in the children’s theater. Widespread success brought her a role in
the movie “Queen of the gas station”, after which she became a real
idol of young girls. The painting brought her even greater success.
�”Girls”. In addition, Nadezhda Rumyantseva played 24 more roles in
cinema, led the program alarm clock on the central television and
озвучивала множество мультфильмов.Борис Владимирович
(1918 — 2000 годы) — детский писатель и
the poet the Children’s writer suggested to print the works to the magazine
�Murzilka, Pionerskaya Pravda newspaper. His collections of poems knew
almost all children. He wrote plays for children’s theater, fairy tales “Rusachok”,
�”The Hermit and the Rose”, “Gray Asterisk”, made famous translations
tales of authors and peoples of the world.

Name Day September 9

В этот день празднуют именины: Александр, Пимен,
Stepan, Dmitry, Ivan, Anfisa, Vladimir, Mikhail.

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