September 5: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 5th.

Mon 05 Sep 2016

Holidays September 5

Rosh Hashanah – Jewish holiday of creation of the world

The holiday celebrates the birth of the new year and farewell to the outgoing. AT
the book of life in the days of this holiday God marks the fate of each
man for the coming year: to live or die, peace or excitement and
anxiety Jews sincerely believe that God desires everything
well-being, so the holiday is fun and joyful. Should
prepare for the new year – rethink their actions,
thinking about the future, asking God for happiness and peace. Rosh
Hashanah is celebrated for two days, give each other gifts, gather for
large festive table. On the table collect a lot of dishes,
symbolically showing what year they expect from the future. Almost on
Each table is served fish, lamb head to be headed.
Sliced ​​carrots in circles – as a symbol of money for a year to be
full of health and well-being, they spread round sweet on the table
challah with raisins. Apples and honey to attract happiness and

Teacher’s Day in India

The teacher in India is a very respected person. The pursuit of knowledge
in this country has always been encouraged. According to one version, when
President Radhakrishnan was asked to celebrate his day
birth as a big national holiday, he suggested instead
to honor all the teachers of the country. Before this Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
He was a teacher and translator from Sanskrit, went deep into his
works in Indian philosophy, defending India’s right to own
way in science, but opposed the conservative anti-Western
sayings. After the declaration of independence, the future president was
Ambassador of UNESCO and carried out higher education reforms in the country. AT
Teachers’ Day students and students honor their teachers.

Folk calendar September 5

Memory of Lupp Solunsky (Lingonberry)

Dmitry Solunsky and Lupp lived in the 3rd century AD and
suffered for faith. The first executed Dmitri. His slave, Saint Lupp,
taking bloody clothes and a ring made many miracles. but
he himself suffered from Emperor Maximilian. St. Lupp’s Day
(Loupe) is called Cowberry. Lingonberry – extremely useful
a berry, it is used in Russia in different ways – they make pies,
make juice and make jam. Juice of berries helps with pulmonary
diseases, leaf tea helps with work breakdown
bowel and liver. Lingonberry maturity determines the stage
ripening oats – berries filled with juice suggest what you need
hurry with the harvest. On the Loupe, the flax peels off – the hostesses said, and
this is true: two weeks grows flax, four grows, then
the seed begins to fly. Consider this day and other folk
omens – if the keys of cranes are flying – there will be an early winter. Wedge on
the sky is low – you can not be afraid of extreme cold.

Historical events of September 5

5 сентября 1698 года — Петр I установил налог
on the beard. People had to pay cash to the treasury
desire to wear a beard, without which many could not imagine
of existence. After paying the annual tax, the person received
beard mark – a small metal token that served
the prototype of the modern check. As for the amount of tax on
the beard, that he was numbered according to the estate: courtiers,
nobles and officials paid 600 rubles a year, their guests – 100 each
rubles, small merchants – 60 each, coachmen and church workers – 30 each.
The peasants were not subject to such a tax, but at the entrance to the large
the city had to pay one penny. Since 1715 size
duties became the same for all – 50 rubles. Canceled duty on
бороду только в 1772 году.5 сентября 1905 года
Russian-Japanese war ended, hostilities ceased
after the signing of the Portsmouth Treaty by both parties. Terms
document was provided for the termination of the military alliance of Russia and
China who intend to act together in case of aggression
from Japan as well as the loss of influence over
Byрт-Артуром.5 сентября 1940 года — читатели
pioneer truth could read the beginning of the story “Timur and his
team, owned by Arkady Gaidar. Almost immediately
the work was banned because the children’s team saw the presence of
conspiratorial organization. Byзже печать возобновили.5
сентября 1983 года
— иностранные государства запретили
Aeroflot crews fly over the territory of their countries, it happened
after the Soviet Union with the help of a fighter near
Сахалина был сбит южнокорейский Боинг-747 с пассажирами.5
сентября 1991 года
— последний в истории Съезд народных
USSR deputies, on which Gorbachev’s initiative announced
self-dissolution of the main body of the country. AT ходе данного мероприятия
A Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms was adopted, and a
document on the Union of sovereign states.

Born September 5

Louis VIII (Louis Лев) (1187 — 1226 год) –
the king of france from the capet dynasty Louis VIII is famous before
of all, the fact that he received the throne for the first time by inheritance. Before
the king was chosen though and formally. ATступление на трон по
inheritance meant the strengthening of the dynasty as well as calm in
state. Louis’ leadership talent and his desire for
expansion allowed him to significantly expand the boundaries of his
state, because it was called Leo. Especially noteworthy it
confrontation with England. Part of the British were so unhappy
by his king John that they decided to submit to the young Louis,
however, after the death of John, they showed their patriotic
moods. Louis had to conclude a truce and return
home. Interesting fact – the king’s wife, the famous Blanca of Castile
gave birth to the king 13 heirs, but the father of the family attracted more
battles and battles, in one of which he died of a fever far from
Родины.Артур Кёстлер (1905 — 1983 годы) –
English journalist and writer by Jew, Arthur
worked in a German magazine, then left the country and settled in
France, visited the Soviet Union, flew a dirigible to the North
the pole. After visiting the USSR, he wrote the book “Blinding Darkness”,
telling about the era of great terror in the country. His scientific theory
the origin of Jewish Europeans Ashkenazi from the Volga Khazars
received wide confirmation. Köstler supported the movement in
favor of euthanasia and he committed suicide by taking a large dose
снотворного.Томмазо Кампанелла (1568 – 1639 годы)
– Italian writer, utopian philosopher Unusual inclinations
Campanelles manifested as a child, he was fond of alchemy and studied
Kabbalah After joining the Dominican Order, Tomaso was exiled.
outside the country due to the numerous manifestations of freethinking. By
returning to Naples in 1598, he was seized and accused of
witchcraft AT тюрьмах Кампанелла провел 27 лет, написав при этом
dozens of books distributed in lists. Byддерживали его король
Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, philosopher to the French king himself
predicted the birth of a son. Byсле появления наследника предсказателя
выпустили из тюрьмы, затем оправдали.Louis XIV де
(1638 – 1715 годы) — король ФранцииРождение короля
was predicted by Campanella, the Italian philosopher. Louis
ruled the country for 72 years – more than any king in history
France. He came to the throne when he was young
formally – all power was in the hands of his mother and cardinal
Mazarin. Louis был абсолютным сторонником королевского
reign, convinced of the divine appointment of the king. His famous
the phrase – “The state is me.” His reign in history is celebrated
как ATеликий век. France was a powerful power like never before
constantly waged war for the expansion of the territory. Negative
moments are also known – the mass emigration of Huguenots from the territory
France, the ruin of the country due to exorbitant taxes on the content
army. Прозвище Король-Солнце Louis XIV получил из-за больших
diplomatic successes among the European ruling courts as well
because France had the most organized and led army.
Фредди Меркьюри (Фаррух Булсара, 1946 – 1991 годы)
– American rock singer, leader of the group Queen Mercury had
Persian roots and brought up in accordance with the Persian
culture: his parents identified him in St. Peter’s school. Director
Schools organized music courses for a talented student, and in
12 years old Freddie created the first group, whose name is in Russian
language meant “Fidgets.” The first adult group is the IBEX Trio,
then he replaced the vocalist in the SMILE group, and after a while
its name was changed to QUEEN, holding onto the crest of success
long years. He died in 1991 from pneumonia on the background of AIDS.

Name Day September 5

Именины в этот день отмечают: Николай, Федор
Ivan, Pavel.

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