September 28: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 28th.

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Holidays September 28

Nuclear Industry Day

In 2005, the President of the Russian Federation issued a decree on the celebration of the Day of Workers.
nuclear industry. More than half a century ago, the country began
development of uranium and a special laboratory was created
the study of the atomic nucleus. Today there are already 10 nuclear power plants built
which produce more than 15 percent of all energy in the country.
Key strategic sites are very important for economic development,
That is why they are given great attention. Government
plans to increase the use of atomic energy by up to 25%, and in
Arkhangelsk region is building a new type of NPP – floating station.
Today, all nuclear scientists are congratulated on their professional holiday.

Day of Physical Culture and Sports of Kyrgyzstan

To establish this holiday, labor appealed to the government.
teams of physical education institutions and organizations. Was taken
Government Decree according to which since 1993
This holiday is celebrated on a national scale. The first
the festival of physical culture in Kyrgyzstan took place in 1927. Then
a physical training council was created. First zone
Competitions with the participation of sportsmen of Kyrgyzstan were held in
Orenburg, they were sent to the winners of the competition. And in 1991
year in the country formed the National Olympic Committee.

World Rabies Day

September 28 marks the day that pays attention to
a disease such as hydrophobia, that is, rabies. In the world
today, every 10 minutes, one person dies of rabies. And just
55 thousand people and a large number of animals. Rabies
It is found in more than 150 countries. Of great importance when
rabies vaccine infection – if administered during
a few hours, the development of the disease can be prevented.

Grandmother’s Day in Moldova

This is a true national holiday, established by decree.
government, which is celebrated in Moldova every year
Saturday September. �”Grandma’s Day” was established in 2007 on the initiative
First Lady of the State Taisiya Voronina, supported by
Ministry of Social Protection. Society recognizes and respects grandmothers
and their role in educating the younger generation. In Moldova, a large
Attention is paid to the continuity of traditions, honoring national
values. Grandmothers raise orphans, or leave their
work to raise grandchildren. On this day
fun concerts are held in which grandmothers take
congratulations themselves become participants of speeches.

Confucius Teacher’s Birthday

The Chinese greatly respect the ancient philosopher Confucius, whom they
called a teacher. The philosopher had a great influence on the worldview.
Chinese, they honor him for more than 2.5 thousand years. His theses are about
self-education have five components, note five virtues:
kindness, frankness, wisdom, justice and loyalty. They
became the basis of the ideology of the Chinese state. On birthday
wise men in the temples of Confucius arrange a holiday. Hold festivals and
Exhibitions. The importance of the concepts of Confucianism is noted in China even two
Once a year – also the 27th day of the eighth lunar month, it can
be the end of September – the beginning of October. Main message: knowledge can
receive any person, regardless of wealth or status.

Folk calendar September 28

Nikita Gusyatnik

Saint Nikita the Gothic is revered in the Orthodox Church as
Great martyr from the 4th century AD. He preached Christianity,
denouncing the pagan rulers. He was captured and subjected to cruel
torture, but the saint did not give up his faith, and after the sentence
the burning of a miracle occurred – the fire did not scorch the human skin. Power
The saint was later transferred to Constantinople. Happy afternoon
connected many people will, but the main thing – on this day
started to slaughter the geese that grew during the summer, because Nikita was called
Gosyatnikom. Baked goose becomes the main dish on this day.
Interestingly, the best goose was given to the water one – it should
count the geese and guard them in the water. Wild geese start
gather in flocks and fly off to the south. If the pack flies high – it is worth
prepare for a high spring flood if a bird is above a puddle
podzhmet leg – it means that the winter will be early. It is also the name of Nikita.
Gooseberry associated with a common vegetable on the peasant table –
turnip Under this title, Nikita was also given the nickname – Reporez.
Children told tales of the turnip. Cooked it in various dishes –
cooked, steamed, cut into salads.

September 28 were born

Джон Френч (152 -1925 годаы) – британский
Field Marshal John Denton Pinkston French became famous no longer for his
military achievements, and the invention and popularization of the military
The jacket, which to this day is called french. Single coat with overhead
pockets so caught on in military uniform thanks to his
convenience, accuracy and style. John French himself commanded
forces of the British expedition in France, however had
skirmishes with the command, guided by personal feelings and
preferences. After removal from command was assigned
governor of Ireland, and having retired, wrote memoirs.
Марчелло Мастроянни (1924 – 1996 годы) –
Italian film and theater actorThe full name of a famous actor
Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni. Being a simple worker, he
played in the amateur theater. His ability is appreciated by the director
L. Visconti, invited to his troupe and a small occasional
movie role. Real success came to Mastroianni a little later –
after filming “August Sunday” and “Paris is always
Paris”. His game was appreciated by the great Fellini and invited to the role in
the film “Sweet Life”. After that, Marcello Mastroianni woke up
famous throughout Europe. Carlo Ponti invited him to play with
his wife Sophia Loren, these were the films “Marriage in Italian”,
�”Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” and others. Marcello acting
Mastroyanni is marked by a huge number of prizes and awards, such as
«Оскар» , «Сезар» и другие.Ираклий Андроников
(1908-1990) – Soviet writer, literary critic Irakli
Luarsabovich Andronikov in his early years decided to follow the path
journalism. He became a lecturer at the philharmonic society, an employee of the magazine “Yozh
and Siskin “, reader of oral stories. He wrote the book “The Life of Lermontov.”
The topic of his Ph.D. thesis was the study of life
Lermontov, which is associated with most of the works of the historian and
the writer. At the Central Television, he led the program “Heraclius
Andronikov tells “that enjoyed great
popular in the Soviet era. George
(1915 — 1989 годы) – советский театральный
director, pedagogueS Tovstonogovs connected theater legend – Bolshoi
Drama Theater in St. Petersburg. Thirty three years gave
George Александрович своему детищу, хотя и начал свою деятельность
in it with massive layoffs. It was said that he set the mode
�”Theatrical monarchy”, but in his performances at the box office turn
installed since the night. He collected the best drama
the team, put a lot of performances that enjoyed
overwhelming success. After his death, the theater was given his

Nameday September 28

Именины в этот день отмечают: Андрей, Григорий,
Joseph, Stepan, Fedot, Dmitry, Ivan, Ignatius, Vissarion, Gerasim,
Leonid, Maxim, Maria, Nikolay, Lyudmila, Nikita, Makar,

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