September 23: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday September 23.

Fri Sep 23, 2016

Holidays September 23

Day of the state language of Kyrgyzstan

The status of the state language has been assigned to the Kyrgyz language since 1987.
of the year. At the same time, it was recognized that Kyrgyzstan is a country of use.
many languages, and every citizen has the right to use that
a language that is convenient for him, for example, Uzbek, Tajik,
German, Dungan, Uygur and others, but the official language
admitted Kyrgyz. Local authorities may apply native language
citizens living in the area. There are a total of
about 4 million Kyrgyz, but about 2.5 live in the country
million The rest live in China, Mongolia and other countries.
There are three dialects of the language, and the main language has been formed
Soviet era, when the country was part of the USSR.

Celebration of Sede

The followers of Zoroastro confess the law of changing certain forms.
by others. At destruction, forms are replaced and everything is harmonious.
and naturally. Celebration of Sede проходит в момент, когда Солнце
located in the constellation of Libra, autumn replaces summer, after collecting
fruit plants die off and lose their shape. And with that
leaves and all the past. Important law Cede notes – life force
transferred to seeds and fruits. And to emphasize the fact of separation
from the chaff, on this day they eat sunflower seeds and light 8 candles.
Celebrations are held from lunch until sunset, while reading
prayers of Ahura – Mithra and Mazda.

Folk calendar September 23

Peter and Pavel Malinniki

The memory of Saints Peter and Paul from Nicaea has been celebrated since the 10th century. In
during the reign of Leo the Isaverine, St. Peter suffered for the faith.
Paul’s life is more closed to descendants – it is known that he, like
Peter preached Orthodoxy and was a bishop. On this day
the rowan tree is said to celebrate its name day, the fruits
become sweet and can be collected for the winter. After the first
Autumn frost berries become sweet, you can eat them. BUT
In addition, the corners of the hut and the walls were decorated with rowan to scare away
evil spirits. Curative berry helps with many diseases, from it
prepare infusions, compotes, healing kvass, tinctures and liqueurs. Berries
are collected only after the first frost and are placed in a dark place on
two or three weeks, every two or three days they must be shaken.
Rowan can show what the next months will be – abundant
the harvest foreshadows dampness and severe frosts.

September 23 in history

23 сентября 1839 года — в российской столице
founded one of the most beautiful and large-scale temples – the cathedral
Christmas, which today is called the Cathedral
Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Place of creation of the religious
facilities became a site located near the Kremlin, on
улице Inлхонка. The temple was built for 44 years, its lighting
happened in 1883. The cathedral was built by the project of Konstantin Ton,
the idea of ​​its creation is connected with the Patriotic War of 1812-1814,
the church was intended to remind of the heroism of the Russian troops during
battles with Napoleon, in its walls always prayed for the souls of the dead
Russian soldiers and officers. In 1931 the temple was destroyed, in the 90s
года XX века возведен заново.23 сентября 1862 года
– Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, a brilliant writer, whose
works are considered to be the pride of world literature,
женился на Софье BUTндреевне Берс. Tolstoy met his wife in
August 1862, when a nice girl with her parents was visiting
him in the manor. Already in September, an offer was made
took place the wedding. During the years of marriage, the Tolstoy were born 13
children, 5 of them died, the rest were well brought up by the family
They were educated and lived to old age. Sofya Bers
was a colleague of Leo Tolstoy, although she did not share it
mature views on renouncing property and physical
labor, but helped in literary matters, being a translator,
переписчицей, секретарем и издателем произведений мужа.23
сентября 1924 года
— в северной российской столице
severe flooding took place, the water level in the main water
artery of the city – Neva rose to almost four meters. AT
floods flooded many buildings, people
передвигались преимущественно на водном транспорте.23
сентября 1980 года
— на воду была спущена самая крупная в
мире атомная подводная лодка «BUTкула» (Северодвинск, Советский
Union). The project of the submarine was developed in Leningrad, the work on its
воплощению началась в 1972 году.23 сентября 1988
— в российской столице открылся Дом-музей Федора
Chaliapin – an outstanding opera and chamber singer, who was
the soloist of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters, performed in the Metropolitan

September 23 were born

BUTльдо Моро (1916 — 1978 годы) — известный
Italian politician Moro made a rapid career
which began at a young age. ATначале – член
constituent assembly, then entered the “Commission 75”,
drafting a constitution. Being a vice minister
Foreign Affairs, Moro opposed the participation of Italy in
Северо-BUTтлантическом pact AT правительстве Моро представлял
Christian Democratic Party, headed by
over the years. It is thanks to the project Moreau, in
The government of the third part was occupied by the Communists. AT марте 197 года Моро
kidnapped by political demands. AT поисках известного
political figure involved about 350 thousand
employees, and even the Pope himself offered himself instead
hostages AT результате BUTльдо Моро был убит заложниками и труп
left on the side of the road. Murder still not
раскрыто.Фридрих Паулюс (1890 — 1957 год) –
Field Marshal of the German ArmyHow is the German commander,
Paulus participated in World War I, initially received
only staff positions. After the war he passed the secret
training and took the post in the General Staff, was part of the team,
developing a plan of Barbarossa. It was Paulus who led the 4th army.
during the invasion of Poland, and then attacked Stalingrad. is he
tried to convince the command of the need to retreat, but his
arguments were not heard. AT канун нового 1943 года Гитлер произвел
he was in the field marshal general, but at that moment the army had already lost
100 thousand killed and wounded. He had no choice but to surrender.
captured with the entire headquarters and the remnants of the army. This defeat has broken
ход ATеликой Отечественной войне, а плен Паулюса привел к
неожиданным результатам – он вступил в организацию BUTнтинацистский
The Union of German Officers and the National Committee “Free
Germany”. is he призывал повернуть оружие своих соотечественников
against fascism, and topple Hitler. Paulus’s family was arrested.
Friedrich Paulus also spoke at the Nuremberg Trials, as
prosecution witness. Надежда Кошеверова (1902 —
1989 years) – film director since the USSRNadezhda Nikolaevna was
актрисой еще с 1923 года, после окончания актерской школы «Inльная
comedy”. AT качестве режиссера она попробовала себя в картине
�“Once in the fall” in 1937. Until a few years she
worked as an assistant director. Mainstream
her creative work as a director became fairy tales –
�“Cinderella”, “The Slippers” (opera film), “The Tale of a Lover”
painter “. Many of her films get great success and were loved
several generations of viewers. Romy Schneider
(1938) – Austrian actressRomy played the first role at the age of
15 years with his mother – actress. The film “When they bloom
white lilies ”fascinated the audience, thanks in large part to Romy. is heа стала
To shoot already independently: “Fireworks”, “Sissy”, “Christina”.
Партнером по одному из фильмов был BUTллен Делон, и у актеров
ambiguous relations developed – they constantly quarreled, but in
same time were in love with each other. Moving with your loved one
Paris Romy was engaged in her appearance (diet, gymnastics, swimming pool)
and french. She managed to get roles in French
theaters and cinema – “What a pity that you are a slut”, “Boccaccio-70”.
Further career went up sharply – there were offers from
Hollywood, Rome, New York. With Delon, they were friendly
relationship, but she created a family with Harry Meyen – German
the director. BUTктриса прожила всего 43 года, состояние здоровья
crippled the death of her son and the enormous overload in work. Romi
Schneider was named the outstanding actress of the 20th century in France.

Nameday September 23

Именины в этот день отмечают: BUTндрей, Глеб,
Константин, Николай, Евгений, Иван, Климент, ATасилий, Гавриил,
Pavel, Peter, Tatiana.

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