September 21: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 21.

Wed, Sep 21, 2016

Holidays September 21

International Day of Peace

Most people on the planet perceive the world as everyday.
reality. The streets are calm, the children go to school. Priceless gift
the world can go unnoticed where public foundations
vicious. However, there are many people for whom this gift –
fairy dream. They live in an atmosphere of fear and instability.
It is for these people that there is an international day of peace.
The UN General Assembly, in its 1982 resolution, proclaimed
this holiday is a day of universal non-violence and cease-fire.
This holiday covered many regions and countries, involved millions
people. It makes people not only think about the world, but also
do something for him. Peace Day celebration used by the UN
in order to draw attention to the work being done in defense of peace, and
also to induce the comprehension of the contemporary problems of the world, the exchange
experience and information to achieve it.

Day of the innovator and inventor of Ukraine

This holiday is celebrated on the third Saturday of September.
Rationalization and inventive activity in Ukraine
governed by the Institute of Industrial Property – Ukrpatent.
The right to obtain a patent has an inventor or several
inventors co-creating an invention. AT случае если
the invention was created during the execution of service
responsibilities, the right to such an invention belongs to the employer
inventor, and the inventor himself belongs only to the author
right, which is a personal inalienable right. According to
Constitution of Ukraine every citizen has the right to
results of own intellectual activity. AT Украине
There are undoubted world-class innovations, among which
owned aircraft “Anov” technology to stimulate growth
agricultural plants Ponomarenko, nuclear technology
Adamenko, medical inventions – a method of treating vessels
Brown’s inoperable method, as well as the fight against Zviryukha cancer.
Day of the innovator and inventor unites people of different
specialties and professions, and they are all endowed with a sense of the new,
the gift of creativity, the ability to go beyond stereotypes and expand
boundaries of the usual.

Independence Day of Armenia

AT 1991 году народ Армении проголосовала всенародном референдуме за
declaration of independence of the country from the Soviet Union,
whose republic has been since 1921. AT этот день инициативу
supported by 99% of eligible voters. Two days later
ATерховным Советом республики Армения приобрела статус независимого
of the state. AT связи с распадом СССР формально независимой
Republic became December 26th. First President of independent Armenia
Levon Ter-Petrosyan was elected in the fall of 1991. AT этом же году
Armenia became a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and in 1992
year the country joined the UN. Armenia is a full member
Европейского Совета с 2001 года, а с 2002 – ATсемирной Торговой
Организации (ATТО). Independence Day in Armenia is celebrated
colorful and wide. Independence is a victory that cannot be taken away from
the people of Armenia.

Folk calendar September 21

Small, Most Pure, Nativity of the Virgin, Shoot

The holiday was established by the Orthodox Church in the 4th century. By
to the legend, in Nazareth there lived a righteous and pious conjugal
a couple that has been childless for a long time. Saints Joachim and Anna
God prayed for the baby. They had a daughter, Maria,
blessed and purest. Her birth rejoiced the earth and sky.
The Holy Church quite rightly names Joachim and Anna
God-bearers, because Jesus was born of the Most Holy Daughter of the Virgin Mary
Christ. In Russia, the holiday was called Malaya the Most Pure, Autumn;
Auxiliaries. Opozhinki – harvest festival, was celebrated in Russia whole
week – with songs, games, dances and feasts. Autumn met
by the water. Early in the morning, women would go out to the shores of the lakes with bread.
rec. The eldest of the women held the loaf, and the young sang songs,
glorifying the Virgin Mary. Byсле этого хлеб делили поровну между всеми
participants in the action, every woman took a piece home and
fed it to cattle. On the most pure on a visit to the newlyweds
their relatives came: to see how they live, to teach
Mind. The young mistress fed the guests lunch and gave
parents round cakes, her husband had to show homemade
household Also this day was called Pasikov or Lukov. On
In the gardens, they continued to harvest onions, and in apiaries they prepared bees to
winter AT день равноденствия праздновали вторую встречу осени. Byгода
on this day talked about the weather for the whole autumn.

Historical events September 21

21 сентября 859 года — основан один из древнейших
русских городов – ATеликий Новгород, именно здесь произошло
the birth of Russian statehood. Novgorod (name
exists since 1999) is called the “Father of Russian Cities”, in
currently its population is over two hundred thousand
человек.21 сентября 862 года — эта легендарная
date is considered a day the formation of the Russian state, on this day
there was a vocation by the inhabitants of the Novgorod lands to rule
brothers of the Vikings Rurik, Truvor and Sineus. After the death of the brothers
Rurik became the sole ruler of the lands, from that moment began
legendary rule in Russia of the royal dynasty
Руриковичей.21 сентября 1962 года — после долгого
absence to Russia with concerts came talented conductor and
pianist, eighty-year-old Russian composer Igor Fedorovich
Stravinsky. An outstanding cultural and art leader conducted in
two Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg (at that time
Leningrad). Stravinsky did not come home for forty
восьми лет.21 сентября 1973 года – создана высшая
School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union (former), in
the school were preparing representatives of the management team
органов внутренних дел.21 сентября 1993 года
President of Russia Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin signed a decree on
the dissolution of the Supreme Council. Serious internal political conflict
early 90s led to a tense situation in the country. AT
the result of a violent coup Soviet management model
was overthrown by an armed uprising, as a result
which killed about one and a half hundred people, about four
hundreds of Russians were injured. Political strength of President Boris
Yeltsin, who became the main man of the country as a result of
ATсероссийского референдума 1993 года, одержала победу, завоевав
violently the right to shape the future of Russia. Still
there is no unequivocal assessment of those important events, since the investigation
the case was discontinued in February 1994.

Born September 21

ATладимир Большаков (1934 год) — российский и
Soviet ecologist, as well as academician of RAS. Soviet and Russian
ecologist, academician of RAS. Bolshakov – population and
evolutionary ecology, animal ecology. From 1959 to 1964 he
works at the Institute of Biology, and in 1976 goes to the Institute
ecology of animals and plants. Social activities Bolshakov
no less scientific. He was chairman of the Russian Committee
�”Man and the Biosphere” (UNESCO program), President
Theriological Society of Russia, Chairman of the United
Council of Biological Sciences, now he is a member of the editorial boards of scientific
the journals “Zoological Journal”, “Science in Russia”, as well as the main
редактор журнала «Экология».Ольга Остроумова (1947
year) – Russian and Soviet film and theater actress, Narodnaya
artist of Russia. Ostroumova – one of the brightest examples of Russian
non-aggressive femininity and sexuality. After graduation
Institute, it was adopted in the Youth Theater as an already full
actress and played a lot of roles there. As a student, she began
acting. Today Olga Mikhailovna plays on stage and
is one of the best actresses of the Mossovet Theater, continues
To act in films, works and lives in Moscow. Girolamo
(1452-1598 годы) – итальянский общественный
reformer and preacher. He taught in Bologna, traveled with sermons
to various Lombard cities. AT 1491 году был выбран настоятелем
the monastery of San Marco, where he demonstrated independence by refusing
Lorenzo Medici in turnout with an expression of respect. Girolamo Савонарола
achieved the adoption of the Republican constitution of the Venetian model,
and new laws banning gambling, murder and sodomy.
With these actions he made his enemies in Florence, who
turned against him and dad. AT мае 1497 года Савонарола был
excommunicated church. Later, in 1498, he and his associates were
captured and killed.

Name Day September 21

Именины в этот день отмечают: Георгий, Иван

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