September 20: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 20th.

W, 20 Sep 2016

Holidays September 20

Secretary Day in Russia

The initiative group of secretaries proposed the establishment of a professional
holiday secretary. Most Russian entrepreneurs are not
have doubts about the importance and necessity of the profession
secretary. They have long been transferred to the administrative category.
workers who provide uninterrupted operation
office. Their help is invaluable when working with documents and searching
information. In the USA at the end of April a whole week is organized.
office workers, the day of the secretary consider the environment festive
of the week. In Russia, the secretary’s day is also celebrated on Wednesday
weeks of april.

Night of bats

The most unusual holiday is intended to draw public attention to
protect bats and tell the truth about animals that many
people mistakenly consider these vampires. These amazing
winged animals mastered the art of flying thanks to the original
the structure of the paws – four long fingers they are very developed,
capable of supporting the wing. Flying membrane also
is present on the long narrow tail, but the rear fingers
the extremities of these membranes do not have, so the animals and
hang upside down on the branches and ledges. Bats practically
they do not see in the daytime – they have very weak eyesight, but the smell and
their hearing will never fail – they are more developed than many
animals. Another feature of animals – along with dolphins
only they have echolocation – the phenomenon by which they
perfectly oriented in space. From dangerous species it is possible
select only large animals from Latin America that feed on
other wild animals. Bats – endangered species,
protected under the International Convention for the Protection of Bats.

South Ossetia Independence Day

This day is the laying of garlands of glory and wreaths to the monuments
dead, held concerts, demonstrations, sports
competition. Council of People’s Deputies of the Autonomous Region of the South
Ossetia adopted a declaration on state sovereignty
Democratic Republic. According to this document autonomous
the region was proclaimed by the Soviet Democratic Republic in
part of the USSR. State sovereignty was approved as
supremacy, completeness and independence of state power in
within its territory, independence was also approved
external relationships.

Folk calendar September 20

Bows day

The Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. Luke, who lives in
Cappadocia in the 10th century. At first Luke of Glubokorechensky was a monk
then he became abbot in the Savior Monastery, called “Deep
rivers. ” St. Luke was famous for his piety and righteous life.
Because of the consonance with the name of the monk, people began on this day
celebrate the holiday bows. At this time, everywhere is a harvest of onions,
trade began in the bazaars. Girls on Luka wove braids of onions
and hung them from the ceiling for further storage. Onions were made
various dishes, for example, stuffed it with meat. For this from
the large onions were taken out in the middle, filled with meat and baked in
the furnace. It was believed that if you cook this dish before the onion of the day,
all uncollected onions in the beds will dry. Popularly this plant
respected and considered extremely useful. It was used as
therapeutic and prophylactic anti-cold remedy. Girls
rinsed with a decoction of the husk hair, from which they glittered and
became strong. Onion also judged the weather for the nearest
winter A large number of husks foreshadowed severe frosts.

Historical events September 20

20 сентября 1802 года — российским императором
Alexander I issued a decree that created eight
ministries, including maritime, military, ministry
foreign and internal affairs, police, finance, justice, commerce
и народного просвещения.20 сентября 1854 года — на
Alma took place the first major battle of the Crimean War, during
which allied forces (Great Britain, France, Turkey) gained
victory However, the brave resistance of the Russians allowed
suspend the attack on Sevastopol, which during this period was
совершенно беззащитен.20 сентября 1862 года — в
Monument “The Millennium of Russia” opened in Nizhny Novgorod, created by
and erected in honor of the thousandth anniversary of the vocation of the Varangians on
Russia The large-scale monument consists of 128 figures; it represents
is a huge ball on a pedestal. The idea of ​​the architect Victor
Hartmann, sculptors Mikhail Mikeshina and Ivan Schroeder was
in that the monument was supposed to glorify the glory of the heroic
прошлого России.20 сентября 1862 года — в
St. Petersburg opened the first conservatory (St. Petersburg Order
Lenin State Conservatory named after N. A.
Rimsky-Korsakov). The initiator of the creation of the oldest Russian
Conservatory was Anton Rubinstein, who then taught to students
класс фортепиано.20 сентября 1878 года— в столице
Highest Bestuzhev courses opened, in fact they were the first
Russian Women’s University. The need to create such
the school appeared because Russian girls were leaving
get an education abroad. The founder and the first director
Institutions were Bestuzhev-Rumin, courses were called “Bestuzhev”,
listeners called “bestuzhevka”. Training took place in
Alexandrov women’s gymnasium, located on Gorokhovaya street.
The first listeners were 468 girls. Course participants
could become the fair sex who already had
secondary education and reached 21 years. Entrance exams for
enrollment was not required, with a lack of places was carried out
competition of certificates.

Born September 20

Сид Чаплин (1916 – 1986 гг) — английский писатель.
Sid’s childhood and youth reflected in his literary activities.
The family was not rich, and Chaplin saw hopeless work, poverty and
fear of unemployment. After completing evening school, he began writing
essays and stories for the newspaper “Coal”. Mostly worked in the genre
�”Working novel”. In his works, the author raised sharp
philosophical and social themes. In the novels “The Watchers and
supervised “and” Day of the Sardine “heroes decide difficult
psychological issues. No less significant in literature and stories.
Sida Chaplin, who are often partially autobiographical
or completely. София Лорен (1934 год) —
Italian actressThe first step to the glory of the actress was the victory on
beauty contest at the age of 14 years. In 1952, Lauren met
with Carlo Ponti, the producer who opened her way to a big movie,
and later became her husband and father of two sons. First off
Sophie had occasional roles. Fame came to Lauren along with
the film “Gold of Naples” directed by De Sick. It was he who became for
actress teacher, director, with whom her roles were created.
In addition to the beauty and temperament of the girl, De Sick forced her to work
observation, intelligence and life experience. Lauren quickly won
sympathy of the audience, and also attracted the attention of famous
directors. Initially, the actress had the pseudonym “Lazarro”, but Ponty
advised Bolle sonorous – “Lauren.” Sofia Loren – known throughout
Italian actress in the world who has received awards from major international
film festivals, winner of the Oscar and the special Oscar,
author of several books. Фаддей Беллинсгаузен (1778
– 1852) – Russian navigator In 1819 headed the Russian
round-the-world expedition to Antarctica. Around the world swimming,
lasting 751 days, the sixth continent of the planet was opened, on
a map of the Antarctic, 28 geographical features were mapped from
Russian names, were discovered 29 islands in tropical and southern
широтах.Жан-Франсуа Поль де Гонди (1613 — 1679 гг)
– Parisian archbishop, Cardinal de Retz At the behest of his father entered
spiritual title, not having to him the slightest inclination. In 1643
he was awarded a doctoral degree and Gondi was assigned to
position coadjurator of the Parisian archbishop. Popularity reached
very quickly thanks to his generous alms and his sermons.
Despite the courtesy of court, Gondi was accused of dealing with
prince conde and imprisoned first in Vincennes and then a
Nantes Castle Soon he fled, wandering around the countries. Come back
to France, Gondi abandoned the archbishop’s dignity and
St. Denis Abbey.

Name Day September 20

Именины отмечают в этот день: Андрей, Александр,
Basil, Eugene, Gregory, Makar, Ivan, Leo, Luke, Peter, Michael,
Nikolay, Stepan.

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