September 2: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 2.

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Holidays September 2

The end of World War 2, the capitulation of Japan

One of the points of the law on the “Days of Military Glory” marked this
date – the day of the end of the second world war. For our country it is not
quite a holiday, but rather a day of memory, and the holiday is considered the Day
Military Glory, dedicated to all defenders of the Fatherland, who took
participation in the battles for the motherland. September 2 on the American ship
�”Missouri” signed the surrender of Japan. Among the countries
participated in the act, and was the USSR. Largest world war
lasted exactly 6 years, it was attended by 40 countries from three continents.
It’s simply impossible to count the number of victims, officially
called the number – about 1, 7 billion people. For Russia, September 2 –
it is a celebration of victory in the war with the Japanese aggressors, immortalized
in the national festival of military glory.

Day of the patrol police

The first instruction of the NKVD to the police officer on duty, issued in this
NKVD Day in 1923 regulates the provisions on the service of the guard
police officer, work duties and rules. In all cities
these units appeared and served, observing the order
and ensuring peace of citizens. Faculty staff have a special
form, and are in places of mass gatherings of people – in the gardens and
parks, squares of the city, on the roads, streets. Today PPP also
is one of the many law enforcement departments in
every corner of the country.

Labor Day in America and Canada

For over 100 years, America celebrates this interesting holiday, the origins
whose goal is to make workers more
output. The unions have stepped up their work, and by
to arrange on this day special parades of workers to express
thanks to their unions. Holiday in America and Canada
different from the European first of May – here people just relax
and having fun, grateful for a free moment to rest. Throughout
camping camps are organized in the country and everyone goes out to fresh air

Notary’s Day in Ukraine

The notary chamber appealed to the current President Yushchenko
on the signing of the Decree on the celebration of Notary’s Day in 2010.
Officially, about 5 thousand specialists are employed in the ward.
It is noteworthy that the Decree was signed by the Presidents in just three days.
until the end of his powers. Notary is not just legal
worker, and the natural defender of human rights is
independent assistance to citizens of their country. In Russia, Notary Day
celebrated on April 27th.

Folk calendar September 2

Samoilov day

Samuel is a biblical prophet, his name translates as “Heard
By God. ” He lived in a difficult time for his people, when
needed help and guidance. Moral decay reached
critical point and as a result the Philistines seized religious
shrines – Ark of the Covenant. Samuel inspired his sermons
the Israelites to expel strangers, enlightened compatriots,
arousing a patriotic attitude in them. He ruled the people and
was considered the supreme judge, but when older, people asked him
assign to control another person, changing
heavenly messenger to the earthly king. God allowed Samuel
to fulfill the request of the people, but at the same time ordered to explain that now
people are responsible for their actions. The first ruler is Saul
disappointed Samuel, he was replaced by David. In Russia since Samuel
considered to be the patron of men, on this day daughters are being served fathers new
shirts, and the wife sets a rich table, honoring the men. Have nature in
This day is asked for the right weather for field work.

Historical events of September 2

2 сентября 911 год нашей эры – заключение
Treaty with ByzantiumIn 911, in the struggle with Constantinople, the prince
Oleg has achieved significant success. Designers simply forced
have been to conclude an agreement with him, since Oleg’s ships are passing
the wind got to the other side of the Golden Horn. Vulnerable
Constantinople was frightened of two thousand rooks, in each of which
were 40 men. According to the contract, Byzantium and Kiev
Russia had friendly relations. Exchange rules were also determined.
captives, conducting trials, punishments for crimes.
If a ship or property was thrown ashore, it was prescribed
Giving help. Content of Russian merchants located in Byzantium
paid from the treasury of Greek cities. Russians could live in
Byzantine cities up to six months, hired for work and military
service. 2 сентября 1918 года – учреждение
The Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic is headed by Leo TrotskyS of this moment
the country turned into a real military camp, and the highest
collegiate body became the Military Council. Trotsky led
this body for 7 years. Each part had at least 3
members of the Revolutionary Military Council, which included the commander and political
workers. Political events led to
Institute of People’s Commissars. Total for the time it worked
to work 52 people, the Council was abolished in 1934. 2
september 1940 года
– введения знака различия «Маршальская
star “Marshal of the Soviet Union star in the Soviet army was issued
those who had the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union. In the Russian army
the name has changed, now it sounds like the Marshal of the Russian
Federation. In connection with this change, a new mark of distinction has been instituted.
�”Marshall Star”. A little later another sign was established –
Little Marshall Star. Both signs are made of gold with
diamonds with the addition of platinum. For the entire period was made
200 and 370 pieces of stars. Always gives the Star the Chairman of the Supreme
Board along with a special charter, after death or demotion
prescribed to deposit a badge of distinction in the diamond fund
страны.2 сентября 1727 года — из Охотска на
Kamchatka, the Russian expedition headed by
famous explorer and explorer Vitus Bering (Dane
origin). The expedition was successful, the map was
нанесены новые объекты.2 сентября 1941 года — в то
a time when Soviet troops were retreating under the pressure of fascist
aggressors, in the Russian capital opened the famous concert hall
named after Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Currently cultural
the institution is one of the largest concert halls in Moscow
is the main concert venue of the Moscow Philharmonic,
располагающийся на Триумфальной площади.2 сентября 1972
— первая игра по хоккею с шайбой в легендарной
Super Series Canada – USSR. In the opening match of the big fight,
consisted of 8 games, won the team of the Soviet Union with
3: 7, the match was held in the country of the maple leaf, in the stands
there were a huge number of fans, including the leadership
Canada. After the legendary game Valery Kharlamov for the transition to the NHL
offered 1 million dollars, the Soviet hockey player refused and
остался на Родине, не пожелав эмигрировать в Канаду.2
сентября 1992 года
— власти России и Соединенных Штатов
The Americas have made a big step towards overcoming the longstanding
barriers by agreeing not to impede entry
journalists and businessmen both countries. Thus began a new
веха в отношениях двух мега держав.2 сентября 1993
— между Россией и Соединенными Штатами Америки было
signed an agreement on the construction of the International Space
station. Complex, in construction and maintenance of which later
15 countries participated, destined for serious space
research to help address global
problems. Today, the management of the International Space Complex
produced from the Queen (in Russia) and Houston (in the United
States of America), however, the two sides daily communicate each other
important information.

Born September 2

Джон Говард (1726- 1790 годы) — британский
philanthropist Howard’s main civic activities were
the fight against diseases of a mass nature – the plague, as well as
reforming the prison system. After being elected sheriff, Howard was
just amazed at the situation in which criminals were kept in
prisons. His nickname in his contemporaries sounded like
�”Howard Philanthropist.” In 1777, he wrote the book “The State of Prisons
England and Wales ”, which immediately after shock came out
his compatriots. It was Howard who noticed the state dependency.
cities from prison outbreaks, studied quarantine and
promoted hygiene measures. John Bedard staged at Bedford
бронзовая статуя.Людовик I Бонапарт (1778 — 1846
years) – Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland. Napoleon’s brother
2. The Bonaparte family was rather numerous, its crown
Louis received from Napoleon 1. Holland was considered a vassal
state towards France but Louis accepted the needs
Holland and the Dutch as their own and put a lot of effort
for the development of the country. He is credited with founding a royal
Institute of Arts, Academy of Sciences. Lodovake (so called the king
in local dialect) brought most of the French army from Holland,
abolished the death penalty. He married and begat three sons, and in 1810
by order of a more powerful brother refused the throne in
favor of his little son. Four days later holland was
annexed by France. Киану Ривз (1964 год) —
american actor exotic appearance as a result
mixing of many nations, allows Reeves to receive
exotic roles. The most famous role was in the movie “The Matrix”,
other films with his participation are also known: “Speed”, “My
personal state of Idaho “,” Constantine “,” On the crest of a wave. ” Fees
the actor is very large, but he agrees and at low rates,
just to take part in movies with famous
actors, for example, Al-Pacino in Devil’s Advocate. Filmography
Keanu Reeves has about 50 roles.

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