Separate food: rules, principles,diet

There is not a single girl who has never heard of a split
nutrition. Difficult to say that separate food is a diet
since it includes a fairly large number of rules,
therefore, it is rather a nutritional philosophy, based on which
составляется сама diet, о чём мы и расскажем в данной статье.

Принцип раздельного питания The content of the article:

A large number of girls and women who have tried
to comply with the system of separate food, after a week noticed
positive results, which is why on our website we decided
share this power system with you. Split system
nutrition is built on proper nutrition, so that the stomach
quickly digests the food consumed, and this is primarily
eliminates excess weight and improves overall condition

Principles of separate feeding

  • Digesting food

Scientists have proven that we consumed protein food
digested in an acidic environment, and carbohydrate food in alkaline. AT
due to the fact that our body can not simultaneously produce
щёлочь и кислоту,  процесс переваривания различных видов пищи
significantly delayed.

For example, if you ate potatoes for breakfast with meat and bread, and
for lunch ate a sandwich with sausage, then digesting food will
proceed as follows: within 3 hours they will be the first
digested carbohydrates (potatoes and bread), then when in
the stomach will appear acidic in the evening will begin to digest
the rest of the food (meat and sausage).

Thus, for almost 6 hours in your
the stomach is and “idle” food that is not

If you add to this all more and protein food, which you
dined, then in our stomach is almost the whole day
undigested food that begins to ferment and rot due to
which we may have unhealthy gas, heaviness in the stomach,
intestinal contamination, overweight, etc.

Accordingly, we can conclude that each meal should
include a set of products from one group.

  • Eating food

As for eating food, it must also be taken.
according to the rules. If you use a diet, then the meal should
occur strictly according to time, if you adhere to the principle
separate diets without diets, it is necessary to eat food when
you will have a feeling of hunger, and it is hunger, not appetite –
these are different things.

ATо время еды тщательно пережёвывайте пищу, так как это очень
good for the stomach – it will be easier for it to digest it. Thanks
this food will digest faster and will not stagnate, but, and
also, since the feeling of satiety does not come immediately, slow reception
Food helps you eliminate overeating.

By the way, overeating is generally strictly prohibited.
The food you cook should not be hot, so after
cooking your portion should cool to the temperature at
which you don’t have to blow on it, while the cold food is also not
should be at least room temperature.

  • Water consumption

Separate meals also sets a limited amount
drinking water.

ATо-первых, употребление воды должно ограничиваться лишь
except feelings of thirst. That is, you should only drink
when you want to drink and do it in small sips.

ATо-вторых, приём воды нужно осуществлять за 15-20 минут до
start eating, but by no means at the time of eating and
not after that.

Меню раздельного питания

Separate Power Rules

Now let’s more specifically consider the principles of separation
power, namely: what rules follow from it.
Food Separation Compatibility

Separate nutrition for weight loss is arranged primarily on
use of compatible food groups.

The following combinations of products are categorically incompatible:

  • Protein and carbohydrate products;
  • Protein foods and fatty foods;
  • Protein products and sour fruits;
  • Carbohydrate foods with sour food;
  • Gourds with other types of products.

Compatible products:

For convenience, to give you a full list
compatible, incompatible and neutral products, we brought this
all in the table. The product compatibility table is built in
called coordinate system where intersecting products along the lines
coordinates answer the question – what is their combination. Green color
means that the products are perfectly combined, yellow – neutral
combination, red – products are not combined with each other.

Таблица совместимости продуктов при раздельном питании

Prohibited Products

In addition to the compatibility of products, separate power mode
involves the elimination of the following products from your diet:

  • Sugar (in any form);
  • Smoked products;
  • Canned food, pickles;
  • Refined oils of vegetable origin;
  • Ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • Long-term stored vegetables and fruits;
  • Dry and condensed milk;
  • Products with a high percentage of fat;
  • Products from the category of fast food;
  • Sweet carbonated drinks.


To eat, using a mode of separate food, it is necessary
5 times a day. Meals should have such structure:

  • Breakfast: 7: 30-8: 00;
  • ATторой завтрак: 11:00;
  • Lunch: 13:00;
  • Lunch: 5:00 p.m .;
  • Dinner: 19:00.

Of course, if you wake up at 9:00, then the meal
Shifts by 2 hours.

Recommendations for a diet

ATходить и выходить из диеты необходимо постепенно, чтобы резкая
Changing the usual diet for the body was not stress. It is by
For this reason, getting used to constant overeating and eating
large amounts of food in the early days of the diet, many experience
constant feeling of hunger and very hard going through the beginning of diet

To prevent this, prepare yourself for a new regime.
power supply. The same is recommended to do and exit and diet,
so as not to overload the “resting” digestive system. AT

Your menu should be more based on fresh fruit.
and vegetables, making up more than half the daily diet.

Eliminate fried foods, preferring only boiled,
baked and steamed products.

Семидневная diet при раздельном питании, рекомендовано, может
include a fasting day, best on apples. If
you like better and better use the fasting day on
product, of course, you can use

Nutrition Diet

Next, we want to bring to your attention a separate menu.
food for weight loss for 7 days. Данная diet составлена на основе
всех принципов и правил раздельного power supply. Diet contributes
cleansing the body, unloading the digestive system, and
eliminates the appearance of excess weight. Раздельное питаниеMeals on the menu

  • 1st day:

Завтрак: Геркулесовая каша с молоком (0% жирности) и с
small pieces of fruit; ATторой завтрак: 2 средних
sizes of kiwi; Обед: Отварная курица (1/3 часть), листья
lettuce, boiled cauliflower and broccoli; Полдник:
Yoghurt 0.5ml; Ужин: Тушёные овощи, омлет с грибами,
green salad.

  • 2nd day:

Завтрак: Отварной рис с мелконарезанными кусочками
fruit, orange juice; ATторой завтрак: Банан;
Обед: 150гр мясных котлет (приготовить на пару), гарнир из
vegetables; Полдник: Апельсин; Ужин: Яичница (2 яйца)
with tomatoes and herbs.

  • 3rd day:

Fasting day for apples. AT течение дня употребляйте
exceptionally fresh apples: as a whole, puree and juices.

  • 4th day:

Завтрак: Творог (150гр, обезжиренный или 5% жирности) с
fruit pieces; ATторой завтрак: Апельсин;
Обед: Отварная куриная грудка (1/2), овощи приготовленные
for a couple; Полдник: Груша; Ужин: Яйцо сваренное в
cool, salad from vegetables and greens.

  • 5th day:

Завтрак: Молочная ржаная каша, полстакана апельсинового
fresh, diluted ½ cup water; ATторой завтрак:
An Apple; Обед: Отварная телятина (100гр), салат из овощей с
greens; Полдник: Горсть лесных или грецких орехов;
Ужин: Запечённая под сыром цветная капуста, зелёный чай

  • 6th day:

Завтрак: Подрумяненный тост (из хлеба муки грубого
milling), barley porridge with milk, 2nd medium sized mandarins,
citrus juice; ATторой завтрак: An Apple; Обед:
Boiled squids (100g), lettuce, 2 slices of cheese and
steamed eggplants; Полдник: 4 штучки кураги
or prunes; Ужин: Омлет (2 яйца и обезжиренная
sour cream) with tomatoes, vegetable salad.

  • 7th day:

Завтрак: Молочная гречневая каша, апельсин; ATторой
: Зелёное яблоко; Обед: Отварная рыба (100гр),
stewed vegetables and lettuce leaves; Полдник: Йогурт (0%
fat content); Ужин: Суп из овощей, листья зелёного
salad dressing

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