Secrets of weight loss Ksenia Borodina

Slimming Xenia Borodina after childbirth caused a general sensation.
TV presenters struck the audience and fans of their harmony and
fit, although more recently she weighed about 70 kg. Despite
is a global transformation, Ksyusha did not hide the methods
weight loss and shared them with everyone.

Secrets of weight loss Ksenia Borodina


  • Borodin “before” and “after” losing weight
  • Methods and features of weight loss


Borodin “before” and “after” losing weight

It was Ksenia who, after giving birth, managed, thanks to her willpower and
competent approach to solving problems, get rid of unnecessary
kilograms. Now its weight is 46 kilograms, whereas after birth
the scales showed 70. Borodina tried different diets, unloading
days and training, but the weight of “leave” was in no hurry. And yet she managed
find the best way, the main secret of which is the absence
diet in the form of a specific menu. Plus – a sport that is to your liking:
swimming, dancing, fitness.

Бородина до и после похудения

Methods and features of weight loss

Some call Ksenia’s “erotic” diet, because the TV host
took tremendous measures to return that same spouse
charming and slim woman, whom he married. it
The most important aspect of the method of losing weight – stimulus. He must be
so strong to kill the feeling of hunger, fatigue and
unwillingness to work on a treadmill instead of wallowing
on the couch after a work day.

Features of the method of Xenia can be put in several points:

  1. Regularly attend fitness classes, you can choose to run,
    swimming, any load.
  2. Give up the flour and sweet.
  3. Remove sweet soda.
  4. Include vegetable soups in the diet.
  5. To eat small portions.
  6. Take meals not on schedule, but when you want, but a break
    must be at least 4 hours.
  7. If you strongly pestering hunger, you can drink a glass of water.
  8. Be sure to drink vitamin complexes.
  9. The main focus of the menu is on fresh vegetables, especially on cucumbers.
    They provide the body with minerals, and low-calorie. And still
    contain fiber that cleans the intestines well.

Week diet allows you to lose 3 to 5 pounds.

Basic requirements for losing weight

Switching to vegetables, exercise, full sleep – this
enough to gradually restore the figure. The main thing –
get used to this diet, tune in, that this process is not
temporary, but permanent. Over time, the body itself will reject
fatty foods.

The requirements are very simple:

  1. Sports need only choose the one that you like.
  2. No need to give up your favorite dishes, you can replace the products
    for more useful.
  3. Drink at least 2 liters of liquid, recommended natural
    juices, compotes, green tea. But not earlier than half an hour after
  4. On the day, eat up to a kilogram of cucumbers, greens – how much
  5. Do not allow feelings of hunger.
  6. On the day it is permissible to eat 1 boiled egg, a piece of lean
    boiled meat.

The maximum number of calories per day should not exceed


To save strength and energy it is very important to have a cheerful mood and
healthy sleep. All women agree that after childbirth, with the child
on the hands, it is almost unreal, but it is unlikely to work out otherwise.
Lack of sleep, coupled with physical exertion, will create instead of beauty
embittered shrew, so if you can sleep for 8 hours in
day is not cut out, it is better to postpone trying to lose weight for a while,
when the baby is a little older.

Ksyusha also noted in an interview that outdoor games
In intensity by daughter, they completely replace the work hours in the gym.
Run, crawl, jump, catch up, gather toys together – almost
full set of loads on all muscle groups.

Похудение с ребенком


The main focus in the diet Xenia did cucumbers, it is important to acquire
house, from a bed, but not hothouse which are less useful. Instead
sugar to buy a substitute, and the salt to refuse or reduce to
the minimum. You can eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions,
kill hunger can be a light salad or cottage cheese. Salads to fill
vegetable oil or low-fat sour cream. Borodina herself calls
your diet option for the lazy. You don’t need to cook complicated ones.
dishes or buy expensive products.

Cucumber diet

We have breakfast with a slice of whole-grain bread, green salad and
cucumbers. You can fill with oil or yogurt.

Dine with boiled chicken breast – 100 g serving, salad
Chinese cabbage and cucumbers, squeezed from olives.

We dine with a salad of cucumbers and eggs, flavored with sour cream,
whole wheat bread.

We have dinner with summer salad, flavored with lemon juice and olive

Cucumber diet очищает организм, а закрепляющим этапом является
protein, the essence of which – to remove fats. The first helps to lose weight,
but there is a shortage of proteins, the skin begins to sag. But
with a protein diet, the body gets enough energy, which
released from fat deposits.

Protein diet

  1. For breakfast – oatmeal on the water and a glass of kefir.
  2. For lunch – 2 apples or an orange.
  3. For lunch – boiled meat or baked fish, you can replace 2
    boiled eggs.
  4. For dinner – 1 egg, vegetable salad, yogurt.

This diet can be followed 5 days, then take a break
for 2-3 days, and only after it is allowed to repeat. Kseniya
advises, if possible, to cook vegetable soups, you need to take
only green fruits: cabbage, sorrel, green pepper.

Read more about the protein diet – read here.

The recipe for weight loss from Borodina

The basis of Xenia’s diet is salads, and it is easy to make them. But рецепт
vegetable soup is quite possible to write. A dish of tomatoes cooked 15
minutes, you can replace them with cabbage, pumpkin, onions and carrots. Cucumbers
It is not recommended to put, because the food is already built on
of them.

Tomato Soup


  1. Tomatoes – 400 g
  2. Onions – 1 pc.
  3. Bulgarian green pepper – 1 pc.
  4. Celery – 100 g
  5. Greens – 1 bunch.


  1. Tomatoes cut into slices, pepper and celery – strips.
  2. Shred onions.
  3. Pour the vegetables with water, boil.
  4. Варить 15 минут, солить по the minimum.
  5. Sprinkle with herbs, you can add yogurt or a spoonful of lean
    sour cream.

Tomato Soup


Nutritionists note that the diet of the Borodina is not desirable for
pregnant and lactating moms. Ведь Kseniya перевела дочь на
artificial mixtures, which allowed to take shape soon after
childbirth. And still не рекомендуются такие ограничения людям с
diseases of the stomach or intestines, adolescents who have
hormonal adjustment of the body.

Out of the diet

You need to go out of the diet smoothly, enter proteins and cereals –
little by little For breakfast, cook porridge on the water, and for lunch – bake
meat with vegetables. For a snack, leave fruit, kefir, cottage cheese,


But no diet will not help get a fit figure without
physical activity is a known fact. Slimming skin
begins to sag, it must be kept in good shape. Kseniya посещала
training with electrostimulation of muscles, was engaged in a special
suit with electrodes. They were current and muscle conductors.
stimulants, the weight of each reached 3 kg. The device helped
increase the frequency of muscle contractions that was done under the guidance of
an experienced coach.

Not everyone will have the money for such expensive classes, but
normal loads are also quite effective. Aerobics, dancing, swimming –
species can be changed so as not to get bored. The main thing – заниматься с
pleasure. You can choose jogging in the morning or walking, riding
by bike.

Psychological attitude

As already mentioned, the mental attitude is very important. Kseniya
She tried to lose weight to make her husband happy, and
Of course, return to your favorite work. After all, the screen also adds
kilos so with a lot of weight on the screen leading simply not
will look.

If there is no super goal, you can think of it. Sanded figure
to shine at the resort, and the money saved on food is set aside
for a trip. Post photos on a popular overseas website
suitors. Find a more prestigious job. The choice is rich. it поможет
keep a positive attitude.

Tips from Ksenia Borodina are not much different from tips.
experienced nutritionists. Less harmful products, move more,
vegetables and fruits in the permanent menu. Whatever the motivation
the main thing is not to give up if the weight falls more slowly than desired.
would. After all, the confidence that everything will turn out is an important component.
success of any diet.

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