Secrets of weight loss by Polina Gagarina

Having a nice figure and losing it after giving birth is extra
stress for any woman. Many initially hope that overweight
will leave on its own, but – alas! This happens very rarely.
This is exactly what Polina Gagarin, a member of the Star Factory, felt for
months of pregnancy, she gained 30 pounds. Get rid of that
It was difficult, but quite real!

Secrets of weight loss by Polina Gagarina


  • Gagarin before and after weight loss
  • Methods and features of weight loss


Gagarin before and after weight loss

Polina achieved a unique result: six months after giving birth
dropped 40 pounds! To the question “How was this done?” The most capacious
can be considered the answer: “Someday I will write a book, where on the first
page will be written “Do not eat!” With this statement is difficult
argue With the growth of 170 centimeters Polina now weighs 47
a kilogram, and after giving birth there were 86. She herself claims that she always
I ate as much as I wanted, and did not get better, during pregnancy too
leaned on the food, but for some reason the weight after the birth of her son was not

The fight for the figure had to be extremely tough: diet, sports, and 30
kilogram gone, moreover, irrevocably. Fitness classes Polina
continues, even returning to normal weight.

Полина Гагарина похудела

Methods and features of weight loss

Polina decided to share the secret of her diet with
fans, the essence of which – in separate nutrition. Or –
product alternation. Every day eat differently, but one and
same. At the same time, give up flour, sweet, salty, drink
a lot of water and do not eat after 6 pm

Additionally, read about how to replace the flour and sweet.

Some tips from Polina:

  1. Go to bed only on a free stomach.
  2. Eat fractional, but often.
  3. Products – only boiled or steamed, fried – categorically
  4. Constant exercise. If there is no time for fitness,
    20 minutes a day jump rope.
  5. Sweets can be replaced with a piece of rye bread.
  6. Eat potato once a week in baked form.
  7. The basis of power to make vegetable soups, they can be cooked on
    lean meat broth.
  8. To compensate for the lack of protein seafood.

Basic requirements for losing weight

The young singer notes that the first couple of days the fat diet will start
leave, but then the mode of saving stocks is turned on, when
not fat but muscle tissue is destroyed. To prevent this from happening,
It is important to keep your muscles in shape due to exercise.

Primary requirements:

  1. Do not suffer from hunger, eat to saturation. Although, of course, there are
    happy to eat without salt and oil is difficult.
  2. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, they
    remove harmful substances from the body. Polina prefers gifts
    gardens and gardens of bright colors, as they contain
    phytonutrient – a substance that slows aging.
  3. To preserve the nutrients of vegetables is best when


Moderate loads, special menu, positive attitude –
These are the main principles of Polina’s lifestyle. She is constantly at work
but trying to make time to eat on time, or
at least – not high-calorie foods. After 6 pm does not eat if
stays up late, then interrupts appetite with apples or kefir.
But not later than 2 hours before bedtime.



An important plus of Polina’s diet – weight does not return after completion.
Unless, of course, start to lean on the flour. But experience shows
that with long-term abandonment of fat and sweet, the body wears off
from these products and perceives them badly, if you start to eat it.
That, too, is an absolute plus. Drink at least 2 liters
Fluids per day: water, juices, herbal infusions, green tea.

Features of the menu:

  1. Breakfast vegetables without salt, slightly seasoned with butter.
    The perfect salad: cabbage, bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.
    Oatmeal on the water, without salt, you can put berries and nuts. Tomato
    juice, it is allowed to replace with any other, but natural.
  2. To eat unsalted steamed fish, stewed vegetables,
    an apple.
  3. Dine fruit.
  4. Dinner with white boiled meat, vegetable salad, kefir.

Cereals for breakfast can be changed, for lunch to cook any meat,
best of all – chicken or turkey. Greens can be eaten without
restrictions, add to salads. From fruit Polina recommends
apples, but from the grapes and bananas will have to give up.

If possible, it is better to dine on vegetable soups, they are good
muffle hunger. Feature menu Gagarin – one day of the week –
one product, on Monday – rice, on Tuesday – fish, then –
fruit, and further, by choice. Thus, the body loses fat without
damage to muscle cells, while receiving the necessary vitamins.

The recipe for weight loss from Polina

In the first months of losing weight, the singer adhered to very strict
separate diets: vegetables, rice and chicken breast. On every day –
your product. Then she began to add fruit, soups. Recent counts
lifeline as they help to cope with the feeling

Vegetable Soup


  1. Asparagus beans – 200 g
  2. Bulgarian pepper – 2 pcs.
  3. Celery – 300 g
  4. Tomatoes – 0.5 kg.
  5. Onions – 5 pcs.
  6. Carrots – 2 pcs.
  7. Cabbage – 100 g


  • Tomatoes Scald, peel, crush in a blender.
  • Peppers, onions, carrots and cabbage finely chopped.
  • Pour the crushed tomatoes with a liter of water, add the rest
  • Bring to readiness, mash into puree.
  • Do not put salt and butter.

Vegetable Soup


This method of weight loss is prohibited for pregnant and lactating mothers.
Polina lost weight after giving birth after she had transferred her son to
Artificial nutrition, when the baby is one month old. Not
a diet is recommended for adolescents whose body forms, and
lack of necessary elements can provoke any


It is known that while studying at the Moscow Art Theater Polina is very time consuming.
paid special loads, only stage movement and
fencing took 3 hours a day. Plus – running in the morning,
fitness pool. From time to time – sauna. The main principle is
practice every day, workouts can be reduced, but not

Psychological attitude

To diet brought the desired results, you need the appropriate
mood In this case, a goal is needed, for which it is worth enduring
inconvenience, to abandon the usual, “tasty” lifestyle, and
while looking satisfied with this very life. Polina notes
that here you need to completely restructure, make a new mode
familiar and learn to enjoy it. Its golden
rule: it is better to eat less than more.

Notсколько советов от певицы, как сохранить положительный

  1. Sometimes arrange the planned “breaks” from the hard menu.
    When a person knows that the “window” for harmful, but tasty food
    eat, it is easier for him to put up with tasteless food. And the body will not be in
    this time is feverishly “doing stocks”, so that those extra pounds are not
  2. Focus on work or other favorite business. When is the time
    flying unnoticed, hunger is not felt that way.
  3. From loads choose what you like: running, swimming, dancing.
    Need to do with pleasure.
  4. Relieve stress after a hard day’s work better picnic trips
    or in a circle of friends.
  5. Notпременно спать не меньше 8 часов. With a lack of sleep the body gives
    strong disruptions and can not keep a diet.

Polina’s diet method is completely harmless to the body if
there is a lack of vitamins, it can be filled by including in the menu
vitamin complexes. According to nutritionists, this method is really
helps to get rid of excess weight, the main thing – to comply
recommendations and do not overdo it.

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