Secrets of weight loss by Olga Kartunkova

KVN lovers are well aware of the colorful captain of the “City
Pyatigorsk ”Kartunkova Olga. Naughty fat woman always attracted
Attention. However, not so long ago, Olga completely changed:
lost weight, prettier. What is her secret, how did the star in
short time to lose extra kilos and change literally to
unrecognizability? Let’s try to figure out further.

Secrets of weight loss by Olga Kartunkova


  • How did Olga start her way to losing weight?
  • Diet rules
  • What foods should be in the diet?
  • Menu
  • Recipes from Olga
  • Exercise stress
  • Olga’s advice

How did Olga start her way to losing weight?

Olga always admitted that she did not complex because of her extra
weight. But an unsuccessful fall, a broken leg and a long recovery.
just because of excess weight, forced to think about your
health and pushed her to lose weight. Now in built
KVN’s star is hard to recognize Olga, from the weight category of 150 kg she is
quite a short time passed into the category of 96 kg.

Kartunkova in different interviews emphasize that before
weight loss, she first went for help to specialists.
First to the endocrinologist, where it turned out that weight is gained due to
slow metabolism. And then turned to professional
a nutritionist who individually developed a diet for her and
set of exercises. It was in tandem with the experts that she began.
lose kilograms and they stopped returning to her

Diet rules

The basic rules of star diet, developed by doctors:

  1. The diet was that the patient had to limit
    portion volume.
  2. Eat no more than 120 g of carbohydrates, 70 g of protein and 30 g per day
  3. From the diet disappeared various
    полуфабрикаты, копчёности, сладкое и мучные изделия.
  4. A restriction has been imposed on the use of salt, it should be in
    the minimum amount of food.
  5. On the day you need to drink up to 2.5 liters of liquid – mineral
    water, green tea, herbal infusions.
  6. The diet has changed, you had to eat at the same time
    every 3 hours and in small portions, that with an acting career
    make it hard.

The actress has repeatedly said that in the early days it was very difficult for her
stand the new diet. She needed a lot of willpower,
to force yourself not to break and not eat from the heart.

What foods should be in the diet?

Recommended products that helped the star lose weight:

  • meat – protein is necessary, but it should not be consumed
    in the evening;
  • cereal (except for manna), vegetables, kefir – perfect evening
  • fruits (excluding grapes and bananas) are best consumed before
  • boiled egg white is eaten before bedtime;
  • 15 minutes after eating drink 1 cup of broth
    rose hips.


This is an approximate diet, dishes, if desired, can be swapped and
introduce others. The main products at the very beginning of the diet are vegetables,
bran, fruit and nuts. If hunger suffers greatly, it is allowed
eat a small slice of cheese or greens.


1 day

In the morning, eat 250 grams of fruit salad and drink a glass of tea.
After three hours, drink 1 cup of kefir. Boiled chicken for lunch
fillet, skin removed (portion 200 g). At lunch – a glass
freshly squeezed juice, kefir or a handful of nuts. In the evening, eat 100 g
low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

2 day

For breakfast, cook porridge, which is added a little
honey, a handful of nuts and dried apricots. For lunch they eat stewed beans and
drink juice. Lunch consists of chicken breast and fresh vegetables on
garnish. At noon there is enough apple or a handful of nuts. For dinner
Prepare pancakes from bran and drink 1 cup of kefir.

3 day

Morning start with a glass of carrot juice and muesli. Next
Eat 100 grams of dates and drink green tea. For lunch –
boiled or jellied fish, fresh vegetables. Tea time is
berry platter. For dinner 100 г йогурта.

4 day

For breakfast – buckwheat porridge and a glass of green tea. For lunch
spoil themselves with a portion of low-fat cottage cheese. Boiled chicken for dinner
meat and broccoli. Tea time – tomato juice and wholegrain bread
flour. For dinner готовят овощи на гриле.

5 day

Morning begins with cottage cheese pancakes and a cup of tea. Then snack
bean and carrot salad. For lunch, cook the soup and fruit compote.
Afternoon snack with fresh fruit. In the evening, stew cabbage and eat
a tomato.

6 day

For breakfast – omelet with fresh vegetables, tea. For lunch съедают
fresh fruits. In the afternoon, they dine on vegetable stews and fish cooked
for a couple. In the afternoon drink freshly prepared fruit juice.
Dine on tomato and arugula salad.

7 day

In the morning – a portion of oatmeal, which is added to dried apricots. Snack
apples or pears. For lunch, bake a piece of salmon and vegetables,
prepare mors. At noon there is a handful of nuts and fruit. For dinner
make a curd pan, but without sugar.

Salads are seasoned with olive oil.

Recipes from Olga

Olga Kartunkova offers her own recipes that she
very helpful in drawing up the menu.

Bran muesli is an ideal dish for

In a plate pour a couple of tablespoons of granulated bran –
they can be purchased at the pharmacy, the same cedar nuts.
The ingredients are mixed and pour kefir with a fat content of 1%.

Отруби с орешками

Soup for lunch

Potatoes cut into cubes, carrots crushed on a grater,
cabbage chopped. Onions and herbs are ground. Prepared vegetables
immersed in boiling water. Two tablespoons of washed millet
add to broth and boil until cooked.

Chicken Breast with Basil

Chicken breast is peeled and cut into two pieces. On
each of them make cuts in which they put sliced ​​on
small slices of tomatoes and chopped basil. Secure everything with
Using toothpicks and stewing or steaming until done.

Fruit salad

Green apples, pears and oranges peeled, cleaned
sunflower seeds. Then cut into cubes, shift in a deep plate
and pour low-fat yogurt.

Exercise stress

However, one diet is not enough. The results would not be so
impressive without physical exertion. Experts advised
actress moderate exercise.

On первом этапе идеальным видом спорта для неё стало плавание.
She began to go to the pool 2 times a week, where she swam for 1 hour.
In this case, it is necessary to swim so that the chin does not touch the water.
Due to this, she pulled him up, strengthened muscles and accelerated the loss
weight. Read more about exercises in the pool here.

The next stage is a treadmill with short distances. With
over time, speed and mileage increased. Gradually she became
work out on other simulators and go to the morning

Olga’s advice

Also, the artist advises once a week to cleanse the body from
toxins and toxins, and remove excess water. This day is necessary
eat 500 g dried apricots or 2-3 kg of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and drink
only green tea.

Kartunkova Olga’s stunning slimming is over.
unnoticed. Many manufacturers of “magic pills” decided
get hold of her expense saying that thanks to their pills she
lost weight. The actress herself has repeatedly stated that she has no
attitudes towards such drugs and encourages not to be conducted on dubious

She makes no secret of her diet. Balanced nutrition and
doing sports is the key to losing weight. But before you start
fight against excess weight, be sure to consult your doctor.
Now Olga is writing a book where she promises to reveal all the nuances. What,
It remains to wait for the book to be published.

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