Seasonal vegetables and fruits

With the onset of autumn, counters in shops and markets are crammed with
abundance of fruits and vegetables: watermelons, melons, young white-haired
cabbage, pumpkin. The season of mushrooms begins, local apples ripen.
 How to eat seasonal foods with health benefits and
figures, says nutritionist center “Palette” Elena

Арбуз �”The listed seasonal foods, like all fruits and
vegetables contain fiber, which is very large
plus because fiber is not absorbed in our intestines, but
выполняет своего рода очистительные функции —  выводит токсины
and carcinogens, as well as excess fat and sugar, and this contributes
weight loss. It is seasonal fruits and vegetables, not winter ones.
Dutch contain a maximum of vitamins that strengthen
immunity, improve metabolic processes, which is very important on the eve
autumn-winter season, ”says Elena.

What time is better to eat them?

�”Pumpkin, mushrooms and cabbage can be included in the menu throughout
day, including in the evening, for dinner. Cabbage contains pretty
a lot of calcium, pumpkin – potassium, ”comments nutritionist.

But sweet watermelons, melons, apples Elena advises to eat in the first
половину дня, учитывая,  что в них содержится много фруктозы,
that is, fast carbs that are quickly absorbed and raise
blood sugar levels.

Watermelons contain magnesium, which helps normalize
function of the nervous system and causes a diuretic effect. it
stimulates the excretory function, preventing the deposition of salts and
the formation of kidney stones.

Melon has a fairly large set of vitamins and has
property to quench thirst. Но  она может усиливать процессы
fermentation and cause a feeling of “overcrowding” of the intestines. Therefore,
melon is better not to combine with other products, but is separately from

Грибы содержат много белка,  однако стать полноценной
replacing meat or meet the needs of losing weight in protein can not.
 The protein of fungi is poorly digested due to the fact that
chitin shells.  You can handle mushrooms, for example,
boil, dry and then grind to form a powder. In this form
chitinous shell is destroyed and the protein becomes more accessible
for assimilation.

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