Scrub against cellulite at home fromcoffee grounds

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Women and girls are often confused by ripples or bumps that
are in the area of ​​body fat with this disease,
referred to as cellulite. Irregularities of the skin that are present in
most women, absolutely normal property of the female

Matter in collagen fibers that hold fat
interlayer. In men, they are laid flat and resemble a grid, but in
women – they are scattered unevenly, and resemble matted threads.
With intensive weight loss ripples may become more pronounced.

But if you are still among those who are hampered by the “orange
peel “put on a short skirt or go to the beach without embarrassment,
We offer you to get acquainted with an effective coffee scrub, which
will help deal with this problem.

Does a coffee scrub help from cellulite?

What to do to get rid of the “orange peel”:
Forget about bad habits, start eating right,
go in for sports, do cosmetic procedures, namely
body scrub from cellulite.

Coffee is one of the strongest tools in the home
against cellulite. It has many beneficial properties, excellent
peels the horny layer of skin, tightens, smoothes,
improves skin color and texture, rejuvenates, helps activate
metabolism and remove toxins, nourishes and nourishes it with coffee

How often can you do?

How often can you make a coffee scrub for cellulite? Such
правильный вопрос задают  женщины, которые заботятся о своем
health and want to anticipate all undesirable consequences.

The frequency of use depends on the desired result. if you
need to soon get rid of the “orange peel”
use hot mixture daily. To maintain the result
Use different recipes based on coffee 1-2 times a week.

If you use this tool regularly, he will give
a visible positive result, because due to the fact that
the mixture improves blood circulation, it fights well with

Before you apply the mixture, you need to prepare the body –
take a bath or shower, massage. Apply the mixture is necessary
bottom up with massage movements. Also he can serve you
light natural tan and leave a pleasant smell on


We collected the most effective recipes how to make a coffee scrub
from cellulite at home.

Coffee honey anti-cellulite

We will need:

  • Coffee beans – 3 tbsp;
  • Honey – 2-3 tablespoons.

Coffee particles must be large. In capacity we mix coffee
grains and honey. Everything is ready for use!

Recipe coffee scrub from sea cellulite
with salt.


  • Coffee – 3 tbsp .;
  • Sea salt – 1/3 measuring glass;
  • Cinnamon (optional) – 1/4 tsp;
  • Grape seed oil – ¼ measuring cup.

Add all the ingredients in a bowl, mix well, everything
ready to use!

With essential oils

Recipe coffee scrub with essential oils, which will
care for your skin, will fight cellulite and stretch marks.

Coffee scrub from cellulite with essential

  • The main component will be ground coffee or thick – 3 tsp;
  • Any shower gel – 3 tsp;
  • Olive oil – 1 tsp;
  • Citrus essential oil – 6 drops.

Mix coffee well with shower gel. In the resulting mass
add olive oil, it perfectly moisturizes, nourishes the skin and
softens the skin. Add essential oil, you can several at once, they
will effectively deal with the “terrible enemy” and stretch marks.
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients.

Apply 1-2 times a week, apply to the whole body with massage.
movements for 10-15 minutes, paying particular attention to problematic

Hot coffee scrub for cellulite – Tatiana’s recipe

If you are wondering: “How to make a coffee scrub from
cellulite at home? ”, then the recipe is ready for you. This
the recipe guarantees a loss of 3 cm in volume in 10 days
of use.

Effective remedy for emergency

  • Finely ground natural coffee – 100 gr;
  • Water – 75 ml;
  • Cinnamon – 5 tsp;
  • Tincture of red pepper – 10 tsp;
  • Olive oil – 10 tsp.

Steaming coffee with water, the consistency should make porridge.
Add cinnamon, it removes excess fluid, improves elasticity
skin, works well on metabolism, has excellent
property to cheer up.

The next important component is the tincture of red pepper, due to
Intense rush of blood to the surface of the skin, accelerated deposition
cellulite makes the body work.

Women with thin skin are advised to add smaller
tinctures. And so that our mass has acquired the desired form, we add
olive oil, it has a great effect on our skin.

Before use, it is necessary to make an air test. If it appears
redness is normal, it appears due to red pepper,
and passes by itself. Must do daily within 10 days.

The network is full of enthusiastic reviews of this tool, for many
it is a favorite in the fight for a beautiful and slim body, among
home methods. People talk about its efficiency and budget,
because all the ingredients are always at hand, no means of purchase,
Do not replace home with a natural composition.

But remember, the incredible effect of one application of such
mixes you will not wait. It is necessary to act in a complex: sport,
food, cosmetic procedures. Be beautiful and confident

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