Scientists: TV negatively affects developmentspeech in children

Wed, 18 Jun 2014

American scientists have found further evidence of negative
the impact of watching television on the formation of children’s speech

Television is firmly established in our lives. Parents no longer
limit your children watching TV. TV works
background, children sleep, eat, communicate with their parents, sometimes even
doing homework

However, researchers have scientifically proven that background noise is negative
affects the harmonious development of children’s speech.

The experimental group consisted of 49 children aged from one year to
three years, with which parents communicated every day for 5.5 hours. AT
for two years while the study lasted, parents communicated with
children only in the presence of the TV,
which showed adult-oriented programs

It was found that, despite the duration and content
conversations between parents and children, similar background
�”Accompaniment” leads to a slowdown in speech function in children.

Given this, doctors recommend that parents communicate and play with
with their children (at least with those whose age is less than two years old) only
with the TV off.

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