Scientists predicted that in 30 years the Arcticturns green

Sun, Apr 03, 2016 American researchers came up with
sensational statement: global warming will cause
30-40 years from now the Arctic will become a green region. Anyway,
according to their assumptions, the green cover in this area will increase by
50%. Moreover, we should expect uncharacteristic for these
places of plants. Scientists working in the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
of nature, as well as their colleagues from the universities of Colgate, Cornell and
Yorka came to this conclusion by analyzing global
environmental trends over the last few
decades. Changes will affect Siberia. Her forests will stretch
hundreds of kilometers further north. In connection with the reduction
snow and ice cover in the Arctic should be expected and declines
the effect of reflection of sunlight (“albedo effect”). The soil,
freed from snow and ice, heats up more and gives off more
heat Such accelerated global warming will lead to
significant changes in animal habitats and migrations
birds. The distance to which birds move during seasonal
migration depends on many factors, one of which is the presence of
open land where they could nest, explains one of
participants in the comparative analysis of Dr. Richard Pearson. When
experts analyzed the relationship between the spread
green cover and the “albedo effect”, they concluded that this is
turn will have a positive effect on climate, in
resulting in warming may be more significant than
previously assumed.

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